Are you Selling With a Shout or a Whisper?

Are you Selling With a Shout or a Whisper?

It’s hard work to obtain new clients, getting the work in can be even more time consuming than the actual job itself, the world of business is more competitive now than and ever, a LOT of other companies have emerged in the same industry as yourself, it’s dog eat dog when it comes to winning new business.

So in a really busy world of numerous other companies trying to go after the same clients as what you are, ask yourself this question:

Are you trying to obtain new work with a shout or with a whisper?

So, what do I mean by this? Well, for one example, take a look at your Twitter and LinkedIn stream…how many people and companies are you following?  I am guessing a lot, the stream is probably jam packed with people selling and it’s very noisy so everyone on there thinks that you need to SHOUT, SHOUT and then guess what?SHOUT some more.

Most people on Twitter and LinkedIn think that you need to just constantly sell, your followers will then buy.

That ain’t gonna happen!

Is that the right way to go about getting the attention drawn to your tweets and posts?  Do you need to keep selling on a constant basis? it really does feel like a shouting match between everyone on the social media platforms.

“Over here…. look at me…me….me…”

Look at this way, if you are a salesman do you knock on people’s doors and just yell at them in a certain amount of characters? I hope that is not the case, if you do your business must be utter crap. Is a better salesman one that can draw attention to his product by creating interest? Some history to the product and the company? Making a potential client aware of just who he is dealing with and what the benefits would be for the client if they place that order?

Is a better salesman one that can draw attention to his product by creating interest? Some history to the product and the company? Making a potential client aware of just who he is dealing with and what the benefits would be for the client if they place that order? How about creating an actual relationship with that potential new client?

Social media is the new sales platform for your company, an extension of your brand, business and website, so you need to put yourself in a position of understanding how to use it properly.

When used correctly, Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to use to bring in new clients and grow your brand, since I have been posting regularly at the start of this year I have obtained 5 quality shipping jobs on LinkedIn alone. Twitter has really helped boost my profile resulting in me being asked to:

A) Host a live webinar presentation with UK Trade & Investment

B) Host several Twitter Q&A’s with Open To Export

C) I have been invited on to Three podcasts so far (Two already completed and recorded)

D) Invited on to a business radio show in April – really excited with this one!

E) Present another webinar with a large business group

Not a bad start to my Twitter venture, along with making lots of great new contacts.

All this in the first 3 months of the year!

These opportunities were all created by interacting with others, I show people what I do e.g. pictures of cars that I ship, but I rarely offer my services, I hope that the images I show in my posts and tweets speak for themselves.

Let’s take a look at some very basic ideas to get you going :

1. As I have already mentioned, do not shout! There is no reason to keep listing all the products that you have for sale in your stream. Do not do that. Ever.

2. Post great content. Content is king, employ somewhere to do this for you if need be, you need to get your followers to be intrigued by the headline and for them to then read the rest of your message that you are trying to get out. If they skim past your post, that’s it, you missed them. Bye Bye sale.

3. Do not just produce great content, produce DIFFERENT content. Be unique. It might even be totally unrelated to your business, but if your followers find it interesting enough you will have more of a chance of them re-tweeting or sharing your post. The helps grow your brand.

4.  Interact. Do not be a boring, moody, unsocial outcast. Get involved with what your followers are talking about, speak to them on a one to one human basis, make them feel loved and special, take the time to do that and you can really start to grow on an organic basis. Your followers will appreciate you taking the time to chat with them about their interests, Its not about all you.

5. Add pictures to your content. A picture with an image always helps to create more clicks.

6. Sharing is caring. Share other people’s posts and tweets, it’s great to show other people’s services and introduce them to your followers, showing your followers other people who might be able to help them with other areas of their life and business can be really appreciated.

7. Get involved in Twitter hour chats and LinkedIn groups around your services, remember, you do not need to sell your services here, just answer questions and get involved in conversations. Show people that you are an expert in your field.

8. Numbers do not matter! Do not think that you need 50,000 followers, you do not, 50 genuine followers will be much better for you if they interact with your Tweets and posts.

9. Share different types of content on LinkedIn and Twitter, it is possible that you have two different types of followers who will like to engage in different ways.

10. Use the search boxes to find keywords around your business ,  for example, mine would be exporting, shipping etc. This is a great way find people talking about your industry and who are involved in your industry. Speak to them and get involved with the conversation.

Bonus tip!

Both LinkedIn and Twitter are a great way to interact with people you admire, respect and look up to, a lot of the time they will respond to you if you reach out to them with an interesting Tweet or post, do not hassle them though, offer thoughtful and insightful conversation and you should get a reply, it feels good when an idol Tweets you back! It also a great way to draw attention to yourself, normally people you admire have a lot of followers, if they retweet what you have said – and this is why your message needs to be well thought out – it could really boost your own profile.

Bonus tip number 2!

This is a BIG one.  Treat others how you would like to be treated on social media – by this I mean do not post hateful, spiteful Tweets or posts aimed at others. Would you like it?  I am guessing not, so why would you do it? It’s a big no no. If you have a beef with someone over something in particular you can always send them a direct message which is well written and constructive, do not lower yourself to foul language just for the sake of it, the situation does not get help by lowering the tone, it reflect your own personality and nobody else’s.

My opinion when it comes to selling on social media is that a whisper is better than SHOUTING.

What are your tips for making an impression on social media?


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