Sell Your Ebooks in China to make even more money

If you have uploaded your ebooks to Amazon through their kindle publishing platform I am hoping that you have been able to achieve some success selling in the countries that Amazon makes it available to purchase in, but what if you could reach even more potential readers in more countries?

One way to increase sales and therefore increase revenue is to sell your ebooks in China to make even more money.

Think about it, why should you limit your sales to just the USA or UK with a sprinkle of other countries thrown in? India, Australia etc. Sure, you might sell the odd copy in these other countries,it’s hard to have regular sales in all these other countries without having some support though, but you can really ramp up sales by honing in and focusing on a specific overseas market to give your sales a huge boost.

The ebook market China is still fairly small, and any industry / platform still at the beginning of its lifespan can, for the best part, be the best time to enter it, you can get ahead of the game and get your name and brand known before most other people AKA your competition, have even heard about it. As with all potential ways to earn money, to make the most of it and get maximum returns, you need to get in there first!

And the best part to launching a book in China? There is a great start up company that can do all the hard work for you!

I recently used a company called Fiberead to launch one of my ebooks in China, it was extremely easy to do. The contract you sign basically gives them a 70 – 30 split of any royalties that the ebook earns, the 70% is in their favour – ok, some of you might be thinking that is way too much to give away – but also think about this way, are you going to earn extra money by NOT selling ebooks in China?  If you do not sell any books in China your extra profit will be ZERO, so, 30% is surely better than zero?  I’m thinking YES!



It is super easy to do, you just need to upload the same word doc that used to upload your ebook to the Amazon Kindle store and the upload the same cover, Fiberead will then take over all the hard work and begin working on the entire process for you.


  • Translate the entire contents of the ebook for you
  • Upload the ebook to various platforms (it looks like they are possibly selling on 14 different sites at the moment)
  • Give detailed sale reports
  • Give detailed earning reports
  • Promote the book across various platforms

Would you be doing any of this yourself in the available book platforms in China?

I have now sold over 3100 copies of one ebook on one Chinese book site alone! This would have never been at all possible for me to do before, because as you can imagine, my Chinese is a little rusty and I think I would have huge problems translating the book…sure I could possibly look in to paying someone to translate the contents for me, but what would the costs involved be?  How would I know it would even be correct? I would then need to create various accounts across all the Chinese ebook sites and then spend a huge amount of time uploading an ebook that I am not even sure has correctly been translated in the correct way….risky, and it could also be a huge waste of time along side a huge waste amount of money, I would imagine that a translator would charge a hefty fee for working their way through an ebook.


More importantly, Fiberead offer you the support required to really try and break into an overseas market, this can be so difficult to achieve, but with the knowledge of a professional company such as Fiberead behind you, it makes it a real possibility to be able to obtain some success.

My share of profits at the moment is working out to be approx £ 300.00, not earth shattering but it makes it very realistic for others to do, and that’s what I like about it. And then I get excited, what other companies are out there in other countries who can offer a similar process for me?

My mind starts to get a little blown away by that thought! Perhaps I could find 10 other companies in 10 countries offering similar deals and then perhaps for doing very little work my £ 300 earned at this point could easily be £3000 + !

And what if I started to write and upload more ebooks to Fiberead?  The potential to see some big returns is very realistic!

You can sign up to join Fiberead here






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