The Importance of your Ebook Cover Design

They say that the proof is in the pudding but most people would simply not eat the pudding if it doesn’t look enticing – I love eating afters and can pretty much vouch for that.

The same works for books in general and ebooks in particular. If the cover of the ebook is not eye-catching, it’s likely that no one would proceed to reading what the book has to offer. It’s often advised to never judge a book by its cover but it is human nature to only explore something if it catches their attention in the first place, I think that most of us are guilty when it comes to this, again I know I am and I’m pretty sure that you would have also at least picked up a book in a shop to look at if the cover was striking enough and stood out to you. If it catches your eye and tends to make the hands move as well, like a child reaching out for candy or ice cream, “it looks nice, I want one!”

The importance of cover design for books is considered paramount with publication houses putting a lot of effort, time and money on getting the cover design right for their books. It forms an important part of the marketing strategy and helps the book stand out from a plethora of other books on the book shelves. Competition is fierce. The same is true for ebooks but the only difference is that it’s you who has to decide on the cover design that would move heads and get people interested enough to click on the “buy it” button and make the purchase. 

Why Do Cover Designs Matter so Much for Ebooks?

The reason that makes cover designs all the more important for ebooks is that readers have a wide variety to choose from, the kindle store alone as thousands of books to choose from in every section. There are so many ebooks available that a potential reader would not even read the description or the preface of more than a few ebooks before making the decision. Without a proper cover design, one that is creative and inventive, your ebook may not even reach that stage. The basic task of the cover is to reel the reader in and to get your ebook to the stage where the reader would at least take a look at what the book has to offer by reading the summary or the book description. It’s a make or break step and if you would get it wrong, its basically the end of your ebook’s chances of selling. Take a look through the kindle store on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform – there are tons of crappy covers – some of them look ridiculous, some of the authors have chosen a free template and that just whacked their wording on, some even over the image, the amount off effort that has been placed is pretty much zero.

The cover design targets readers who are not aware of you as an author and who have not read your work before. The cover design for your ebook isn’t for individuals who readily search for your books but for people who are interested in the niche you write about but aren’t exactly sure about what they want to read. It’s this market that you need to capture as it’s this market where there is potential for growth and success.

A striking cover can really help put eyes on your book and clicks on the purchase button.

The Keys to E-Book Cover Design Success

There are basically two things to focus on with cover designs for your e-book. They are:


Book authors are normally of the opinion that the cover should give away the main theme of the book in order to get the reader interested. However, this means the inclusion of a small preface and a couple of reviews as well, reviews are very important and we will cover this in another post. The name of the book and the main art form that would depict the book’s themes are a must anyway. This means that the size of everything from the name of the book to the main picture would get smaller while the additional typography would cram the space even further. You have to understand that cover design is about saying a lot with as little as possible. And this means that the background colour, the font for the book name and the main art design has to do the talking for your ebook. Keep the description of the book’s theme for the summary. Let the main cover just catch the reader’s eye!

Small Size

When designing an ebook cover, what must be kept in mind is that the cover would be very small in size in search results of Amazon, iBookstore and Your cover must be designed with this small size in mind as it’s here that your cover would help the book stand out. If the picture is not clear in this size or if the book’s name or any other text isn’t legible here, it won’t have the impact you desire. Therefore, whenever the design is complete, simply search for a few books on these stores and then shrink the size of your design to the thumbnail appearing with the e-book cover in the search results. If your design is legible and looks impressive, you have got it right. Otherwise, its back to the drawing board! 

Why Hiring a Professional Designer is Your Best Bet?

The importance of cover design for your ebook can’t be stressed enough. With so much on stake, it’s better to get in touch with a professional designer than to take a chance on your ebook and try to make the design yourself. You may understand your ebook the best, you are probably treating it with as much as love as new born baby, but if you have no experience of cover designing, you are bound to miss out on a lot of subtle things that a professional designer would incorporate in your cover. Ask for referrals if possible and then make sure that you make the designer understand what your ebook is all about so that the designer can then come up with a cover that is aligned with your ebook’s topic and theme. 

One alternative if you are on a budget is , you can find plenty of individuals on Fiverr who can arrange a ebook cover for just $ 5 / £3 , this inexpensive option can also mean that you can afford to have a few attempts at getting the right cover in place for your ebook before you crack it and are happy that you have found “the one”.

Ensure that your ebook cover stands out from the crowd, the market place is very crowded, and remember that we are not just relying on a killer cover, content is always king so you need to ensure that you always put 100% effort in to your writing process – just make sure that your cover catches the eye for the right reasons as well.

For more help and guidance on getting your ebook cover design right, I can recommend this ebook by the author JD Smith from the Amazon book store :




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