If you are interested in building a niche website the first question and without a doubt the hardest question is…what niche can I base my website around?

You can spend countless hours thinking it over, and you will probably waste more time than you actually need to, there are some simple ways to narrow down your choices and we will run through them in this article.

So what is a Niche? Well, niche markets are ideas or concepts that do not have a lot of competition yet, which will also mean that there aren’t many people trying to rank for them with other websites, also known as your competition, but will still have enough of a following and interest around the niche topic and therefore will be able to generate enough traffic to your site to enable you to earn an additional income.

This post will help you learn approaches to locate a niche to get you up and running so you can begin the process of building your website around your chosen niche.


The best solution is to try and find a niche subject that you have a general interest in and then narrow down your choices from there.

Finding your niche market starts with keyword research. You can do this using websites such as This will help you find different keyword variations for your niche market. Look for keywords that have a decent search volume every month, but relatively low to medium competition, this is your niche marketplace. For example, if you are interested in mobile phones you can make a start and create a list around that main topic BUT you then need to dive in deeper and narrow down the niche even further, and the best way to do this is by looking on Amazon and going through the sub categories of each main category to look for niche items.

This video on YouTube from CLJPublishing explains how you can quickly pick a profitable niche on Amazon:


It can really help if you have a passion or can at the very least, start to develop a genuine interest for your chosen niche, get passionate regarding the niche you’re writing about as it’s the major point of finding your niche and establishing your website.  The more passion and knowledge you have about your particular subject the easier it will be to create killer content going forward and building up your sites authority. If you are going to beat your competition then you will need to have lots of great articles published on your website based around your niche, probably at least 100+ articles, which all need to have excellent content to increase your chances of climbing up the rankings in Google.


Once you have scaled down your list even further by delving deep into the Amazon categories, the next step you can take to narrow down your choices even further is by using Long Tail Keywords. What’s a long tail keyword?  Well, if you are interested in creating a website I hope that you have already come across and read up on the phrase “keyword”.

Keywords, are the main words and phrases that your website is based around, this is important in terms of your SEO, excellent keywords published within your articles will help your site when it comes to being a friend of Google, Bing etc. Long Tail Keywords take this important part of website building and then go one step further.

Long Tail Keywords are much more specific than just an average keyword, Long Tail Keywords will get less traffic on the search engines but this what you want, less traffic means that there will be less competition as the majority of people looking to build niche websites will try and go after the more popular search engine phrases, mainly because that approach is the easiest option to pursue, do not be lazy!  As long as there is enough traffic for you to be able to earn a profit then you can start to use your chosen Long Tail Keywords as there will be less competition!

This video from on YouTube shows you how to use Long Tail Keywords to base your website around:


Spencer Haws, the owner of Niche Pursuits , also sells keyword software that you can purchase, Long Tail Pro, this is a great bit of kit that can make choosing your Long Tail Keywords very simple, and will save you a LOT of time.

There is a great article from Matthew Allen from Dumb Passive Income who has explained in great detail about using Long Tail Keywords for your Niche website from his own experiences. You can read the full article here.

Some people might think they’re catering to a niche sector and it turns out to become a broad industry…you really do need to need to invest a lot of time to analyse the long tail keywords and your competition, this is why long-tailed keywords are so important.


Work your niche market to produce a great foundation for success so you may survive when competition does warm up. As previously mentioned above, because you may have started with a wide market you will also be able to target niches inside this marketplace e.g subcategories on Amazon. Do not be surprised for your own industry or market do eventually become saturated, if your site it successful competitors will start to realise and you will face the strong possibility of copy cat sites.

There will always be a very good chance that you will end up with competition against your own niche website, and in the end, it could be possible that earning a profit from your own site will become difficult, make sure you take any experience that you have learnt and then apply it your next niche project.

The degree of competition that may be found determines the very best niche markets to enter, Long Tail Keywords will help dig out a niche with low keyword search phrases through Google, it will involve a lot of hard work on your part to narrow down the choices but do not take the easy route and choose a market that is already over populated with well-known keywords, all though this can be tempting, there’s simply too much competition within the massive markets and it will be extremely difficult for your website to move up the search engine rankings. 


A niche website should offer advice and detailed information through articles and content to the reader’s specific needs and interests,  you really want the articles that you are you publishing to be as detailed and as in depth as possible.

Having in-depth articles based around your Long Tail Keywords will also give you more of an opportunity to establish your website as an authority figure. Articles need to provide answers to your reader’s questions, reviews of products are a great way to do this along with how to guides and best of / top 5 suggestions e.g. Top 5 phone covers for the Apply iPhone.

The idea of supporting the niche market that you are looking to conquer is the requirement to satisfy the readers and enthusiasts of those products, these are the people that actually want your products and solutions to their questions e.g what mobile phone cover is best for my phone?

Niche markets and merchandises may be an effective internet advertising strategy if you’re looking for something you are able to put some work into up front and it’ll keep working for you in the future. Settling upon a topic of your own speciality doesn’t always work for the right niche marketing procedure, just because a product is popular will not mean that your website will success, this is where Long Tail Keywords are so important. Niche marketing is a significant factor in eCommerce. It is a great fit for those that have a tangible product that can be sold on your own website or through affiliate links to Amazon.


Ideally, your chosen niche product will be:


IN A PRICE RANGE OF $ 10 / $ 20  or £ 10 / £ 20

It would be ideal to base your Long Tail Keywords around popular products using a niche with low delivery costs, and very low general price tag and that has decent demand – Amazon rankings will help you determine this. 


Once you have narrowed down you chosen niche, the next step you can take is to look on the internet and try to find websites that are already selling the relevant products via affiliate links, then try to simply make you website better, I know that this sounds easy, it will be difficult to do, but if you find a site that looks poor but is earning money and is ranking well you will stand a great chance of earning an additional income yourself by ranking in the search engines with the same keywords.


If you can spend enough time picking out your niche to base your website around and with a little investment as well, e.g Long Tail Pro,  then you’re on your way to earning an income online. So far as internet niche marketing is concerned, it’s all about building websites to cater to a certain group of people to give you a chance to earn money. 

Niche markets offer an item or service for a certain group of customers that have very particular needs. Niche marketing only works if there’s demand plus a market for the item or service which is being sold, investigate as much possible and then take action and get results.


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