Need More Confidence? Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Need More Confidence? Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am not the most confident person in the world, I tend to question myself a lot and have nagging doubts about what I do, when I do it and the direction I am heading in.

One way I have learnt how to be more confident is by putting myself in a position when I feel uncomfortable, in a good way of course and not in a literal physical sense, but in terms of growing as a person and learning how to deal with situations better in the future.

It is good to have armor in your locker so you are better equipped to deal with certain situations, confidence can really help you achieve that.

Since the start of the year I have been trying to get myself “out there”  – not exactly sure where “there” is but people say it like it is an actual place – by doing some media work, this has resulted in a few magazine interviews, podcast interviews, hosting a webinar and the most daunting appearance to date which happened last week, a live radio appearance…

Nervous times, but as always once these experiences have been completed I always end up of thinking to myself “well done, that was not so bad” and before I know it I have gained some more confidence, eager to accomplish more.

Making yourself go out of your comfort zone can really help you grow as a person, those scary moments where you make yourself take on a task that really makes the brain work can be very exciting and life changing, seizing the moment can then make a once daunting prospect seem like a tiny feat, the fear factor keeps getting conquered and your way of thinking starts to change, you start to think what else can I do? what else can I accomplish?

The growth mindset takes over from the fixed mindset.

Confidence starts to grow. You WANT to try more, be more adventurous and have more feelings of success.

By putting yourself outside of your comfort zone you:

  1. Gain confidence.
  2. Become willing to put yourself in situations that you would never normally do.
  3. Learn more about yourself e.g. how you cope under pressure.
  4. Gain experience that helps you deal with situations better in the future.
  5. Care less about what others think of you and concentrate on what is best for you and your own life.
  6. Become a quicker thinker, when you are made to answer questions in live situations e.g on radio, you have no choice but to think quickly.
  7. Have a greater chance of opening more doors, if one opportunity goes well it can easily lead to others.
  8. Understand that time goes quickly so it’s better to say yes and make the most of the opportunities presented to you.
  9. Have less regrets – you won’t miss not having spoke on that podcast or skipping that presentation and spend your time wondering what might have been.
  10. Have an opportunity to become an authority figure in your niche. If you start to speak in public about topics that you have a strong following in you can then become a “go to” figure. This alone can help bring in even more opportunities for you.

I really enjoyed my radio appearance, it was in fact a blast, the host Mark Sephton really does do a great job of presenting which made the whole thing super easy on my part.

Point number 7 from the above really stands out to me, on the way home on the train I received a direct message on Twitter asking me to appear on a TV show in May!

So, if you want to gain more confidence make a start today by putting yourself into a situation that you would never normally dream off, offer to do a work presentation, give a talk in a public etc.

You never know what positive opportunity may happen from taking a chance, I know this much, doing nothing will result in no progress and no gains in confidence.

More confidence can really help you take chances to pursue any money earning ideas that you have, go for it and have no regrets.

Be positive and see the results.


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