Creating A Brand & Logo For Your Amazon Products

If you are thinking of not only selling products on Amazon to earn an extra income but are then looking at taking it one step further and sourcing items from overseas manufacturers to set up your own private label business, the next question you will come across will be “how do I create a brand, logo and label for my products?” 

There are a lot of points to cover when you begin to start selling products on Amazon, even more so when selling your own private label items, along with great photos of your products and a killer product description, an important piece of the jigsaw will be to create a unique and custom product label for your business that goes hand in hand with your brand and logo that you are creating.

Creating a brand around your products is very important, through brand creation you will then come with up a custom logo and then a label based on the logo and the brand.

If you can create a great logo and tagline for your business and build your company around it, you will then give yourself a greater chance of establishing a general interest in your brand and hopefully then start to build a community around it with a dedicated amount of followers.

The more general interest you can create along with genuine followers the more chance you have selling of selling more products on a regular basis.


Private label products are always cheaper than brand name products because they have to have the ability to compete with huge brands, to do this, generic brands usually do not utilise identical ingredients or the exact top quality ingredients within their products, this allows the seller to sell the product at a cheaper price.

Scroll through Amazon and you will see that there are many similar types of products that can be found on the site from distinct companies nowadays, all with very similar products for sale, most of the time the only difference might be the company logo along with their own packing materials e.g The box it arrives, it can hard to tell any difference except for the price.

To give yourself an advantage not only do your products need to have a better description, photos and price range, you will also need to have a great logo design applied to your item as well. There is saying that you should never judge a book by it’s cover….people do, so make you take advantage of that by offering something eye catching on your own private label products that you are selling.


Creating a brand and logo design for your products can be huge fun, any form of design normally is, I find being creative is a great way at combating stress and makes me feel relaxed. So make sure that you enjoy coming up with lots of designs – it really should be a fun aspect of the business that you are building.

This video on YouTube from runs through a few design ideas that can inspire you in creating a custom logo and brand design for your own products:

Depending on what type of product you are sourcing and looking to sell can have an impact on how your branding is applied to the item, it could be embedded, by using a sticker or simply printed on, for example of you are selling glass items then a sticker could be a better option for you to use.

As a great logo and branding design can enhance your goods image you’d be instantly able to grab enormous returns for your own businesses over an extended period of time. Your business’s logo ought to be something one-of-a-kind and memorable because of this.

This video on YouTube from Rules For Rebels provides more info for you on how to create your own branded products:


If you are sourcing your items from abroad, a lot of manufacturers can add your logo directly to your items as part of your agreement when purchasing and ordering items from them. You can then have your logo created separately by using a design company and then send it by email with the logo details straight to the manufacturer who will then take the design and add it straight to your products.


Well, that really depends on your budget, you can easily spend $ 300 / £300 on employing a design firm to come up with an awesome concept design and logo for you, but, if you are on a very tight budget then your options become more limited. If you are on a budget I would recommend that you take a look on , or for a logo design, it would best to employ a couple of different freelancers and not just one and that way you stand a greater chance of being able to come up with the design that you have in your minds eye.

Spend plenty of time researching your logo and brand ideas, sketch as many images as possible and then when you are ready, go on to the freelancer sites and submit your requests, each freelancer should give you a few revisions free of charge once they have replied back to you with their initial logo idea and concept, if you do not like what they have presented to you do not be afraid to go back to them and request changes to be made – do not stop until you are happy with the final outcome, it is your business and you are trying to create a business for the long term, so you need a logo that will stand the test of time and not cause you to regret agreeing to it in the first instance by rushing into an important decision.



Labels can also deliver complete information concerning the product in general. The item’s label is a wellspring of information about the item such as brand name, manufacturing date, expiry date and if applicable, ingredients of the item.

If ingredients have gone into your product then will need to show the relevant details on your label, it is vital that a customer is made aware of what they could be consuming, it could cause you a massive headache if a buyer has an allergic reaction to an ingredient that you have not listed… A REAL MASSIVE HEADACHE…and possibly even legal problems.


Feel free to look at how your competition is marketing their own products through their own brand and logo design concept, but whatever you do YOU MUST NOT COPY ANOTHER LOGO. EVER. On top of the legal problem this might cause it will not help you stand out from the crowd, if anything you will just look a like a cheap copy cat, you need to be inventive and come up with a unique design that sets your products apart from the competition.


Take you time when creating your brand and ultimately your logo – this will be an important part of your business and if done correctly can really help create genuine following who will continue to purchase your products and will provide a great chance to yourself to earn an additional income.