Is Amazon Vendor Central A Good Fit For Your Business?

Are you selling A LOT of products on Amazon? If the answer to that question is yes, it could be a wise move & switch to selling your products through Vendor Central to take your business to the next level. Vendor Central is only available to become part of by invite only, so you need to be a little lucky as well as selling a ton of products after you have registered to take part.


vendor central

What Is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is the online website / interface that is used to sell products for distributors and manufacturers. Selling via Vendor Central is different from selling via Amazon with the other options available e.g. Seller Central – When you sell your products via Vendor Central you will then be classed as a first party seller and on your products page it will then state “ships from and sold be” and not your company details as per your own listings on the marketplace.

When you join Vendor Central you will basically become a supplier to Amazon where you will sell your products in bulk to them as and when their orders are placed with you.

The Main Points Of Vendor Central

The important points to take note if you are considering making a registration to become a part of Vendor Central will be as follows:

  • Invitation only – you will need to be invited to join the program, you will not just be able to apply / sign up yourself, this means that Amazon are looking at the quality of a business as well as the products, not just any old company can join the program.
  • Less Control over prices – If you sell your products direct to customers via the marketplace you can control your prices, instead, when you sign up to Vendor Central Amazon will then be in control, this could be hit or miss for your business so take this point as BIG consideration before deciding to register.
  • Standard Payment Terms – You could be waiting up to 60 days for purchase order -will this create a cash flow problem for your business?
  • Large Volume Orders – As Amazon are now selling your items you have the potential to possibly sell more items – this could be a HUGE plus or a big headache depending on how you manufacture / source your products. If the orders are really big can you successfully fulfill those orders?
  • Amazon Subscribe and Save – You have the chance to have your items to be included in Amazons “Subscribe and Save” program which can bring in a great regular income every month for your business – bread and butter money! That’s great to have on a monthly basis and can create a nice regular flow of income and profit.
  • Option to join Amazon A+ – If you sign up to Amazon A+ , Amazon will then deliver an enhanced, more in-depth version of the description of your products – the better your production description looks and the more professional your listing looks in the marketplace the more chance you have selling more items.

Amazon have outlined the benefits on the own registration page for your consideration:

vendor central

This video on YouTube from the official Amazon channel runs through the benefits of signing up to Amazon A+ in more detail:


A massive advantage / plus point when you do sign up to Amazon Vendor Central will be consumer confidence. How will this happen? Purely due to the fact that when consumers who are looking to purchase your products will see the wording “Sold by Amazon” instead of your company details – this will then install confidence in a potential buyer as they now know Amazon are selling the products and will be dispatching them directly them and if the consumer does have a problem they know they will need to simply contact the outstanding customer service department that Amazon provides. It’s a HUGE plus having Amazon behind you, it is always much easier to sell products to consumers if you a big company with a trusted name. The BIG A has your back!


Looking To Register With Amazon Vendor Central?

If you are seriously considering signing up with Amazon Vendor Central, you easily register for your invite from Amazon Vendor Central here. Good luck with growing your business in the Amazon marketplace.

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