OK, so you have now uploaded your ebook to sell on the Amazon Kindle store , how about we show you 5 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR FREE EBOOK ON AMAZON !

Well, we have suggested already that you need to sign up to KDP select  on the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform to give your book a boost, after you have enrolled in KDP you can then choose the option that Amazon provides to you where you can promote your book for 5 days using their free promotion offer, basically you give your book away for free for up to 5 days and hope to generate as many sales as possible during that period to help create a buzz for your ebook.

You need to do more though, you need to really get you book noticed and pushed up the free download charts, you need to get as many downloads as possible.


Well, the higher up the free charts you go the more likely you will actually sell copies of your book when the free promo period ends and the book reverts back to being paid for only – and the reason we are writing ebooks is to sell them and make as much money as possible. The whole process needs to be treated like a new business from the beginning.

Amazon does a great job of promoting your book when you enroll in KDP select and then choose the 5 day free promo option, but you need to do more to help encourage downloads.

You need peoples eyes on your book and then their fingers clicking on the download button as often as possible, more free downloads will give you a much greater chance of selling more copies when you switch your book from free to paid for.


1. Facebook Groups

There are a lot of groups on Facebook now where you can promote your ebook when giving it away for free, most of the groups have huge numbers but it can take a long time to search for all the available groups…thank you Michal Stawicki and the list that he has put together on his website “The express way to promote your free days: 24 Facebook freebies groups to almost instantly spread the word about your promo” 

This is a very easy to follow guide with clear instructions, Michal has done an excellent job of putting this together and anyone who uses his list to promote their free book should be very grateful for the time that he has spent on writing the article.

You can view the page here http://www.expandbeyondyourself.com/express-way-to-promote-onfacebook/

NOTE : Follow the posting instructions carefully, you do not want to get banned from any groups!


2. Twitter hashtags and posting on Google Plus

Using the Twitter hashtags can really give your book a boost, I would suggest using the following # when posting a link to your free ebook on Amazon:

#kindle #free #ebook #fridayfreebie #amazongiveaway #amazon #amwriting #author #freeEbook 

Off course, you might only have room for one or two of the above hashtags when posting your link as you are limited to a certain number of characters on Twitter, I would also suggest adding a # to your relevant topic, for instance if you are posting about a book that you have released in reference to websites you could use the hashtag #tech

You can also use hashtags on Google Plus, the platform might not be the most popular but it is free to arrange, so it is worth spending the 5 minutes it takes to create a post to your followers.

TIP :  Always add an image to your posts on Twitter and Google Plus, it has been proven that posts with images are more likely to attract peoples attention.


3.  Reddit

The Reddit free ebook thread has over 40,000 readers who have subscribed to it, once you have signed up simply copy and paste the your link from Amazon and hopefully it will drive even more traffic to your ebook leading to more downloads.

The link to the Reddit free ebook section is here http://www.reddit.com/r/FreeEBOOKS 

Word of warning: Reddit is very heavily moderated and there are no guarantees that the link will stay live after you have listed it, the mods are very strict so make sure that you ebook is 100% free on the Amazon page before posting the link, if it gets removed it can be difficult to get the listing put back up.


4. BKnights on Fiverr.com

I have used a few gigs on Fiverr.com to promote my free promo’s but the best one that I have used by far is the service provided by BKnights.

For just $5 they promote your ebook on their website and on the Twitter handle etc. it really does drive a lot of traffic to your page on Amazon and definitely results in more downloads. For just $5 / £3 it is a no brainer.

The link to BKnights on Fiverr.com is here https://uk.fiverr.com/bknights


5. Secure a blog post on a popular website

This is tough nut to crack but can lead to some great results if you can succeed with it. When I released my ebook, “Make Habits Stick To Maximise Your Time” I was lucky enough to have a guest post accepted on Steve Scott’s website www.DevelopGoodHabits.com , this was a HUGE result for me and I was extremely grateful to Steve for arranging this.

After the listing went live I received a lot my traffic to my website and then a few paid for downloads as well.  I owe Steve Scott a huge favour for this.

The link to my article is here http://www.developgoodhabits.com/productive-habits/

I would suggest reaching out to a few different bloggers in your niche / topic, fingers crossed one of them will accept your article.

Using the above techniques has now resulted in me obtaining  number one’s with two different titles in the Kindle store during my free promo runs:

5 Ways to Promote Your Free Ebook on Amazon


Having success with a book available for free can also result in:

* A bump in sales with the other titles in your library, buyers can browse your Kindle author page and the see other books that you have for sale

* More visits to your website – make sure you website links are shown in your ebooks!

* Subscribers to your email list – more subscribers to your email list can mean more sales for future ebooks that you release

If you do not have enough time to promote your ebook on the Facebook groups, then the chap that owns this website can arrange some promotion for your across social media.

Book Promotions

For just $13  you can save yourself a bunch of time or if you are not confident about arranging the promo yourself then this option can really help you.

So, that is our suggestions for 5 ways to promote your free ebook on Amazon, can suggest any other options or advice for our readers?  Please leave a comment with any tips and advice.


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