Fight against stress…or die!

Fight against stress…or die!

AARRGHHHHH!!!! Stress.

The older I get the worse stress seems to affect me but at the same time, I seem to deal with it better.

We have so many situations in our life now that cause us to feel stressed, well I do, from work matters, family matters, personal situations, financial problems…the list just goes on and on and so do the feelings of stress that seem to follow each problem.

Problems and stress go hand in hand. It’s nice when you are able to split that partnership up.

When you are trying to earn extra revenue outside of your normal working hours, you can run the risk of burn out and that will lead you to feeling very stressed….

I have had so many physical problems due to stress, to name a few :


All these problems that I have had are due to stress, add in plenty of sleepless nights along with a few stomach aches and you start to get the picture.  Stress has affected me a lot. It has been horrible, especially when it has really grabbed hold of me, when it did it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, then if you have a problem and explain to someone about how you are feeling they tend to say “well at least you have your health!” …true but when you are suffering from stress it does not even feel like you have that, the world seems a very small and dark place when you are stressed and if the feelings go on for too long it can get very depressing, and that makes the world look even darker.

I do still get feelings of stress, in fact, it seems to come on even quicker now, BUT I have a bullet proof plan to deal with it which is all part of my daily focus that helps keep me on track and helps deal with my “shitty” situations better.

So, what do I do?  (I also make the most of time – you can read how in another here )

Well, I preach a lot of the same points over and over, they form the backbone of my life and they help me deal with problems better and help me get over them quickly, therefore dealing with stress better, basically the quicker and better you deal with a problem the quicker and better you deal with the stress.

The sooner you get the problem out of your life the quicker you will get the stress out of your body.

A) SLEEP – You need to sleep, do not think that you do not, YOU DO! You need at least 7 – 8 hours per night, never think you can survive and be healthy on just 4 – 5 hours, you won’t, you will feel slightly insane. Lots of sleep creates a healthy body and a healthy mind. You can deal with problems better because YOU feel better, you feel stronger and you cope with problems that arise in a much more head-on manner. You are also far more productive and creative after you have lots of sleep, and these leads me to next point.

B) BE CREATIVE – Do something that you love every day, and the best time I find to be creative? Just after you wake up! Lots of studies show that your brain is at its best after you wake up from a good nights sleep, that means if you go to bed nice and early and then wake up early you can gain some time in the morning, this time can be “Your Time” where you can spend 30 mins or so being creative. I love writing so I write.

C) EXERCISE – That does not mean join a gym , start by walking , again baby steps try and walk round the block once a week and then keep building it up to 2 or 3 times a week, then try and walk further for longer and more often. A good long walk is a great form of exercise and helps clear the mind.

D) BREATH – You can not always control a lot of things in your life but you can be in control of you breathing. If you feel stressed remember to sit, close your eyes and take some deep breaths in, count one , two out up to ten and start again, this will relax you.

E) MEDITATION – This really helps me, you can download plenty of apps for your phone that can help you learn how to do this and the process only takes about 10 mins.

F) LET IT GO – Whatever the problem is , just try and let it go, I know it is easy said than done, but try and let it pass, let go of the problem, don’t hold on to the situation any longer than what you need to.

These are simple steps to help you combat stress, the longer you keep hold of stress the worse you will feel, try and let it pass through you as quick as possible and I can assure you that your symptoms will disappear much quicker.

Let stress go, and remember that you are not just in control of your breathing but also your life.


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