Make Money by Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest and most prominent online shopping websites in the world. The website sells all manner of products and has customers present in every nook and corner of the globe that are able to purchase items from either a PC or smartphone with just one click of a button.

The world is your market, and that is a BIG market!

Not only does Amazon sell new products, it also gives people the chance to sell old and second-hand products on its website too. If you have some old stuff that you want to get rid of then you can sell it on Amazon for a fair price and earn some instant cash or you can start a business and build up a company selling new products, either way, you can earn money be selling products on Amazon. 

Amazon sells tons of products on their site and a lot of people are earning money from getting in on the action and you can as well.


How to Make Money by Selling Products on Amazon

One might think that making money by selling products on Amazon is only for people who have some old stuff stored in their garages or who have extensive knowledge of buying items from a wholesale company, or sourcing abroad etc. This, however is not the case. Anyone can make use of Amazon for earning money. You just have to have a business mentality and an idea about which product is going to sell quickly on Amazon. For instance, toys, baby wear and children’s items in general are always good sellers, especially in demand games that are popular at Christmas.

Toys aren’t the only products that you can sell on Amazon to make money. There are a number of other products like old school textbooks that can be sold to earn a sizeable profit. You can get the old textbooks from book stores for a very low price and then sell them on Amazon at a higher rate. Do keep in mind that products like toys and textbooks need to be sold on Amazon at the right time or there won’t be any buyers available for them. For instance, toys need to be sold during the summer holidays or Christmas time when parents are looking for something to keep their children occupied and happy with the latest must have games. On the other hand, textbooks need to be sold at the start of the new school year when students are looking for textbooks at discount prices.

There are tons of products that you can purchase abroad e.g. China import to your own country and then sell via Amazon, from dog stairs to kitchen equipment, the possibilities are endless.

Online Selling Programs by Amazon

Amazon has made it a lot easier for people to earn money by selling products on its website. They have started three different online selling programs that are designed to help people sell their products on their website. These programs are:

Fulfillment by Amazon

Through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) online selling program, Amazon gives you the opportunity to have your products picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. You will be selling your goods to your customers while all the tension of storage, packing and shipping will be handled by Amazon. So, by using FBA, you will be able to ship your products to customers living in other cities / countries with ease. Moreover, Fulfilment by Amazon also includes their superior customer service as well. This means that you will not have to worry about dealing with customer issues too. Everything will be dealt with by the Amazon customer service staff who have an excellent reputation for resolving any issues very quickly. Thus, FBA is a very advantageous online selling program that can help you in growing your business further and earning a great deal of profit with less stress. 

You can purchase some really helpful ebooks on Amazon to help you start your journey with Fulfilment by Amazon, the author Dan Johnson, has written some brilliant guides :

You can learn more about Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) here :

Amazon Vendor Express

Amazon Vendor Express is another excellent online selling program by Amazon which is aimed towards businesses who want to become partners of Amazon.

By using this program, you can become a vendor of Amazon and sell your products to them directly. Amazon will then take care of the packing and shipping of each order of your product that is placed by the customer. The company will also provide customer service and handle the returns too. With Amazon Vendor Express, you can take advantage of the superior reach and trustworthiness of Amazon for selling your products. In addition to this, you will be making a good deal of cash too when selling your products directly to Amazon as well as qualifying for other benefits like A+ Enhanced Detail Pages, where you can promote your products.

Amazon Advantage

Amazon Advantage is the third online selling program offered by Amazon. It is targeted towards authors, studios, music labels and publishers who wish to sell their books, music or videos through Amazon. Being a self-service consignment program, Amazon Advantage gives you the chance to earn money from Amazon for the inventory you ship to them in addition to the price you set for your media product. Your products will be displayed on the Amazon page, giving you the chance to market your product to their huge customer base. Each order of your product will be distributed via Amazon’s trusted order fulfilment service. So, you can rest assured that your product will reach your customers on time in a safe and secure manner.

So why not either test the water on Amazon by selling 2nd hand products that you have in your home, or if you feel confident enough already you can start to research your chosen niche with the intention of sourcing products overseas to sell online that will make you a profit.

It is possible to make money by selling products on Amazon, why not start today ?