Choosing Your WordPress Theme

If you are new to creating websites and the world of WordPress then the word “theme” will probably be a bit foreign to you, basically the theme of a WordPress site is how it looks, you can install free or paid for themes, each one comes with different options and styles to suit your particular needs for the website that you are building.

If you are looking to create you own niche website that looks awesome then you will need to spend some time researching through different themes and then picking either a free or paid for version that suits your needs.

Although it is certainly true that there is a wide variety of free WordPress themes openly available to anybody on the web, some of them will do a decent enough job but they may not be well supported or coded, just because a theme is free it does mean you have to choose it and install it on to your website, sometimes it may save you money in the long run to purchase a premium theme which will have lots more options to enable you to develop your niche website over the long run and which will come with support from the developer over a certain period of time. The support from the devloper could be priceless if you run in to problems when putting your website together.

There are lots of free guides accessible online to assist you setup your own WordPress website and hosting. It is important that you choose a hosting company that provides full WordPress support, we will cover hosting packages on another post. You can readily choose from tens of thousands of different WordPress themes and because of this WordPress websites look different to each other, each one styled and coded to fit the theme / niche of the website that it has been installed on.

When you install WordPress you are then given the option to install a theme of your choice :

wordpress theme

Here you can look through the most popular themes available on WordPress by clicking on “ADD NEW” at the top of the page.

wordpress theme

In fact, there are hundreds of themes available that make designing your own website or blog a piece of cake. A huge strategy is to sample some of the stunning themes made available through WordPress to determine what will be the best for your website. Please notice that these themes typically are not arranged in just about any specific order so just scroll down and discover your inspiration. WordPress themes may be used by bands to easily create distinctive and exciting looking websites without the necessity for any technical skills.

You will then be directed to a new page where you can search through the available options. You do not have to install a theme to test it out and to see if it will suit your intended design for your website, you can click on preview where a new window will open to enable you to get a better feel of a theme.

You can also search through the search options and filter at the top of the page :


You can learn how to install a WordPress theme in this YouTube video:

You have  various options available for premium / paid for themes. We will run through a few in this post and then you can investigate further on your own.

The first two WordPress theme websites we can recommend are Elegant themes and ThemeForest.

Themeforest currently have over 25,000 themes and templates for you to choose from, prices range a fair bit but you should be able to find a theme suitable for your site for approx $ 40 – $ 60, between the two sites you should be able to find the theme that will best suit your intended website design.

Elegant themes are actually a true crowd pleaser since they provide robust and elegant looking WordPress templates at a reasonable price with substantial support, they have a great offer on at the moment where you can actually purchase all 87 of their themes for just purchase price! The price varies from $69 to $ 249 depending on if you have a personal website or business etc. You can also find plenty of useful widgets to choose from that can help take your site further and the right direction to complete the visual look that you desire.

Widgets will undoubtedly be another way that you are able to include aspects of design to your own WordPress setup, we will run widgets and plugins in separate posts.

If you’re brand new to the world of internet business and also would just enjoy a straightforward website with the fundamentals and a couple of customizations, then WordPress is ideal for your requirements. In case you are searching for a new fresh solution to easily direct your online business then you ought to take a peek at as many WordPress websites as possible and see if you can discover a theme that you would like to base your new niche site around, not a copy of course, just to give you an idea of styles, layouts, widgets etc. A premium WordPress theme is a wonderful way to build up your brand online, offering far more onscreen options and widgets than a free theme.

As previously mentioned, determined by your pick of themes, you will be able to customize the fundamental colors, fonts etc. of your site to fit your area of interest. They fulfill the most essential needs of websites, of the course the website must be easy and straightforward for the user to navigate through and have killer content but it also helps a lot if the site is also pleasing on the eye.

Another great theme site to look at is ThemeShift , a great choice for website creators to analyze and discover a number of impressive looking WordPress templates and themes. The web site features premium WordPress themes which are professionally designed and give full functionality and exceptional responsiveness. 

Another well-known developer, iThemes, have a great option in their Flexx theme, which is a little distinct from others as it includes 18 distinct forms of the theme. Here’s a theme marketplace that gives designers and developers using a varied choice of premium quality templates and WordPress compatible themes. A lot of these highly attractive WordPress themes are wholly customizable and very responsive. Deciding on the best premium WordPress themes not merely provides an exceptional appearance, but in addition offers additional customization choices.

Another site we can recommend to look at is Headway Themes , which is among the very first WordPress theme frameworks to give a visual editor. It also must be said that each template can boast a series of powerful widgets which are simple to operate. The themes are easy, tidy, responsive and retina-ready.

Take your time when deciding your chosen theme, especially if you are paying for one, it will be best to write down what you would like your website to offer the user and how it should look.
Remember, if you visit a website and find it difficult to use etc. would you spend a lot of time on it? probably not, so the same method of thinking should also apply to your own website.
Through the application of themes you can certainly change the whole appearance and layout of your website in seconds, and if you then decide that the theme that you have picked is not for you, then do not worry, you simply install a new theme which will replace the current one that is installed.

There is a great article on WPBEGINNER that can help you even more –

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