Buy Buttons Book By Nick Loper Review

Buy Buttons Book Review

“Buy Buttons” a new book from Nick Loper, explains in great detail how you can earn yourself an extra income by providing over 300 apps and peer to peer marketplaces examples to you, laying out where you can sign up to various online platforms with all the relevant links and information to help you start to generate some extra income.

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So what is a Buy Button? Nick looks it like this, there are hundreds of places on the internet where you can sell your services or products, just sign up and take advantage of these gateways and then work on building up your client base, when someone accepts to use your services, skills, or purchases a product from you, they are clicking on your Buy Button.

The world is changing, companies are changing, ways to earn money are changing. Nick, as we all know from his website and podcast, Side Hustle Nation, lays everything out in Buy Buttons in a very clear way for you to earn anything from $5 a week for sharing your health goals to other individuals making $ 1000’s per month through various online platforms that are now available on the internet.

The book is separated into 3 main sections:

  1. The sharing economy
  2. Marketplaces for selling skills
  3. Marketplaces for selling physical products

When it comes to earning yourself an extra income, the ways you can do it have changed considerably over the last few years, instead of trying to find individual clients by knocking door to door you can now sign up to huge online marketplaces that cover different categories, niches, and industries, allowing you to sell anything from your expertise, hire out your car or boat and even rent out your spare room, can you imagine how that would have worked a few years ago? But through websites such as Air BnB, it has now become so simple that you can earn yourself a regular income by signing up to these platforms and entering a few details.

Not only does Buy Buttons do an excellent job of listing individual industries and niches where you can earn extra money for yourself, Nick has also listed in most cases more than one website to cover each suggestion to give you multiple chances of one of the ideas working. The more places you can list your Buy Buttons the greater chance of one of the ideas working and therefore bringing in some extra cash on a regular basis.

The best part of the book in my opinion, is that Nick has spoken to real people who are earning themselves a decent amount of extra money every month, not every example is a huge amount of money but that is what I love about the book, real people earning real money on a regular basis outside of their everyday role of employment by simply using items and skills that they already own and placing their Buy Buttons on these huge marketplaces, so if these people can do it, then why can’t you or I?

Also, when you purchase this book, Nick throws in some very cool free gifts for you as a thank you!

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If you are looking to earn yourself an additional income I would recommend purchasing this ebook, it is full of great ideas and advice to cut out the hard work of spending loads of time searching the internet, the links are all laid out and the advice is very easy to follow.

You can purchase the book from Amazon via the below link:

Buy Buttons: The Fast-Track Strategy to Make Extra Money and Start a Business in Your Spare Time







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