The James Altucher Daily Practice Can Help You Earn Extra Money

The James Altucher Daily Practice Can Help You Earn Extra Money

I am a big fan of James Altucher, (even more so of the James Altucher Daily Practice) I have read his books, listened to his podcasts and watched plenty of YouTube videos where he is being interviewed and he always provides great tips on life and business. James is the real deal, not some BS guru.

James provides a lot of great advice based on his own personal experiences, he has a lot of tales to tell, he has had a lot of ups and downs in his life, some downs such as failed business, failed marriages, losses of huge amounts of money etc. but he also had some great ups, he has sold successful business for a LOT of money, sold thousands of books and made millions of dollars, so people can relate to some of his failures and yet also be hugely inspired by some of the successful parts of his life as well.

We all have our ups and downs in our lives so it is important to know that there are other people out there in this big wide world who have been through similar scenarios and to take on board any advice that they can provide to help us get through those sticky moments in life.

But one thing in particular that he talks about has always stuck with me, and that is the James Altucher Daily Practice.

This is a great interview with James Altucher on YouTube (personally I think that it is his best interview yet) where he talks about the general areas in his life and how he is always looking to try and improve himself on a daily basis:

“James Altucher on How to Reinvent Yourself and Create the Future with Lewis Howes”

You can watch the video directly on YouTube here.

We tend to seek help when we need it most…and that is normally when we feel down about a problem that we have and that we are struggling to deal with, so what if we could try and avoid getting sucked into the “down” parts of our lives and had more of the “up” moments? That would be a better life.

This is where the James Altucher Daily Practice comes in.



If we tend to make lots of bad choices in life then we will probably keep facing lots of bad problems, for example, if you keep drinking alcohol every night and have a lack of sleep you will probably not be functioning on a great level, your life will probably suffer at work and at home.

Ok, that is an extreme example, but it gives you an idea of what you should NOT be doing.

So what is the James Altucher Daily Practice? 

Think of it this way, the James Altucher Daily Practice is doing all the things needed in your life to live your life the right and to avoid problems. It is a pretty much a common sense routine on a daily basis.

James basically basis his practice around 3 main points:

  1. Physical – Are you looking after yourself physically? Exercising every day, sleeping 8 hours a night, avoiding alcohol, eating the right foods and not being unwell/sick.
  2. Spiritual – Are you surrounding yourself with people who make your feel good about yourself? Complaining is draining. If you spend your time around people who are complaining and make you feel bad about yourself then that is not a positive environment to find yourself in. Spend time with people who make you feel wanted and loved and can provide you with some motivation that you need in the times when you do need it.
  3. Mental – Are you reading every day? Coming up with new ideas? Making your brain work hard is essential. You exercise your body so why not your brain. Have you ever had the feeling when you take a vacation for two weeks, do nothing but lay in the sun and then when you get back to work everything feels foreign? Even picking up a pen can feel odd. Guess what? That is because your brain is like a muscle, the same as the ones in your legs and arms and if you do not exercise it will start to atrophy.

A big recommendation from James is to come up with 10 ideas EVERY day, this helps to keep your mind and brain focused and exercised and ultimately leads you in to becoming an idea machine!



You not have to follow the same daily practice as James, you can make up your own practice, the principals will need to be the same to make it work for you as well though, basically you need to keep to a strict routine to enable you to live a healthy, productive life which allows you to get things started and finished. Everyday.

My recommendation would be to implement the basics of James’s routine into your own and then build around it, for example:

Make sure that you eat well & cut out alcohol

Get plenty of sleep 

Read a lot and cut down on junk TV

Surround yourself with positive people

Living this type of life will give your the drive and energy required to get any new Money Earning Ideas started, it takes a lot of effort to earn yourself an extra income so your need to be dedicated to doing so and having a daily practice will give you a greater chance of not only starting a new business idea but actually working on it as often as possible to see some positive results, especially when you are feeling down in the instances when you are struggling.

In terms of earning an extra income for yourself, let’s look at the example of a niche website or writing a book. If you get a daily practice in place based on the above principles I guarantee that you will now have time in your day to not only make a start on your new ideas but you will also be able to set up a schedule, so if you start getting to bed early and get 8 hours sleep, e.g. asleep by 10 pm and then awake by 6 am, you can wake up early and get to work writing content for your book or articles for your niche website, if you then put this alongside not watching TV on an evening you then have some more time to think about WHAT you are going to write about the following morning, this will get you organised, and if you are eating healthy and cutting down or even eliminating alcohol from your life altogether, you will then find that you have plenty of energy to stay focused to enable you to stick to the practice on a daily basis.

The James Altucher daily practice is basically a common sense routine.

If you are going to spend your time going to bed late causing a lack of sleep, eating junk food, watching too much junk TV and wasting your life away how will your life EVER change?

If you can follow a daily routine that enables you to have good habits that help you start a new Money Earning Idea, you will give yourself at least A CHANCE, even if it is a small one, to change your life for the better.

Take action, put in hard work and then see the results.

Why not give it a go? Why not see what the James Altucher Daily Practice can do for you?

It just enabled me to write this article, and it will let me write more.





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