How Customer Reviews Help Drive Sales on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon is extremely competitive, there is a lot of competition, so one way of giving yourself a chance of selling more items is to focus on your customer reviews which can in turn help drive your sales. Having customers review your products on sale is extremely important for increasing your authority on Amazon. Not only will this help with ranking higher within Amazon itself, but also for customer conversion rates as well. When customers see multiple positive reviews for your product, they are more likely to trust you, and therefore, increase your chance of someone clicking on your product for sale to make the purchase for themselves.

And we need more clicks to be able to sell more products!

Product reviews are among the strongest markers of the product’s success, it is of course, common sense, the more positive customer reviews that your product has received the more likely you will continue to sell more of that particular product to other browsers who are looking to buy, it is a strong indication that your product is the best of the bunch from the category that it is being listed in.

If you are selling products from a particular niche e.g. kitchenware / cooking equipment, and then you have buyers who feel like they’re a part of a community, for example, the world of cooking, will then become more probable to purchase products over and over again from you and also to recommend your company along with your products to their own pals. Word of mouth online can spread a lot quicker than word of mouth in person. That can apply to both positive and negative reviews, we will talk about negative reviews later in this article.

Along with the overwhelming amounts of data that Amazon provides through descriptions and product specifications, Amazon also presents a real focus on client reviews for items being sold on their site, you can easily see the latest reviews and the marks out of 5 that consumers have awarded the product and at the top of the page next to the products photo it shows the average mark out of 5 from the all the reviews combined.

How Customer Reviews Help Drive Sales on Amazon

As a buyer myself I tend to automatically do three things :


That’s how my brain functions, and I would imagine that a lot of other people follow a similar pattern.

When you click on the items average score, you are taken into all the reviews that have been left.

How Customer Reviews Help Drive Sales on Amazon

The other great aspect of customer reviews is that the buyer can also leave photos of your product, this is where it is important to make sure that your product is expertly boxed up with your private label etc, if the buyer is impressed with not only the product that they have purchased but also the packaging then there will be an even greater chance of them leaving a detailed review along with photos.

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First off, as already mentioned, you need to have a superior product with quality packaging, nobody is going to leave you a positive review if you have a crap product with even worse packaging. Why would they? Quality comes first.

What you can do early on, is to give your products as a gift to your friends and family with instructions to leave you a positive and in-depth (and honest) review, if they feel that there is genuinely something wrong with the item ask them to explain the problem to you first in detail so you can look to resolve the issue asap.

Next, once a consumer has purchased a product from you can take two simple steps:

1. Set up an auto email responder, once the order has been placed the buyer will then receive an email from you confirming the purchase details and then asking for a review. Try and highlight the fact that you are asking for a review.

2. Place a sheet of paper inside the box of the product sold asking for a review.

3. With the email that you send and with the note placed inside the products box, offer an incentive to the buyer to leave a review, along the lines off  “Submit an item review, and we’re going to supply you with a 5% off coupon for your  next purchase”

4. Run a giveaway! Giveaway as many items as you can (without damaging yourself financially of course) through social media and through sites like Gleam and Rafflecopter, this can help really give your reviews a huge boost.

How Customer Reviews Help Drive Sales on Amazon

This great YouTube video from Jungle Scout talks in detail how customer reviews can help drive your sales on Amazon:

You can subscribe to the Jungle Scout YouTube video here.


By precisely the same token, regardless of what type of glorious product you sell, you’re bound to obtain the occasional complaint, it is the law of average, and the more products that you sell the more complaints that you will likely receive and in turn, you will receive a few negative reviews.

Keep this in mind:  Do a good job and the buyer might inform one or two people, do a bad job and the buyer will probably inform ten or more people about the problem.

People love to gossip, and a bad review is like spreading gossip, it will be something that you will need to get used to dealing with, do not take it personally. The important part though is HOW you deal with a bad review.


When selling a product always try and get the same message across to the buyer when the purchase has been completed, inform them they should always speak to you first to address any issues that they might so you can try and resolve the problem before the buyer leaves you a negative review, hopefully, this will stop any unnecessary negative feedback which could have otherwise been avoided.

If you do get a bad review, NEVER leave a reply message on Amazon that paints your company in a bad light, do not fight fire with fire, it will only make your company look bad. Instead, try and leave a positive comment suggesting that the person who has left the review contact you directly so can try and take certain steps to resolve the issue e.g. offering a full refund or a replacement etc.

Customer service is key at all times, even to a disgruntled customer who has already left you a bad review, it is important to show other people who are interested in your product that you treat your customers complaints very seriously at all times and that you can go above and beyond to resolve any issues no matter how big or small.

Make sure that you are professional and courteous at all times, NEVER use offensive language, always stay polite – the aim is to win the buyer back and to show others that your customer care is the best in your category.

Many might be surprised to understand that lousy product reviews can really damage a business’s brand permanently. Building your brand is extremely important for gaining trust over the longer course of your business. Positive reviews also build value to your business and your own personal company website in case you were ever to want to sell it in the future.


If you also have your own company website, you could possibly take the positive reviews available and then republish them on your own site (be certain to obtain permission first). If your website doesn’t currently collect reviews, take some time to make certain that you reach out to customers both past and present and request some quality testimonials on your Amazon product page.

The Battle Over Amazon Customer Product Reviews and How to Win It

Sometimes, competitors might post low ratings and reviews in an attempt to damage your business. It is important to take these seriously and combat them with well thought out responses if necessary. If you receive an influx of negative reviews, that will be the best time to reach out to recent customers and request new reviews which should then give you a healthy balance. Do not be naive in thinking competitors will not leave negative reviews to bash your products – they will – and it could seriously damage your sales.

Selling products on Amazon can be time consuming, there are a ton of different parts of the overall process to consider and get right, it all takes a lot of time, ranging from product description to photos of your products  to obtaining customer reviews, just make sure you treat your business as a long term goal with no short cuts, fake reviews, for example, can get you banned by Amazon. Selling products on Amazon is a great income earning idea.

So, that’s pretty much How Customer Reviews Help Drive Sales on Amazon.

Oh, and remember, the customer is always right!