You Need A Business Plan!

You Need A Business Plan!

The good news is (hopefully) that you have a business idea, so what is the next step? You need a business plan!

Ideas are easy, good ideas are really hard and planning is essential.

Fail to plan…plan to fail.

And without a plan in place, you will be increasing your chances of failing. Always have a plan in place, and then a plan B and C etc. so you can adjust your strategies accordingly when you come up against obstacles that you did not foresee, and that will always be a problem that you will come against that you had no idea about, trust me, I have been in business 21 years now and every year something new and unexpected always comes up, some brand new problem that I never know even existed…

A business plan is a must when you want to go from your initial idea to an actual product or service, to get the ball rolling and the business up and running can difficult and long winded if you do not have a plan in place, a plan acts as guidance to yourself to enable you to achieve your goals by outlining what steps you wish and need to take so you reach those intended goals.

Every business plan needs to be thought through, this type of process will give you a much greater chance of seeing the idea turning into a success, detailed planning will help you stay on track and act as a checklist to get your goals accomplished.

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Not sure what a business plan is? There will be so many questions to ask yourself when attempting to get your business started, a well thought out plan will you answer those questions and highlight any potential problems and hurdles that you can look to overcome from the outset.

This video on YouTube explains in quick detail what a business plan is, and is not:

“What is a Business Plan? – Bplans Explains Everything”

You can watch the Video directly on YouTube here if you prefer.


It can take a long time to put together a well thought out business plan, ensure that you spend a lot of time thinking out each part in as much detail as possible, there is no rush to get in completed in record timing, do not attempt to try and get every part of the plan wrote in a day, spend weeks if you need to, the end result is very important so you know what steps you then need to take, and then, take one small step at a time.

The best business plans need to simple and straightforward, you just need to plan what you intended to do to start your business and how you intend to earn yourself a living along the way.

Take actions, get results.

You business plan is your guide, do not simply put it in a folder never to see again, keep the plan visible and re-write the plan in accordance to how your business is operating, so, if you business is growing in different ways to how you first anticipated, change the business plan to reflect that, perhaps your goals might need adjusting accordingly, hopefully all in positive ways e.g. you are earning more money more quickly than you originally planned, that would be a nice change positive change, but also it could be a negative change, so be realistic if required, burying your head in the sand will not solve any problems, taking action to resolve the problems will do.


To help get you started with your new business plan we have created and uploaded a free business plan worksheet for you to download, simply click on the below link and download your free printable business plan.

Business_Plan_Workbook Download

Once you have downloaded the free PDF, print it out and get writing your plan. Remember, to keep the plan out and to check on the initial outline and change if required.

So download the free business plan today, take your time in writing the plan out and be patient, if you put the hard work into your business you will see positive results come out.