Drive Traffic to your Niche Website Through Guest Posts

Guest posting is a great way to build authority for your business, your personal brand and also your niche website.

So, what is guest posting? This is where you write an article for another website to use, and your website is referenced with a link in that particular article, hopefully, a lot of individuals will then click on that link and be directed to your own website. However, it is important to note that these posts must not contain excessive self-promotion.

Often bloggers have a tendency to reciprocate guest posts, so the best way to get more guest posts is to offer an exchange with other bloggers, this works great for your own niche site in an additional way, you can gain a new audience as the guest blogger writing for your niche site will drive traffic to your site by advising their email list etc that they are writing a piece for your website. 

There are a couple of services out there that can match you up with bloggers searching for guest posts. You want to make sure that what you are offering are substantive posts and authentic content, not just more spam..the content needs to be excellent, to the point where the content should be of the “paid for” variety.

It will be very helpful for you to allow it to be visible that you’re accepting guest posts on your website or with a few tweets using hashtags like #guestblogger etc. One of the crucial moments for the prosperous usage of guest posts will be to locate good blogs to post on, websites with a similar niche to your own will be a good place start. If you register for Blogger LinkUp, you’ll get an email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a listing of bloggers who are looking for guest posts in distinct niches. The toughest element of guest blogging is finding the most suitable bloggers.

To put it simply, among the fastest methods to grow a brand new niche website would be to mention other websites with big audiences within your guest post appearances. Mentioning other websites will help to increase your website’s authority by building backlinks.  To understand more about the importance of backlinks and how they will help your website I would strongly suggest that you take a look at

As soon as you’ve solidified your guest blogging strategy you can identify the proper blogs to target. It is important to note that you must not expect instant results from guest blogging. It really can be tough to have well-known bloggers to accept you to write on their website and for them to be willing to write articles for your website. It can very much be a chicken and egg scenario.

While there are a few similarities between the two, guest posting is quite different from article marketing. Guest blogging, in the same way as any other marketing tactic, needs to be strategic. Some bloggers are performing guest blog writing are doing so to merely build backlinks to their own blog, you need to be looking at the bigger picture and looking at future gains by building your audience and not short bursts of traffic. Building solid relationships and friendships with other bloggers can open up a lot of doors. It is often said to have a successful niche website or blog that you require 1000 genuine subscribers / followers to be able to earn a living so think of this when putting any plans together.

Guest posting is a rather strong tool, so if you haven’t used it so far to build up your niche website and to receive backlinks, look at giving it a try, start reaching out to other bloggers but keep it mind that it will take a lot of effort on your part, and expect a lot of no’s before you receive a yes.

There is a very helpful article here on Internet Marketing Ninjas about reaching out to other bloggers.

When you go to write your guest post, you will have to truly understand what your audience wants. If you receive a chance to perform a high-profile guest post, get the most out of it. Take into consideration how you can really find the most useful information in your guest post for that significant blog’s target audience, go as in depth as possible and try and make the content useful to the reader – hopefully, your article will receive a lot of positive comments.

Your audience can select to follow a particular guest author by going to their own author profile on your own blog. 

Major bloggers have large and engaged audiences so it is important to spend time responding to comments once the guest post is fulfilled. We are big fans of guest posting. Still, if you’re worried that Google will crack back on guest blogging, there are a couple things which are possible to do. By really being an excellent guest blogger and adding value to somebody else’s blog, you’re going to create relationships with several other bloggers – you will hopefully over time become an authority figure.

It’s a fantastic way to get in touch with new readers and get your own name out. Guest blogging has developed into a powerful solution to gain exposure. Guest blogging may be an extremely consistent and quick means to construct your email list and relationships with those within your market.

Guest blogging is seen as a comparatively safe way to establish website links and improve a site’s authority. Bloggers compose a massive portion of conversations happening on the web, especially on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – the more RT’s and Likes your article receives makes it a better all round networking experience for everyone involved.



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