Looking to write an ebook? A great tool to help you get started and beat the competition is KDP Rocket. Simple to use, with great built-in features, it provides all the information required to help you sell more copies of your ebooks.

Let’s have a run through on how the software can you help in various ways to give you a great chance of becoming a successful author.

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Everyone one of us has something marvelous to share with others. It can be the amazing story of a life in Afghanistan working with charity organisations or it can be a unique experience of gardening, we all have a story to tell and now it is easier than ever for you to tell your story by publishing an ebook through platforms such as Amazon KDP. Writing an ebook also offers the potential of earning yourself an extra income.

We have a whole section dedicated to writing ebooks which can help you get started on your writing journey.

When it comes to writing your ebook and giving yourself a chance of being a successful author, you will need to learn about more than just writing techniques, there are a lot of different angles to investigate and learn about such as keywords, using this approach correctly can give you a huge boost when it comes to potential buyers finding your ebook on Amazon. Yes, unless you have been hiding under a rock, the masses are inserting certain keywords in the search bar of world famous search engines to find the piece of information they need e.g Google, Yahoo etc. Data online is evolving around keywords and if you are able to make it possible for you to fit the most searched keywords into your book and then publish it online, there is every reason that people will then discover and buy your ebook. It will be a huge benefit for the readers and a smart income for you.


There are some other crucial points that you need to keep in mind when it comes to writing an ebook. This may come as a shock to you but…you are not the only person who is going to write a book on a certain topic or niche, believe it or not, you will have plenty of competition.

There has already been plenty of authors who have already written and published books on the same topic that is circulating in your mind, pretty much every idea and niche has already been covered.  You must know what those popular books are and how much sale power that niche has, the more books you are likely to sell, the more money you can potentially earn for yourself.

You also need to know how many people are searching for the same topic and how many books in total are being published.

All these thoughts and inquiries seem to be almost impossible if you do not have any technical help…where would you even begin?


Have you heard of KDP Rocket?  This is a wonderful piece of software that has been developed by Dave Chesson that can help you find the answer to all your questions regarding publishing a new ebook. If you get this software, you get all the data you need in super quick time and it will help you to decide how to write your ebook in a really easy way. I’m not kidding, it is extremely easy to use.

I’m not kidding, it is extremely easy to use.

KDP Rocket is a great piece of software that helps authors understand the niche that they are looking to break into better, it also helps you figure out how hard the competition is that you will be up against, how much potential money you could earn and what words your target market is using along with loads of other features.

KDP ROCKET can help you with the following:

  • Validate your book idea and make sure it will sell well before writing it 
  • Know how many people are actively searching for your book idea
  • Discover profitable niches either tapped or untapped
  • Select kindle keywords that increase discoverability on Amazon
  • Choose Titles and Subtitles that connect with your target market based on what they are looking for
  • Write better book descriptions that convert browsers into buyers
  • Gain key data to choose the right Amazon advertisement words to target
  • Learn what kind of opt-in gifts would get your readers to sign up for your email list

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Here is a KDP Rocket tutorial:


You need to understand more about the two sorts of books on sale: those that are making money and those that are not making money. Why? This is simple because you need to avoid indulging in a topic or discussing a topic in a way that is not popular. To put it bluntly, people will not buy your book if you do not do the required research. On the other hand, you need to check the layout of the books that are selling like hotcakes in the top sold books via online stores such as Amazon.

There is a reason why some authors are selling in huge numbers and earning this popularity. KDP Rocket will enable you to find out about those books in a few clicks and provide in detail everything about them, even the sale per month is shown to you by the software and you can easily calculate how much an author is earning. How cool is that!

The first part of KDP Rocket where it can really help you will be via IDEA SEARCH function. This function helps you find profitable books ideas fast.



The 2nd main part of the software on KDP Rocket that will help you will be using the is COMPETITION SEARCH function.

Beating your competitors is the strongest wish of every author. You also have the same desire but at the same time, you have fears that you may not be successful, it is the same frame of mind for any author that is just starting out.

The competition score can help you find out how to beat your competitors.

KDP Rocket shows you the competition score and you can see the top 100 books that you are going to compete against. Compare the top ideas and use your better judgment at the same time to make the best decision. KDP Rocket can bring you to an entirely new level of understanding of ebook writing and publishing. Remember that publishing books now is not like in the past. There is a huge number of authors now who are sharing their ideas in the form of books online and offline. Without getting all the information that can assist you to write a top successful book, you will find it very hard to beat your competition by selling more ebooks than them.

Remember that publishing books now is not like in the past. There is a huge number of authors now who are sharing their ideas in the form of books online and offline. Without getting all the information that can assist you to write a top successful book, you will find it very hard to beat your competition by selling more ebooks than them.


Is your niche gardening or relationship advice? Are you going to write about cooking or child care? Your niche can be anything and there are always chunks of information that are still not shared with the readers, you can always try and find extra information and details to present to your audience. Maybe you have that valuable information and you can make your book a very resourceful book for your readers. You just need to know if someone else has already written an ebook on the topic with the same information you want to provide and then look to write something better compared to other ebooks already on sale.

All those who have written on the same topic you want to write about and are selling their books successfully are considered your competitors. You need to compete against them and beat them in the competition by ranking as high as possible. This is only possible to achieve when you get all the data about their books along with other valuable details. You can get this hard-to-find information through KDP Rocket only.

The KDP ROCKET BOOK COMPETITION SCORE FUNCTION lets you know how competitive your desired niche is through a calculation score from 1 through 99.

One being the easiest to beat and Ninety Nine being the most difficult.



There are books that talk about your niche when an author has taken what they have learned from his own experience e.g. Divorce, while another author has no personal experience on the subject matter and instead collects data from valuable resources and talks about the same topic in a more informative manner. The books sell according to the interest of readers based on the style of the ebook that has been written. This part is important for you and you need to know how the books are ranked according to the interest of readers. Once you know the rank of already published books, it is easy for you to plan your new book in a way that helps it rank high. With KDP Rocket you can know the rank of a book in one click to check the highest ranking books and information about them. Then, it is easy to learn how to write your book to rank as high as possible.

More information like the reviews of  books, earnings, and their cover style can also possibly be found through KDP Rocket.

Imagine how easy it becomes for you to write your ebook in a way that is just what the success level requires. You can create the right attractive title, catchy descriptions, and fantastic cover required to sell more copies of your ebook and be a number one seller on Amazon and other online stores with the help of KDP Rocket.

If you are looking to write an ebook I would strongly suggest that you invest in using KDP Rocket – it takes the hard work out of the research required to help you become a successful author.

You can purchase KDP rocket here.

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