Looking To Write A Non Fiction Ebook?

Here is a guide to show you HOW TO WRITE A NON FICTION EBOOK

I will be honest with you though and freely admit that I have no training or history as a writer.

Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

You might have even noticed…

I mean, I have written words before…but the actual process of being taught to write in the correct context of the English language to form a book?  No, nothing at all.

But has that stopped me writing non-fiction eBooks?

Has that stopped me hitting my keyboard and pouring words out from my fingers and onto my PC?




You can read the alternative long text post version here.

Here is the skinny version…

Basically, you just need to “start” and “do”, you just need to start writing, coming up with ideas and you need to do everything that needs to get completed to get your ebook started and then finished off, if you never make a start you will never finish.

Do not worry about mistakes, you will make them, mistakes happen, just learn from them and then take any negative experiences that have happened and then turn them into a positive experience for your next book that you write – it’s called learning and the only way you will learn will be by taking the steps to create a story, outline, write chapters, design a cover and get your book published on Amazon.

There is a lot to learn but I pretty much guarantee that you will find an answer to every question that you will come across, the internet is a gloroius place, full of answers, just Google it.

Anybody can write an ebook now and get it published via Amazon and everybody has a story to tell.

What’s your story?





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