First off, let me just say that I realise the irony…if you are reading this post then you have been distracted from your writing schedule…well what I can say? Stop getting distracted ! – here are 6 Tips to focus on your writing

It is the one time that you allowed to be distracted from your writing, after you have finished reading this post then you need to get back to work!

Anyway, how many times have you made a start on your latest ebook only to get distracted by just about everything?

It happens to me and I am sure it must have happened to you.

Be honest, just admit it. There, feel better?

There, feel better?

The only way we get to finish our latest ebook is by starting it, sitting our ass in a chair day after day, typing away day in day out until it has been completed.

There are no short cuts to getting your book finished, you need to focus, stop making excuses and stop getting distracted, just get on with it and get it done.

If I have a moment when I start setting up my computer to start typing but then find myself reading emails and replying to Google Plus and Facebook messages I end the session by feeling very annoyed with myself, that is precious time that has been wasted. Not cool Jamie, not cool. I HATE my timing be wasted.

“YOU IDIOT!” I scream at the top of my lungs.  Well, I say it to myself in my head, my family would think I am mad if I did actually shout it our loud.

I do not have a lot of time to write, I have very busy life just like you, if I have a session scheduled to write, I then need to do just that, get writing (or typing on my keyboard, I don’t actually write out my books in pen on a pad, that would take forever) if I end up wasting just 10 minutes by checking crap on the internet it mean that it will take me even longer to finish of my latest ebook.

I need to get that book finished and get it uploaded to the Kindle store, my kids need to eat and one of them even needs new shoes.

So, I recently wrote down a list of what distracts me and started eliminating them during my scheduled writing time.

6 Tips to focus on your writing :

*Close your browsers. You are not able to look at shiny things on the internet if your browser is closed, it is not possible to do. Close that browser down and keep it that way.

*Disable your email. There you go, easy, you can no longer get bothered by other people, I am sure that they can wait for your reply.

*If you are not able to trust yourself with your PC and find yourself feeling like you must check Facebook during your scheduled writing time then simply turn the wi fi off. There you go, job done, this is now what it felt like to write in the olden days, when everything was in black and white.

*Turn off the TV, radio etc, you do not need to listen to or watch TV whilst trying to concentrate.

*Work in a room on your own and shut the door. You family will understand, my family are pleased when I do this.

*Turn off your mobile phone. The distraction of the phone is strong, you are weak young Jedi, you need to grow stronger before you can trust yourself.

If you are able to do the above then you can reward yourself by sitting up all night and browsing the internet, everything will then be back to normal and your life will be good again.

It is a great feeling when you have finished off your latest ebook, why not try and get to that point as quickly as possible so you are then able to upload the contents to the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform, good luck and I hope you can focus on your writing after reading these  6 tips to focus on your writing.

Now, get back to work!


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