The Importance of Amazon Product Photos

If you are selling products on Amazon, private label or otherwise, you need to try and stay ahead of your competition by not only offering great prices but also by providing a killer product description along with some brilliant product photos.

We all know the phrase about judging a book by it’s cover….but we all do it, I have and I pretty much bet you have, we pick up a book in the bookstore purely on looks, a killer cover makes your eyes pay attention and automatically makes your hands pick up the book, the book could be trash but you now have it in your hands, hat tip to the cover designer. The same applies to a great photo of the products that you are selling on Amazon. Great photos will make people click on the link to your products page, and the more people that click on your links the greater chance you have of making a sale, laws of average and all that, and we need people clicking and buying if we have a chance of fulfilling the selling on Amazon making money idea.

Having eye-popping product photos is possibly the most critical aspect of your Amazon listing, apart from price of course, if you can combine the three main aspects of the listing you will greatly enhance your prospects of making more sales.

  1. Killer photos
  2. Killer products descripton
  3. Competitive pricing


Amazon off course show photos of products all across their website for items that are on sale and images are regularly shown on the homepage of the site, and if you are lucky enough for Amazon to begin showing your products to people when they are making a purchase under “when people purchase this item they also purchased these items” you will then begin to see a massive spike in your sales.

Amazon have certain requirements that your photos will need to meet, which you can read more about here , if you do meet all the criteria you will run the risk of having you listing pulled.

Also, please note, that the photos that you using for your listing must be of the actual product that you are selling, not a graphic or a drawing etc.


The Significance of Product Photos

Although there are no set practices, creating eye-catching photos of your products that are on sale can only have a positive approach for your business when it comes to selling items on Amazon. Always try and think of yourself as the user, would you click on an item that is for sale if the listing photo looks unprofessional? Probably not.

Always try and think of yourself as the user, would you click on an item that is for sale if the listing photo looks unprofessional? Probably not.

Experimenting with different types of photos is the greatest approach to make the most power of your business’s products that are for sale.  You need to just consider the function of your own product that is for sale, for example of you are selling a photo of a fruit slicer then include a photo of your product in action , potential buyers then have an all round general idea on just what your item can exactly do.

This fruit slicer for sale on Amazon ticks all the boxes, showing the item in action and clean etc when not in use.

The Importance of Amazon Product Photos


A great product picture is as vital as the product itself! Terrific product photography will certainly enhance your customer’s shopping experience and raise your eCommerce sales.

Ensure your product is not difficult to recognize by presenting it within an easy, neutral and full-coloured background. Just don’t forget that the background needs to be favorable to your own product, not distract from it and that the background color itself must be white.

When looking at the best products on Amazon that are for sale, one specific part of digital photography which I noticed was that many images are crystal clear concerning background distractions as well as the light appears to be perfect. So in place of taking extra photos, you can just make use of the exact photo, zoom in and crop. You could even edit psd (photoshop) files.

Keep in mind that when you place your cursor over a photo on Amazon on the actual listing page it will zoom in, you will need to ensure that your images are therefore as clear as possible.

In summary, make use of a broad aperture to create product photos having a more professional appearance.

How Easy Is It To Take a Photo?

Product photography is really not as easy as just taking a normal everyday picture, say for example with your smartphone, there will be many extra points to consider when taking the professional approach. Don’t forget to wash the lens so you can receive the clearest picture.

If you are struggling to take professional photos yourself and if you are not on a tight a budget then it would be a wise move to look at employing a professional photographer to take your product photos for you. utilize an expert studio to take great product shots, it could save yourself a lot of time, stress and worry.


How To Take Amazing Product Photos

With great  photos you’re able to eliminate any uncertainty a buyer might have. If it’s a larger arrangement, don’t hesitate to take extra close up shots to show the item in more detail, just be certain the very first picture you are using for your product listing is the full arrangement. 

Remember, some of the first photos that a potential buyer might see could be the size of a thumbnail so it will be of a small size, so do not overcrowd the image, it needs to be clear, easy to see and vibrant.

You will need to keep this in consideration when taking photos, as a light source could just hit the item from 1 side and may lead to harsh shadows and an unevenly lit product. Place your goods near a window. Many people opt to photograph their merchandise from the front.

This video from EntrepreneurGirl via YouTube explains how you can take a great photo on the cheap.


If you can afford it, A photo light box can really give you products an amazing professional look leading to clear and detailed pictures. This kind of box has a few distinct panels to permit you to easily take your goods from other angles. You can purchase a light box at a reasonable price and it would easily pay for itself in no time at all.

amazon product photo


Investing in quality product photos is among the most truly effective methods to increase sales on your website / Amazon and is necessary in developing expert print catalogs or brochures as well if you looking to grow your business in the future outside of your Amazon listings.

Remember, practice makes perfect so do not beat yourself up over the first few pictures that you take, have a browse through other listings and take note on what other sellers are doing to make their picture stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at what your competition is doing with their photos and then try to make your product photos even better, there are a lot of products for sale on Amazon now and you need to try to stand out as much possible to have potential buyers click on your listing and add your products in to their shopping basket.