The Importance of Researching Your Chosen Ebook Subject

Research is an important part of any task as research arms you with the knowledge that can be helpful in performing the given task and in this post will cover the importance of researching your chosen ebook subject.

When it comes to writing, the importance of research becomes all the more important. This is because the purpose of writing is to offer something valuable to those who read it. Without researching on the topic that you writing about, you won’t be able to offer enough value to the reader to keep him/her interested. It’s not just the case with factual books where research is important. Even if you are writing a fictional story, it’s necessary to research ideas and themes before you can start writing your own.

Ebook writing is no different and anyone who authors an ebook without researching on the subject matter is bound to fail – take a look on the Amazon ebook store, there are a ton of poorly written ebooks that have had virtually zero research applied to them, and the reviews stink! – Bad reviews will hit sales… To do research does not mean to plagiarize something but it’s all about gaining as much information as possible before you start thinking about imparting some knowledge to your readers.

Without having an idea of what’s out there and without knowing what recent developments have happened related to the subject matter, you can’t really author a relevant and informative ebook, your writing needs to be as up to date as possible – old news and out of date pieces of advice are not going to go over well with the reader.

Research forms an important arm of any e-book writer and research helps in every stage of writing.

The Importance of Researching Your Chosen Ebook Subject

Research can help in actually choosing :

Your subject matter

Writing the actual content / Learning About Your Subject

Deciding the book’s title

If you won’t do that, you might end up writing on a topic which isn’t exactly mainstream or you might end up writing content which isn’t abreast with the modern age.

You might also get the title wrong without really seeing how your competitors have worded their titles, keywords can help readers find your ebook through the Amazon search engine, which is really important when comes to Amazon promiting your ebook across it’s website.

Researching Your Subject Matter

The best way to go about writing an ebook is to choose a subject which you are comfortable with and which you are an expert on or at the very least have some background / experience in e.g you have been self employed for a long time so you would have knowledge of running a business or you may have even been employed in your current profession for a long period of time and have expert knowledge in that particular industry e.g. if you have been a teacher for 20 years you can share a lot of wisdom and tips to others from starting out to how to handle disruptive children etc.

Writing on a topic close to your profession is therefore a great idea. However, its not necessary to do this. You can also write on a topic where you have some expertise but aren’t fully knowledgeable e.g. how you have been successful in becoming a parent for the first time and what hurdles you have overcome etc.

What you must understand is that researching your chosen subject is not just about finding a topic but also about the popularity of that topic amongst the masses. The reason why you must research your subject is that you don’t want to end up writing an ebook on a topic that isn’t popular and with little to no depth to the subject matter.

The best way to see what subjects / topics are popular is to do your research and actually search about it online on Amazon and iBookstore. This can help you in knowing how many ebooks have already been written on a similar theme and how many of those books have been sold. This can give you a great idea about whether a topic is profitable or not and whether you should put so much energy in to writing on that topic or not. Focus on the numbers given by Amazon on the bestsellers available and see their listing rank as well. If the rank is till 100,000, you would have a topic on your hands which is mildly popular amongst the masses. Writing on such a topic can prove a profitable venture. So when you have finally chosen your preferred topic you can then move on to writing the content and learning more about that particular subject.

Writing the Content and Learning About Your Subject

It’s not just that the researching can help you about finding a topic but you can also learn greatly about how to shape your content with research. The best way to go about it would be to take up a few books from the best sellers and a couple of books which have gone totally unsold, try to research about a topic that you already have some knowledge in, then, take a look at how the writers approached the subject and build from there. Focus on the differences between the books that have sold a lot of copies and the books that didn’t sell at all. This would help you identify key areas of the topic which people are interested in and would also help you understand the pitfalls that you must avoid.

Make sure you read the reviews of ebooks that are similar to your theme, especially the negative reviews, try and then take any criticism and apply what the reviewers are desiring in to your own ebook – give the readers what they want!

Only start writing your own ebook when you have confident that you have enough knowledge – the more you know about any particular subject the easier it will be to write your ebook – scarce knowledge leads to empty pages.

Deciding the books title 

Once you have picked your chosen topic and researched it thoroughly you can then get to work on the books title. The books title is very important – along with the cover which will talk about in a separate post – as the more keywords you can fit in to the title the better. You do not need to go over board and have an outrageously long title…  keep the title direct and to the point and then really use the subtitle to hit home the points that you cover through out the contents of the book. Amazon’s search engine is huge and has a tremendous of power across the internet – it is probably 2nd only to Google so your keywords need to be chosen carefully to help get your book found as easily as possible.

All in all, you simply don’t want to write your e-book without doing any research on your subject matter. You can be an expert on the topic you have chosen to write about but you would still need to do research to understand your subject more expansively. The reader needs to be real value and has much valuable content as possible, try and over deliver as often as possible.

You would only be able to explain anything in your book well if you would understand the idea yourself and it’s with research that you will be able to reach such a level of understanding!

The importance of researching your chosen ebook Subject is extremely important, knowledge is power and research creates knowledge and enables you to finish writing your book as quickly as possible so you can release your ebook on the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform to begin your writing journey.


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