I Am Interviewing People – And So Should You

I Am Interviewing People – And So Should You

I love learning, I like to try and learn something new every day, books provide so much information, reading as therefore become an important part of my daily routine, the more you can learn about, well, anything, the better your ideas will be.

Taking in plenty of good information gets your brain working, your brain feels active and fit like your body does when you take up exercise.

Your brain likes to be presented with good information.

Aside from reading about other people’s lives in books and learning so much information, I wondered how I could take that a step further, how could I learn more from other people who have great stories to tell?

I then thought “Why don’t I just try and speak to more people who I can learn from?”

I needed an excuse…how could I speak to some influential people and learn from them? So, I added a Success Stories section to this website and started to interview people.

Simple really.



To say that I have loved speaking to the people that I have interviewed for my success stories section is an understatement, it has been not only good fun but really educational.

A running theme has occurred in the interview process, each person that I have spoken with has a set of principles and a similar story to tell, the interview always revolves around certain words and topics.


Every person that I have spoken to so far has worked extremely hard to be in the position that they are now in. That normally means early starts in the morning, like Matthew Allen who starts working on his website business at 5.30am before his day job or working late at night to get the work done that needs to be done. Hard work pays off in the long run.


Just working hard alone does not always mean success, you also have to work smart. That means you might need to spend time investigating certain areas to develop your business ideas that are working for you, there is no point in keep trying the same things and failing, learn from any errors and mistakes and try a different approach until you see the results that you wish to see, like Khalid Farhan, who lost money on his first niche website ideas but figured out what did work, he ended up selling one website alone for $26,000


Everyone who I have spoken to has looked at their goals in a long-term way, nobody has been an overnight success, it takes a long time to become a success so you need to have patience. Good things come to those who wait, so persevere and be patient. Dave Chesson is a great example of this, it took him a fair amount of  time to figure out his online business ventures, he did not just quit his role in the military to take a chance on earning an additional income, he was very patient and when the income did start to come in on a regular basis he was able to leave his job and work full-time on his online business ideas.


Keep slogging away, it gets hard some days to continue going with your new venture, especially when you are not seeing any results, normally finically, but look at other ways where you are making progress, for example, are you seeing more keywords being ranked on your niche website? Are you slowly getting more hours driving for Uber? As long as some progress is being made in the short term then stick to your game plan, hopefully, you will see much bigger results in the long term. Michal Stawicki is a great example of persistence, he introduced a lot of good habits into his daily routine which lead to a constant writing routine which resulted in $20,000 in profits.


As with working smart, you need to learn from your mistakes, if something is not working for you over a certain period of time and you are seeing no results at all then you need to change your approach to what you are doing otherwise you will never see the results that you hope to one day see. Keep doing the same thing and guess what? You will keep seeing the same results. Mark Messick started to write books from a young age, and according to him the first few attempts were not particularly great….he changed his approach and started to try different ways to write, this resulted in him earning $4000.00 per month in ebook royalties from Amazon. It is never a problem to fail, as long as you learn and then apply your experience to what you are doing and then change your approach. Failing = Experience.


Like hard work, you need to keep slogging away at your new business idea EVERYDAY or as often as possible, so that means working on your side business before going off to your day job, during your lunch break and before bed, basically whenever you can fit a shift in. It will get hard…but just keep going, keep typing, keep making new contacts and keep trying to earn money. Everyone that I have spoken to so far in the Success Stories interviews has been dedicated to earning an extra income.


Start with the approach that you know NOTHING, because you will need to learn an awful to become a success. You can plenty of free information on the internet now, videos on YouTube, blogs to read, free ebooks to read on Amazon, you can listen to podcasts, there really is tonnes of free information for you to watch, listen and learn from.

Find yourself a mentor and look to take similar steps to how that person started off, most of the people that you aspire to be like started off just like you, from the first step with no clue about what to do, you can learn so much from a mentor. Just remember to be your own person, don’t judge yourself against someone who is currently in a better position than yourself.


Sometimes you have to spend money on your business, I know what it is like to run a new business on a budget or shoestring…BUT, you sometimes have to bite the bullet and spend some money out. For example, I have purchased Long Tail Pro to help me with my keywords and it really has helped focus on areas of this website that I would have never thought of doing without the help of the software. A little investment can help in a big way.


Take a few chances, take a few risks. Do not be very afraid to hit publish, send that tweet, release that ebook, start that podcast etc. Just take a chance and make a start. Without making a start and taking a chance you will never get going. Rob Cubbon gave up his job in 2008 to take a chance on his business ideas, after a lot of hard work, Rob is now spending a lot of time working abroad in Thailand, working the hours that he wishes to work.


Other people can do a better job on certain areas of your business idea than what you can do, that is a fact, so with that in mind, why not employ people to do some of the work for you? In this day and age you do not need to employ someone to work for you full time, you do not to have that kind of commitment anymore, you can now outsource certain parts of your business, e.g. writing blog posts, through freelancing websites such as www.Freelancer.com , this can help you focus on areas of your business where you can make progress and try and grow the business.

Karla Block is a great example of outsourcing in the correct way. Karla was able to earn more than $100,000 from outsourcing her ebook business, she did not write ANY of ebooks, she hired a ghost writer, someone with more experience than her at writing to write for her, this returned a massive profit for her.


This is SO important, every person that I have spoken to has pretty much built their business up through an email list, the bigger your email list the more you can interact with people and sell products and services that you are looking to sell. Don’t be afraid to sell stuff to your email list…just don’t over sell, you need to offer real value to your email list otherwise people will simply click unsubscribe, so, offer lots of free content with the odd selling email in between, like Gary vee said, jab jab jab, right hook.



Success stories are very inspirational, they can make you take action and put your plans into place, to get that ball rolling. Those same stories can also make us evaluate our own lives and can through up a few questions, “why is my life not like that?” or “when I will achieve that?” , the answers to those types of questions are simple – take action to see results, if you do nothing the results will never appear.

Learn from others, how did they make a success of their business?  Apply similar techniques to your business ideas and see what works for you, if you make a success of your Money Earning Ideas then please let me know, perhaps I can interview you?







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