The aim of this website is simple, to become the go-to place to help other people learn how to earn an extra income. I do not want this website to just be another example of preaching about what you should be doing to earn money, I want to show the exact steps and what it takes to actually earn an additional income.

In my opinion, there are far too many people just talking about what you should be doing, and I find that time after time that most of them do not ever give you any clear answers…it all seems a like a wild goose chase.

I love this infographic that has been created by James Altucher, I think you should print it off and put it close to somewhere that you will be inspired by it:


We will be getting people to guest post on this website who are making additional income through various revenue streams and we will be providing interviews with people who we will class as success stories – real people that are actually earning extra money on top of their normal day jobs, and we will be asking them to provide examples, ideas and structured tips and advice on what it takes to break through to earn some extra money and be a success in your chosen niche.

Hopefully the tips, information and videos being shown on this site will enable you to make a start on your own journey so you can begin the challenge of earning an additional income to help you start to make some real positive changes in your life.

There are lots of genuine ways to earn yourself an additional income, our aim is to provide you with enough information to make a start.

I have been seen and heard in various places across the web, such as:

The Time Doctor – Guest Article(Link)


Guest post for the website – “Create Good Habits To Make The Most Of Your Time”

Guest Post –


Guest post for the website – Good Habits to Lead a More Productive Life

Interview with “Fire Your Mentor” website(Link)


Guest interview with

Interview with



Podcast interview with Motor Trade Radio “How To Profit From Importing and Exporting”(Link)


Podcast interview with Motor Trade Radio “How To Profit From Importing and Exporting”

Live webinar that I hosted with UKTI(Link)


My first live webinar with UKTI – The Basics of exporting

2nd Guest article with Open to Export “Shipping charges, destination charges – make sure you know your charges!”(Link)


This is my 2nd guest article with the Open To Export website. This post covers the topic of destination charges and how exporters and their clients should be made aware of any potential charges in the country of destination.

Interview with Exports Expert Magazine(Link)


This is an interview with Exports Expert magazine to make exporters aware of why they should have marine insurance in place.

Podcast interview with Industry Angel(Link)


I was a guest on the Industry Angel podcast to discuss:

*Import / Export
*Growing your business
*Social Media

Why you need to INSURE your cargo is covered article for Open To Export(Link)


This is a guest article that I had published on the Open To Export website around marine insurance.

Twitter Q&A(Link)


I have been a host on a Twitter Q&A with the Government department Open To Export. The Q&A has been set up to help new exporters understand the shipping process and to offer as much free advice as possible.

Kent Business Radio

I was invited onto the show to chat about importing and exporting.

Take control and start attempting to earn an additional income today.


Good luck and all the best with your success.


Jamie Hill

Really want to chat to me?  Shoot me an email on hello(at)MoneyEarningIdeas(dot)com , I will always reply.