Make Sure That Your Cover Is The Correct Size For Kindle

I have already written an article about how important a good looking cover is for your ebook, you can read that article here, and I have also spoken about how you can create an ebook cover if you are on a budget, by using Canva, a free online software tool, which you can read here

During my previous life, I owned a domain by the name of “Ebooks By Jamie” – I then put together a few helpful videos to help other aspiring authors get their ebooks finished and uploaded to Amazon.

In this video that I put together, which is still on YouTube, I run though how you can easily make sure that your ebook’s cover is the correct size for a Kindle device, you will need the kindle cover to look right…otherwise the reader will be puzzled…and could leave a bad review if they see an odd looking cover.

I hope the video helps:




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