The Notorious B.I.G Of Success

The Notorious B.I.G of Success

Are you happy with where you are right now? Have you reached your full potential? Do you consider yourself successful? If not, then sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee because you are about to learn the Notorious B.I.G of Success. Yes, I have gone full Rap mode. Check this out.

First off, let me ask you. How did people like Ben Silberman, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, for that matter, achieve what they did? Did Steve Jobs rub a magical lamp and get his three wishes, two of which were to be the CEO of Apple and Pixar, respectively? No, hard work, dedication and persistence in pursuing and creating ideas on a daily basis is what made these people successful. Doing nothing, will achieve just that – nothing.

Coming back to the point, success is different for everybody. It may mean millions of dollars to spend, a mansion in the 90210 district of Beverly Hills, CA or simply a beach house in Florida or all three of them together at once, you may be happy with just that, being happy.

Whatever it may be; success is based on the notorious B.I.G. 

Books Are Your Friend

Say, a friend asks you to take out time for a movie or dinner. But you say, “Man, I got work tomorrow, I’ll pass dude.”
A person who cannot take time out for his own self, family or friends is basically saying that they lack a life. But real success only asks for a small iota of your time; say 10-15 minutes each day. Read books that help you come up with solutions to your problems, for those 10-15 minutes every day. Given that you are consistent, you will be able to read a minimum of 12 books in a year. And people say they don’t have time. A year will go quickly, stack each book on a shelf and see how fast the 12 months go by, at the end of the year you should have read a minimum of 12 books, possibly more and you now have more knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Pretty soon you will be able to solve your problems after reading up on them. You see, reading unlocks the creativity stored in our minds. For any help, you can reach out to authors through social media, which what the next section talks about.

If you have a money making idea, or are looking for one, then get books which will help you find out about how you can get that idea to fruition, or help you get one, study hard and reap the rewards. You need knowledge to pursue your potential ideas, books will provide that knowledge to you.

Looking to write you own ebook? We have a whole section dedicated to doing so here.

This video provides some great information on why reading is so important:

“Why is it that 75% of self-made millionaires report reading at least 2 books a month? The benefits of reading may be the cause of massive success for thousands of people”



Individuals Surrounding You Will Ultimately Shape You

How did Kanye West become so successful despite how big of a douche he is now? He did it by surrounding himself with artists, such as Jay-Z, who are success stories of the hip-hop/rap industry.

In order to be successful you need inspiration from people who are smarter than you; to guide you beyond what you think you can achieve. You need a mentor, someone with experience in the industry that you wish to pursue.

The fun little fact is that these people are also looking for you. Now ask yourself, are they the people that you currently surround yourself with?

People in your immediate circle, such as family, friends, neighbours and coworkers may not help you achieve your goals if you have set them too high, which is a good thing. They limit you from your true potential because they don’t know how to guide you to it.

They say 98% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years of operation; they also say that 98% of statistics are made up! If you have a new money making idea for a business, you need the right kind of motivation from the right kind of people. So you need to change your mentality and watch your reality change in front of your eyes. These days you can get in touch with anyone through social media, so begin searching for your spirit guide now!

This video on YouTube titled 3 Ways To Surround Yourself With Amazing People provides some great advice.


Goal Setting Is Priority

Set your goals step by step and use mentors and guides who are where you want to be to get there.

Make action plans to achieve those goals. Come up with ideas for day to day goals for family finances or even for the big money making ideas that you have, planning is being organised is very important, if you have a plan you know the direction that you should be going in, sure, you might divert from the direction from time to time when you make a mistake etc but that is all part of the learning experience, mistakes are important in that sense, you learn from then and then apply what you have learnt to how you will then make further progress.

Here is a great video from Tony Robbins in reference to Goal Setting:

Put a number of achievable ideas down on paper to achieve these goals. Analyse them. E.g. how to lose weight? Take a walk every day for 20 minutes to lose fat. You will be able to accomplish so much. Eventually, you will find that you can even do this for the money making idea that you have.

Take action and see the results, taking action will mean you are taking the relevant steps to reach your money making goals.

How have you taken action to accomplish your money earning ideas? What success came from reading books and giving yourself knowledge?





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