Invest in one thing…Yourself

Invest in one thing…Yourself

Most investment ideas are BS. Complete and utter BS. We get told to invest in stocks & shares, property or (bad) business ideas…a lot of sharks try to lure you in and promise the world IF you just take the time to invest some of your hard earned savings into their next great business venture and most of the time tons of money then gets lost…and then no one cares that your money has been flushed away. No one at all, except you.

Bye Bye money.


Think about it logically, if you have a spare £20,000 to invest would it really be worth it investing in stocks? What would an average return be?  You would probably be lucky to earn an additional £2000 and is that worth the risk?

Probably not.

The chances of you investing in a startup that sky rockets in value?  Very slim, an Uber comes along very rarely and with so many companies set up to invest in hot new start ups it is becoming increasingly difficult to even get through the front door. Everyone is jumping on the tech train, that normally results in bubbles so might be a good idea to get off at the next stop.

I know people who have earned good money through property but others who have lost tons of cash…buy to let could work but you need to put down a huge deposit now due to the over inflated house prices and that deposit you have put down goes into the bricks…bye bye cash, and then you have the worry of things needing repair as you are now a landlord. I hate worry and stress.

So, with just a small amount of money why not invest in yourself?

My life has always improved the most when I have stuck to a simple regime of applying myself and getting shit done.

So what options do you have where you can invest a small amount of money in yourself?

  • Take a course online and learn a new skill
  • Apply that skill and sell your new found knowledge through sites like Fiverr or People Per Hour
  • Been in an industry a long time? Are you an expert? How about attempting public speaking covering the niche you know so much about?
  • Take further education around your current job, get better in your current employment role and become an important member of the team that you currently work with, become indispensable in your role.
  • How about writing a book and releasing it on Amazon through the kindle store?
  • Start an affiliate website

There a ton of ways to invest in yourself to earn revenue through just a small financial outlay but when we talk about investing in your own life why do we automatically relate it to money?

You can also invest in yourself through other ways to make your life better , take control of certain areas in your own life can in able you to reap huge rewards both financially and spiritually :


Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night – We all need as much sleep as possible, don’t deny it, you always feel better after a good night sleep, ensure that you do that as often as possible.


You do not have to go to the gym every day, how about just a 10 minute walk or start doing press ups, anything to get the heart pumping your blood around your body. Healthy body equals a healthy mind.


This is just common sense really, basically start eating more fruit and veg and less crap e.g. crisps, biscuits etc. if you are having a problem starting this the best way to begin is to stop buying junk food in the first place, if it is not in your cupboard then you cannot eat it!


Exercise your mind as well as your body, learn more and educate yourself as often as possible. Keep feeding your mind and it will become even more hungry to be educated.


Cut alcohol out altogether or at the very least cut down. You will find that you sleep better and generally feel better all round.

Try and improve your all round being just that little bit every day, see where the approach of investing in yourself takes you, give it time and at the end of one year look back and see if you feel healthier in the mind and body and if new opportunities have been created by taking time to apply yourself in areas that can open new doors.

So by investing in yourself, you are investing in your future, don’t get sucked into poor investments that are offered to you and take control of your own life.

Investing in yourself could reap you the most profit that you are ever likely to make.



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