Choose a Web Hosting Company for your Niche Website

So you have a killer idea for your first niche website, you have read up and studied WordPress, figured out the deal with affiliate links and now you need to get your website up running, your next step is to choose your web hosting company.

You probably have a couple of companies in mind that you are considering using, you might have seen a few TV adverts advertising web hosting companies or perhaps a friend has recommended one to you, so on that basis, the very first thing you must do when deciding which web hosting company will best for your website is to search the internet and read through reviews in order to find out what other people are saying about the company that is currently top of your list.

Please keep this point in mind :   price should not always be the deciding factor, customer service needs to be considered as much as anything else, if you have a problem with your website at any point that extra couple of dollars or pounds that you have saved will soon be forgotten about or if you are struggling to get replies from your hosting company when you need help e.g. your site is down, and you also need to consider other points such as storage, web page loading speed etc.

Whenever you are choosing a web hosting company, there are numerous things you have to look into, which we will cover in this article. To make  a start is pretty simple, it’s easy to do, just enter “web hosting” into Google and you will then see how many options come up, there will be loads, there is a ton of choice, which can be overwhelming. 

There are different varieties of web hosting services. Selecting a web hosting company includes many considerations. Before you decide to enroll with a web hosting package, consider the features you’re going to need for your own website or internet business. If you are ready to construct or have someone develop a website for your own business, you’ll need to purchase web hosting and register a domain name, many times these can be included together, normally with a great saving if you purchase the two at the same time for at least one-year minimum. Normally, the greater length of time that you purchase a domain name for the cheaper the package will then be.

So How Do You Decide Which Web Host Is Best?

While selecting a web hosting company, it’s vital that you consider whether you’re trying to find free hosting or you are inclined to spend a little money and receive the optimal deal for your own dollar or pound. If you have a business that will be receiving a decent amount of traffic, you will want to spend a decent sum of money on your web hosting plan. One big tip is to examine the uptime for the company that you are favoring to use. Uptime is the amount of time a website is successfully online, downtime is the time frame for when sites go down….not good, this can be a real problem for you and your business if that happens on a frequent basis.

You will need to have your website up and running with virtually no problems to make a success of it, if people are planning to visit your site and it is down the chances are that they will not be returning in the future – basically people will think the site could be poorly run or even a scam and not return.

You might want to consider picking a web host based in the same country as you or at least with a local telephone number option for their customer service department, if you need to contact customer service you will require a quick response, a local number will ensure that happens. 


So, who would we recommend as a web hosting company to get you up and running?

We can recommend BlueHost as a hosting provider to get started with, this YouTube video runs through their set up:




Bandwith is very important, the less bandwidth a hosting company offers the bigger the problem you could have if your site is successful. Less bandwith will basically mean slower speeds when your site is loading up, a slow speed will make your site seem clunky….it will put people of using your site and will create a bad user experience.


You are going to want to know what sort of security measures a web hosting company might have to guard your website from hackers and to safeguard your data and private information. The last thing you will want is to have your site hacked, you could see all your hard work taken away from you, this would be devasting to the say the least. Ask what security is available for your site, can the host provide additional security if required for a little more money? It could be the best investment that you have made.


Much like unlimited bandwidth, many web hosts provide unlimited storage, which will mean a sizable amount which you probably won’t exceed, they tend to offer a decent chunk of storage which should more than cover your needs. It might be difficult to improve your package later on or there might be a limit to what your hosting company may provide so it is important to keep that in mind.


Any excellent web hosting company will be certain to offer a lot of technical support to their clients, they should always offer a low-cost phone number for you to phone in case of a problem or even a free phone number, online live chat and even the possibility to raise a ticket and discuss problems via email so be extra options as well.

Like most things in life, good service is not free, you will need to pay a decent amount of money to ensure a good service. Customer service is an element that numerous people skimp on to be able to secure lower hosting costs. However, they end up paying later on for things that need to be fixed…


Price is a key factor that should be considered prior to choosing a web hosting company, most host companies have various options for you to choose from, Gold, Silver, Bronze packages for example,the more you pay the more services and options you will receive but depending on what your needs are you might not actually need to go for the most expensive option.


To start earning money from you Niche website, you will need to get it up and running as quickly as possible, and you really need to have the ability to grow on the net as your own business takes off, consider that if you are looking to develop and grow your website in the future, hopefully, your site will grow and be profitable, will the host company be able to cover your needs if you do go grow? or will you out grow the hosting company? Keep this important points in mind.


So, let’s recap the main points to consider when you choosing your hosting company :







Following this guide allows you to make an educated decision to ensure that you choose a web host that will fulfill your requirements and offer an excellent service at a cost you can afford, but most importantly a company that can offer you peace mind off mind so you can concentrate on building up your niche website business to start earning money from it.


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