What’s your Success Story?

What’s your Success Story?

There is many a time that you can feel stuck in your life, with certain questions popping up that can be difficult to answer, it could be about your job, your family, money decisions etc. wondering if you are taking the right path or the correct direction and then you end up looking back thinking about what you have achieved, if anything…you end up doubting yourself and the life that you have lead up to this point and where the journey is taking you to.

I hate having doubts but I hate having regrets even more. Doubts make your stomach knot and regrets play on your mind.

They are both very tiring and draining.

We don’t need doubts and regrets doing that to our minds and bodies. Life goes past to quickly for doubts and regrets, you need to be careful how you spend your time, blink and time will pass you by, the older you get the quicker the hours, days, months and years go by, less time with loved ones is on the horizon and once you get to a certain age you no doubt start to think that you have less time available, your history will have had more time spent on it than your future possibly.

When it comes to earning an extra income, there can be a lot of doubts that enter your mind, it is natural to feel and think this way when starting a new venture, the big question will always be “will you fail?” , who knows?  Perhaps you might, if you do not even try though then you will NEVER know.  Think of all the success stories out there in the world, if these people never even tried to start a new business, write an ebook etc. then there would be no success story to talk off – not even stories of failures.

For people of who have a success story I can pretty much guarantee that they also have plenty of stories where they have failed, but here is the key, do not give up when you fail, look at the experience in a different way, take the failure and then make you sure you do not copy your experience when attempting new ventures in the future.

Learn from your mistakes.

No one really knows where the journey of life is really leading them to, we can try and take the correct paths but our choices are ultimately a gamble that can boil down to a simple 50 / 50 decision or a yes or a no. You either do something or you do not.

Time will let you know if that decision is wrong or right.

Try not to doubt yourself, everyone has achieved something to celebrate in their life so be grateful for the little things and your own success stories. It could be a poem published in a book, winning the heart of the girl that you feel in love with at first sight etc.

No matter how great or small the success, it is yours to own.

The smallest part of your life could even be your greatest success story and perhaps no one will ever know about it except you, but that’s fine, so think it about the success that you have had in your life and smile.

What’s your success story ?


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