Drive Traffic To Your Website With BackLinks

So, the first question if you new to the world of building niche websites would be…What is a backlink?

Well, backlinks are links from other websites to yours. These are also known as referral links. Building backlinks to your website will take a lot of time and effort, but it is very beneficial in the long run, mainly because backlinks help to increase your website’s organic rankings in the search engines and will also drive traffic to your website.

Any if you looking for your niche website to earn you money you will need lots of traffic.

Simply ah?  Well no, backlinks take a long time to work and it will require tons of effort on your part to make it work.



You’ll first have to ensure that your website is filled with content in the first place, and not just a few pages, you now need to have lots of articles with high-quality content. Content is always King.  The more high-quality pages you have on your website the greater chance of people visiting your website in the initial instance, sticking around and looking through the various pages on your website and then subscribing to your email list. The more people you have on your email list the greater chance you have of earning more money – we will cover the importance of email lists in another article.

The quickest way to start backlinking is to begin leaving comments on websites with similar themes to your own, if you have created your WordPress account you can then link your website to your email address so when you leave a comment on someone else’s website you will then get a backlink to your site, if not you, some blogs provide the option to leave your websites URL in a separate box for the link to work.


Make sure your comment is relevant to the post that you are leaving a comment on, provide some valuable insight, the owner of the blog / website will probably check the comment first to ensure that it is appropriate before they approve it to be shown in the comments section.

Spam links ain’t gonna help you…


Another option to backlinking is that you can ask other bloggers to write guest articles for your website, they will then hopefully share a link on their own website to your site when they announce to their readers about the guest post that they have put together, followers of the guest bloggers website should then visit your website. You will need to reach out to a fair few bloggers who are in a similar niche to your own asking them if they would to like to write a guest article for you. You will probably get ignored a fair bit and replies will be limited, so send a lot of requests out and by the law of average you should then get a least a couple  off “Yes!” replies back into your inbox.

Ask the guest bloggers to write an article specific to your niche, that can then also help in your organic search listing e.g. Google etc. as lots of keywords around your topics will be used in the post.

You can also write to bloggers asking if you can write articles for their websites as well.  You content will need to be REALLY impressive to secure a guest blogging spot. Owners of popular websites will receive a lot of requests for guest articles so you will need to ensure that you are better than the competition.

Guest blogging is actually a technique where you are able to write content for another blogger and they may publish it to their own website. This is one of the highest authority ways of building backlinks because they are almost always relevant to your niche market so you will be interacting with lots of people who are interested in what you are writing about.

It is no good to just keep posting comments and linking from just any old website, it could help a little, but search engines like it much more if you are linking to authority websites that are relevant to your niche.


Forums relevant to your niche are another great way in building up back links. The majority of the forums permit the users to leave links within the signature, however, these may be assigned as either follow or no follow. Participating in forums make it possible for you to start new discussions or take part in ongoing discussions on several different topics. At the same time, forums are a great way to build your network of other people in your niche market as well.

It’s a great way to make new friends who can possibly help you expand your own niche website.

No matter what, you need to be building backlinks with blog posts and spending time leaving plenty of useful comments and information that can help others, it is ideal that you’d be looking for all these website links to be indexed to be able to gain far better visibility for your own page online.

This previous idea is especially important because just one link from a very highly ranked site can improve your sites ranked considerably. It is always important to choose quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. Linking to crappy websites with lots of spam can actually hurt your website in the search engines. As previously mentioned, fresh and distinctive content may be the absolute best foundation your website can have. By having a great deal of content on your website with articles devoted to the topics and subjects depending on your business, internet search engines will obtain a feel for just what the website is about and how they need to position it. Therefore, the technique is, in addition, beneficial in getting visitors to your own site.

Search engines find it unethical to use illegitimate backlinks. However, it is important to understand that backlinks are still extremely important if you are wanting to rank in the search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is the technique of developing the visibility of the website or even a web page within the search engine score. Search engine optimization can truly assist a client to attain quality traffic to its site.

Establishing firm associations with several other websites permits you to enhance the likelihood your site will probably be ranked highly enough in returned searches to be able to get to the maximum quantity of exposure. Good structuring begins within the planning of your website. Backlinks are quite simply an essential facet of building and driving traffic to your website.

With the proper search engine optimization plan, you can end up ranking very highly in the search engines! Keyword Research is extremely important when it comes to backlinking. The main benefit of utilizing the appropriate keywords is mainly seen to be the easy creation of traffic. You want to be sure to target low competition keywords so you have a better chance of ranking highly. Locating the suitable keyword phrases to target could be the next most significant aspect to effective SEO. Keyword research can be a thriving market strategy that’s strongly suggested by the experts.

Long Tail Keywords can really help your websites articles, you can read more about LTK here.

Content that is certainly original and fresh is very important as well. These keywords ought to be used in each of the meta tags of your site, for example, title, description, and keyword meta tags, and ought to be used during your site content. 

The Ideal Approach for Back Linking

You want to be viewed as somebody who does not spam other websites with links. This means that it is very important to ensure that the backlinks are relevant to your website and niche market. You need to build an honest, trustworthy reputation where your comments are truly helping others with insightful information that will answer questions and help others as often as possible. 

It’s possible to drive a lot of traffic to your website by ensuring backlinks from authority websites in your niche, and off course, more traffic to your own niche site will give you a much great chance of earning some profits. A good number of backlinks will allow you to promote your site in a larger way.

This will assist in driving much more traffic to your site than before and giving yourself a chance of your own website becoming an authority figure so others will contact you to guest and link from your site.




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