Here is a guide to show you HOW TO WRITE A NON FICTION EBOOK

I will be honest with you though and freely admit that I have no training or history as a writer.

Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

You might have even noticed…

I mean, I have written words before…but the actual process of being taught to write in the correct context of the English language to form a book?  No, nothing at all.

But has that stopped me writing non-fiction eBooks?

Has that stopped me hitting my keyboard and pouring words out from my fingers and onto my PC?


So, if you want to write a book about that a topic that interests you then do just that and start writing.

The books I have put together over the last year have all started off as simple thoughts in my simple mind, pen was then put to paper to form an outline and from there the simple thoughts turned into paragraphs, then chapters leading to a completed eBook.

A new world was created for myself where I have spoken to and been supported by some amazing people.

Do you have ideas in your head that you would like to let the world know about? If you do then please do just that, get writing and get typing, get those words out of your brain and onto a screen.

Do not worry about what others think.

I had no idea where to start with first my eBook but I will give a general outline of what I did to get going.


1. Go to Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform and set up your account so you can use their services to sell your ebook, Amazon rule on the ebook front so you really need to use their services, once you work has been completed you will need to log into your account and upload your work for the world to see. With that out of that way you can now make a start in playing God and creating something from nothing.

2. Write down all your ideas for what you would like your eBook to be about, if you are not sure what to write about then think about what your passions are, what are you good at? hey, you might even be good at that thing you do everyday, you know that job thing!  If you are an expert in your job e.g. you have been in that job for a long time, perhaps 10 years or more , that would probably qualify you as being an expert, so why not pick that as something to write about if you are really stuck.

3. Once you have picked your topic start to break it down into as many pieces as possible, if you have chosen cooking as your subject to base your eBook on then you can write about such things as the history of the recipe, the ingredients, how long it takes to cook the meal, the best place to purchase the ingredients etc. In time all these new micro ideas will become your chapters.  See what’s happening? It is starting to become alive…

4. Now that you have all your ideas out on paper all you need to do next is simply start to write, keep going and do not stop. I have created a new habit for myself where I now write a minimum of 500 words per day, everyday, that is at least 15,000 words every month, that’s a non fiction eBook every month in my world (I aim for at least 20,000 words in my eBooks)

5. Do not worry about spelling mistakes and grammar, you can run a spell check at the end of the process, if you are in the groove and words are flowing then just make sure that you keep tying away, if you loose you rhythm then you can loose your thought process, this can cause the world to end. No Joke. You must keep typing for the sake of the world. Be the hero and see it through to the end.

6. Once your first draft is completed and the world is safe you can then run a spell check. Phew, well done for saving the world, you will probably be on the news later.

7. Research some more on your topics, look for more content to add and make sure everything you are writing is true. Nobody likes a liar.  Except in that film Liar Liar with Jim Carrey, everyone liked him, he was funny, but you won’t be, you will get a bad review and people will boo you when you walk down the street.

8. Add all your fuzzy new content and information to the words that you have all already typed up, this is then known as your 2nd draft. Your work will make more sense now and you will relax more, take a nap if you are tired from all this hard work.

9. Your book is now taking shape, well done, inform your parents of what you are doing, they will finally be proud of you for leading a productive life at long last.

10. Get someone to proof read your work for spelling and grammar errors , if you are on a budget and your kids need to eat then ask a friend who knows their stuff or go to and employ someone there to help you.

11. Whilst someone else is checking your mistakes and you are waiting for them to come back to you and let you know how stupid you are by all the errors you have made, get working on your title and cover.

12. When you have thought of a killer title and sub title, yes two titles basically, employ someone to make a cover for you. Make sure it looks really good, take a look at other covers for inspiration but do not steal any ideas, stealing is wrong.

13. Unless you are really at good at making covers for books then do not attempt to make your own, you may as well get a child to make your cover if you have no experience previously, that’s how bad it will look if you attempt it yourself, again use and employ somewhere there, if you have $ 300 then go to Elance to hire someone, you will probably go to Fiverr and save yourself $ 295.00

14. Once you are happy with your cover then run through your book that has now been edited – a lot – and check it one more time to make sure it makes complete sense. You should now feel even more relaxed, look in the mirror and high five yourself.

15. Go to back to Fiverr and employ someone to format your eBook for kindle, this will save you a lot of time, if you attempt this yourself you will grow old very quickly and your hair will turn grey. That’s right, I use Fiverr a lot.

16. Take your formatted book, which is now all finished, upload it along with your shiny new cover to the Kindle platform on Amazon with the account that you have already opened in part one. This is where people with Kindles who pretend that they like to read a lot look to get books for free as often as possible without actually reading most of the most the books that they download, but hey at least the book was free so who cares if they only read the first 10 pages.

17. Enroll your eBook in KDP select, this basically means that Amazon own the rights to your book for 90 days so you are not able to sell your book anywhere else, but trust me you will not get the same exposure anywhere else, Amazon will promote your eBook a LOT more than you can and you will get a ton of downloads over the 5 day free give away promo period.  Remember, people like free stuff.

18. Keep an eye on the amount of downloads for your eBook, if you have a lot of downloads you will feel happy, if the amount of downloads is low will then you will feel not so happy, perhaps a little bit, perhaps a little bit sad. There could be a mixture of emotions so be prepared for that, if you feel strange from this ask your partner for a cuddle.

19. Get writing your next eBook as quickly as possible, the best way to sell your current eBook is by writing another one to build your audience. Your current audience is probably zero so you if you get one dedicated reader you are making progress, even you Mum counts so ask her to download a copy.

20. Follow all the above steps to build a better life for yourself.


The above steps may work for you, they might not.  Take a look on Amazon in the Kindle store and download some of the free eBooks, I guarantee you that if you put the effort in you will write a better eBook than what is on offer by some of the so called “authors” on there , honestly, some of them have put in ZERO effort in to every part of the process, you know when you purchase a new household item and the instructions have been badly translated from Chinese to English?  Yeah, that is what some of the content is like, the only good part to that is sometimes they are so bad that they are funny.

The Kindle store has been flooded with a ton of this crap, it makes a joke of anyone trying their hardest to succeed in becoming a genuine writer BUT if you put 100% of your effort into coming with up with ideas, creating an outline, researching, putting a together a killer title, subtitle and cover together you will have a chance of rising up past the crap that is on offer.

If you do put 100% effort into your eBook, you have then at least been honest with yourself and any potential readers and if you are serious at building small blocks in your life towards a better future you can then look yourself in the mirror knowing that you have tried as hard as you can, even if you sell zero copies you might just enjoy writing for yourself, it is hard to find something you enjoy in life at times, this could be it.

Make yourself your number one fan, if you are happy with what you are doing at least you are living a life that you have chosen to create for yourself.

So, get typing and enjoy what you can put together, you never know, you might actually be really good at it and I hope this guide on HOW TO WRITE A NON FICTION EBOOK helps you to get started.


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