Don’t Buy Organic Traffic…Or Other Cheap Links

Please don’t buy organic traffic for your niche website, or any other web site you that might be working on for that matter. Cheap links are cheap for a reason, they are crap, pointless, untrustworthy and could actually damage all the hard work that you have put into creating your website. So why bother? Why buy organic traffic?

If anybody suggests to you that you need to buy organic traffic, please ignore them, more and more people are now saying that cheap links such as PBN’s (private blog networks) can be bad for your websites rankings in the long term, such as this article here on Niche Pursuits, and of course when it comes to creating and building your websites it should always be with a long term goal in mind, remember, when it comes to having success with niche websites it is marathon, not a sprint.

Cheap links can give your site a boost initially…but when the search engines catch on and change the way that they rank websites, which they always do with new updates e.g. the Google Penguin update that affected a LOT of people, and you can then very easily find that your site has been penalised overnight.

Google is watching you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A lot of people use cheap links and PBN’s to get that initial boost when they are trying to create a website on the basis that they intend to sell it quickly, their hope is that that someone who is a novice and has a little knowledge of SEO etc will purchase the site after a quick bit of investigation, take a quick a look at the stats, be quickly impressed, put a bid in which gets accpepetd…only to have their fingers burnt later on when the rankings start to tumble and the traffic dries up… you then realise that you have purchased a dud website, but it’s to late, by this point you have then lost your money.

You need to be best friends with Google, or at least try to be, Google can be hard to figure out at times, like a silent and moody friend that you can’t just figure out no matter how hard that you try, but one thing about Google is certain, upset the search engine giant and you will know about it, your website will quickly tumble in the rankings, you will then be upset about all the hard work that you have put into your creation. For months after, you will ask yourself the question “why did I buy organic traffic and cheap links???”


It is off course possible that you might well have a seen a competitors website doing well in the search engine rankings with what appear to be bad /cheap backlinks…but guess what?  As I have already mentioned Google is watching and in time a website with a tonne of spammy backlinks will get hit with penalties and it will then tumble down the search engine rankings.

Watch this video on YouTube from the Google webmaster guys (Matt Cutts) who confirms they are trying to cut down on spammy links as often as possible:



Contrary to popular belief, you do in fact need to work really hard to get your website noticed by the search engines to increase your visibility and ranking. If you wish to be on page one of Google for certain keywords you will need to dig deep and create some excellent articles with use of long tail keywords.

We have a whole dedicated to creating niche websites here.

Some easy tips to follow to help your website rank better will be as follows:

CREATE EXCELLENT CONTENT – Not just good content, it needs to be excellent and as in depth as possible with great information, videos and images. Your content needs to be better than your competion.

REACH OUT FOR GUEST POSTING – Speak to owners of other websites to not only guest post on your website but for you to also guest post on their website. You can then both share relevant links to each others websites.

BE ACTIVE ON FORUMS – Become as active as possible on forums releated your niche, provided plently of useful tips and advice to people and really try and help them out with detailed replies and answers, try and become an authoity figure in your niche.

This video from Tim Francis runs through some legit ways to get backlinks for your website:



Do you think you may already have a few bad backlinks linking to your site that are already hurting your ranking? Well there are free tools out there and can help you check and discover if that is indeed actaully the case. The quicker you can remove the links the better, hopefully you have not already been slapped with a penalty and can therefore get the links removed before they cause you any major headaches. A quick way to check the backlinks to your site is on the website 

This video from Ahrefs on YouTube gives you a quck run through on how you can find bad backlinks that are linking to your site and quickly get them removed.



Hopefully this article has knocked the idea to buy organic traffic and backlinks out from your mind….bottom line is that spammy links will ultimaltey hurt your rankings and damage all the hard work that are putting in to creating your dream website.

Hard work is what put’s a lot of people of from sticking to developing websites over the long term, everyone wants instant succcess and a quick buck, developing any good model business model takes time and owning and developing a niche website is no different.

Reach out to other websites owners, develop good links and reap the long term rewards in the search engines. Be good and Google will be your friend, and you want Google on your side, so don’t buy organic traffic….or other cheap links, work hard over the long term if you want to acheive real success.


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