5 Self Publishing Podcasts To Help You Write An Ebook

If you are looking to write an ebook, then self publishing podcasts can really help you out when you are first getting started.

Listing to podcasts can be relaxing, informative and also a gold mine of information, there are loads of podcasts available for you to listen to currently, the podcasts industry has exploded over the last couple of years and pretty much every industry you can think off has a vast number of podcasts to listen to, especially the ebook and self publishing industry, and to save you a bunch of time rummaging through the iTunes store or Stitcher etc. I have put together 5 self publishing podcasts that can help you write an ebook by providing you with lots of helpful tips, information and suggestions to get you started on your writing journey.

And the best part about podcasts? Once they have been released you can listen to them when you want and as many times as you wish all for free!





The host of The Creative Penn is Joanna Penn, author and all round self publishing guru. The show started in 2015 and at the time of writing, Joanna has released 297 episodes! In each episode, Joanna passes on the valuable lessons that she has learnt herself in the world of self-publishing along with interviews with fellow authors.

You can listen to The Creative Penn here.



One of the hosts of the Authority Self Publishing is Steve Scott AKA Mr Ebooks. Steve pretty much made everyone aware of just how easy it is to get write your own ebook and publish your own ebook – and man has Steve had some success! On average earning approx $40,000 per month at one point through ebook royalties. Steve co-hosts this podcast with Barrie Davenport, another successful author so you are guaranteed to get loads of excellent advice when listening.

You can listen to the Authority Self Publishing podcast here.



Ani Alexander is the host of Brand Architect, not only providing general ebook and marketing advice but also other useful tips and guidance in reference to gaining confidence, building your brand, editing etc. Ani is always very easy to listen to and always provides helpful information in a really easy way for you to digest and then apply to your own author marketing.

You can listen to the Brand Architect podcast here.



The Self Publishing Podcast was one of the first shows to offer expert advice in the world of self publishing. The hosts are Johnny B. Truant, David Wright, and Sean Platt and these 3 guys really cracked the self publishing formula in the very early days and have therefore had huge success with the books that they have released on Amazon KDP. The show is both informative and humorous. Word of warning, expect plenty of bad language! But I guarantee that you will get hooked on the show!

You can listen to the show here.



Tom Corson-Knowles is the host of the Publishing Profits Podcast.  On The Publishing Profits Podcast show, international best-selling author and publisher Tom Corson-Knowles interviews the publishing industry’s best authors, publishers, editors, literary agents, marketers and attorneys to share inspiration, education and best practices to you.

You can listen to the show here.


When listening to podcasts I suggest that you do the following to make the most of the material that is being presented to you by the hosts :

1. Listen in private – If you are trying to listen to a podcast when the kids are running around or when you are in a car full of people then you won’t really be listening, there is very good chance that you will miss lots of great suggestions and that defeats the object. Listen in private and in a quiet atmosphere, you will then listen properly and hopefully uninterrupted.

2. Take notes – grab a pen and a pad and anytime you hear something useful from the hosts be sure to write it down, it could be a name of a website, an author’s name, a piece of advice, anything that you find informative, just make sure take a note for future reference.

3. Listen more than once – If you find yourself listening to a show and you hear something that you find intriguing and useful but do not fully understand it make sure you listen to the details again until you do fully understand it – there is nothing wrong with nor fully understanding information the first time that you hear it, what does matter if you let a valuable piece of info slip by that could have been really helpful to you.

4. Be patient – do not expect to just listen to a few episodes of a podcast and then become a successful author – as with all good business ideas and plans it will take some time to build your business and your brand. Listen to a few different shows, each show will be unique and will provide different insights and information.

5. If you start selling a lot of books apply to be a host – thinking long term, if you do have a success story to tell then be sure to contact a few podcast hosts to ask if you can become a guest, this is great PR and can really help grow your brand and your business.

I hope the above tips help you when listening to the suggested Podcasts, good luck on your writing journey.

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