Selling On Amazon As An Individual

If you are interested in selling on Amazon as an individual there will be a few questions that you will need to have answered before you start to dip your toes in the water and sign up. If you are taking your first steps as a seller on the Amazon platform it could be a wise move to start selling on Amazon as an individual first before you register as a profession seller as a “test” case, if things do not work out for you, it will then be easier to pull the plug on an individual account as opposed to closing a business account and all the paperwork that comes with having to do that. That will be time consuming…

What Are The Main Differences In Selling On Amazon As An Individual As Opposed To Selling As A Professional ?

The main difference straight away between selling as an individual on Amazon as opposed to selling as a professional will be…yep, you guessed it…costs to you. Being a

Being a professional seller means that you will incur a monthly fee, for UK sellers that monthly fee will start at £25.00 per month.

Off course, paying that monthly fee as a professional does open the door to other benefits that Amazon offers you, selling as individual limits your options on the sellers dashboard, as you would expect when you pay a monthly fee, Amazon do try and help you more to establish your business and enable you to keep track on costs, inventory etc. leaving you more time for focus on earning money.

When you are looking to sign up for a professional account you would be presented with the below image, where it also confirms the monthly cost.



When you first go to sign up to sell products on the Amazon marketplace as an individual seller you will be presented with the following sign up image:



If you wish to sell products as an individual on Amazon, then click where it states “Only want to sell occasionally”, you will then be diverted to a different page to continue the sign-up process.

When you have arrived at the individual sellers sign up page, you will see the below:


To proceed, confirm that you are an individual and that will be selling less than 35 items a month.

The account for individual sellers does not involve a monthly fee, just a per item fee as per below.


Registration is free of charge when selling as an individual on Amazon and involves just a few simple steps where you enter your details and proceed with opening up your account. Simple!





In terms of what Amazon provides you with when selling as an individual as opposed to opening a professional account, the main differences to consider are as follows:


Individual selling plan Pro Merchant selling plan
£0.75 (VAT-exclusive) per item fee for each item that sells Monthly subscription fee
Single listing creation using the 1×1 GUI Bulk listing tools
Online listing and order management Inventory and order reports
Price limit of £10,000 for each listing* Generally no price limits for listings


When you open an individual sellers account, it is also important to know and understand the following:

  • You are not allowed to use a 3rd part service
  • You are not allowed to create new listings on Amazon, you only allowed to list products already listed on the site
  • You are not allowed to sell in restricted categories such as Personal Care, Groceries, Health etc
  • You are not allowed to sell more than 35 items per month
  • You will get charged referal fees and final closing fees on top of the listing price
  • Listing products is free, you only get charged when you have sold an item

This Video on YouTube runs through the points to consider when selling as an individual on Amazon as opposed to opening a professaionl sellers account:


Amazon tend to one month free for anyone looking to sign up for a professional account, so it could be worth at least grabbing that offer at the start to see if it suits you better. If you are planning on selling more than 35 items per month it could off course be the better option for your buinesss straight away instead of signing up for the individual account.

At the end of the month, you can then always switch back to selling on Amazon as an individual, you have not then wasted or spent any extra money and if you find it does actually suit your business plan better, you might wish to stick to the professional account going forward in the future.



When writing and reasrching this article, the conclusion I have come to is that it if you do indeed get the free trial offer from Amazon for the professional accout it would be best take that up, you can then easily scale back down to selling on Amazon as an individual at a later date.

As with all good business plans and money earning ideas, you need to make sure before you attempt to do anything that you have researched your ideas to best of your ability, the bottom line is that you need to earn money to make your business successful you can always look to cut costs etc. at a later date.

As the tagline states “You need to earn money before you can save it” and that motto applies in this case as well.

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