You Are Not Gary Vaynerchuck, James Altucher or Lewis Howes…So Get Good At Being You

You Are Not Gary Vaynerchuck, James Altucher or Lewis Howes…So Get Good At Being You

If you are starting a new venture, have a new idea or have just gained interest in a particular subject, you will want and need to do one thing;


This is where a mentor comes in.

You need a mentor.

That is a fact in my opinion. Other people’s experiences, both good and bad, provides one thing – advice. Good Advice is like gold, take it when you can, learn from it and apply to the parts of your life that need to apply to.

This video on YouTube from Gary Vaynerchuck is worth 6 minutes of your time:


Having a mentor is a must if you want to learn more about the path that you intend to walk down, how did someone else write that book? Start that website? Sell all those products on Amazon?

A mentor can provide all the information, tips and advice that you need to help you not only walk that path but to also help you reach your destination and provide an end result.

The mentor that you decide to follow does not have to be someone that you actually know, you can follow people online that you find inspirational, read blogs, read books etc. in the areas that you wish to follow, you will find that someone that you can connect with and aspire to be like and learn from. Grab the advice that the person can provide, learn from it and apply it.

But remember.

You are NOT that person. You are you.

So do not keep comparing yourself to that person who has become your mentor.


Well, that person you are now aspiring to be like as probably been doing whatever it is that they are doing for a long time, probably years, they have built up a base over time, like building a house, they laid their foundation’s many years ago, this means that they have had the experience that they need to be able to write blog posts, have a huge amount of followers on social media and write successful books. Probably the whole nine yards.  It’s why you have been able to discover them online.

And here is the deal. You don’t have any of that.

So deal with it, and get good at being you.


Start by understanding who you are, what you are good at and what you would like to achieve in your life and the new business venture that you would like to begin.

Ignore everything that you don’t have:

Twitter followers

Book’s released

Content to promote

Facebook fans

Speaking engagements

A huge email list

None of these things are currently important to you.  At the moment.

What will matter to you is to start learning, because experience matters. Start by just doing whatever it is that you wish to do.

Just start doing it now.


You will learn from any mistakes that you make and then you will start to gain experience. Failing is fine to do, as long as you apply any mistake to your game plan and do not repeat the same mistakes again going forward in the future.

Nobody is born with an automatic talent, everybody has to practice to get good at what they wish to do, nobody just picks up a guitar and just plays an awesome song, it takes a lot of practice, probably every single day, to be able to play and create new music to the kind of level where you listen to it and enjoy it.

Practice does not make perfect, practice makes good. So if you want to write an ebook, guess what? Get writing, every single day. Same for making YouTube videos, creating a niche website or starting your own podcast, just get working on the idea that you wish to pursue, then before your know it, 6 months would have flown past and you would have created something, it might not be the best, but will be a start, this becomes your base, your foundation, like building a house, then start to work your way up to the roof.

Remember to have patience, be in it for the long term and then just hard work, you will see small results and over time the small wins will become bigger wins and gains, new contacts will be made, new followers will be had.

But you just need to make a start.

Having a mentor is very important, I love the advice that people like Gary Vee, James Altucher and Lewis Howes provide to us, most of it for free, I have purchased their books and I have consumed the information provided, it helps a LOT, those guys know what they are talking about, they can walk the walk and talk talk.

But don’t ever compare yourself to people who you aspire to be like, work on being a better version of yourself, the results will be shown in hard work that you have put in.

And then one day, someone might be looking to you as a mentor and buying your number one selling book.




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