How Long Tail Pro Can Help You

I purchased Long Tail Pro just over two months ago and it has completely changed the way that I now not only write articles and content for this website but also how I now look at growing Money Earning Ideas in general, my mind has been opened!

Sometimes you need to spend some money…

I first came across Long Tail Pro when it was discussed on Niche Pursuits and my first reaction was – as with all the paid for software and online tools that I read about – was “no, I don’t need to pay any money for that, I can just write articles for my website without any help” – I am an idiot…after using Long Tail Pro for a couple of months now I now realise that I DO NEED HELP…why presume that I already know something in a new venture that I know nothing about?

I had no idea how to use the right words to write content for my website, why would I? I was pretty much brand new to creating websites and adding keyword content to them.

I did need help.

And Long Tail Pro has provided that help.




Without using Long Tail Pro I would have continued to just write articles with no basis around the keywords that I was looking to rank for, I would just be writing and writing and writing…who knows how many articles, but would any of them actually ever have ranked high in the search engines? Probably not. I hate to say it, but without using this software most of what I would have been writing would be seen by, well, probably no one.

How would anybody have found my articles if I was on page 20 on Google? They wouldn’t have.

Without using Long Tail Pro, I would have had to try and figure out some way of checking the best keywords for my articles, god knows how many hours that I would have wasted trying to figure it all out…I have already wasted a LOT of hours trawling the internet in search of answers, only to have kept going round in circles with no results as I had no clue as to what I was doing…I had no clue what I should even be looking for!

Now, thanks to Long Tail Pro, keyword research has become really easy, just open up the software, type in some Long Tail Keywords and hit search!


It really is that easy! Your relevant Long Tail Keywords then appear on your screen in a matter of seconds, you can then get all the information that you need in order to write fantastic articles for your website right on the screen in front of you.

How awesome does that sound?




If you new to everything related to SEO (search engine optimised), writing content, using specific keywords etc. then here is a quick run through for you to understand the process better.

Basically, when you are writing content/articles/post’s for your website, you need to focus on a particular keyword(s) for the article to be search engine optimised. Why is this? Well, to be able to rank that article in the search engines, e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. your article needs to rank for specific keywords, there is no point in just writing an article up that you think is “good” when there is so much competition already on the internet, how can your website beat more established websites that are already ranking high on Google etc. when you are a brand new website? Why would Google pick your articles and place them up higher in the rankings over those websites already ranking for the keywords that you are looking to rank for?

It will be extremely hard to beat the competition. But that is where Long Tail Pro comes to the rescue.

With Long Tail Pro you enter Long Tail Keywords into the software, a long tail keyword example would be instead of just writing an article titled “Write An Ebook” you would use more words, so a long tail keyword approach would be “How To Write An Ebook With No Writing Experience”

Why would you do that? Well, a LOT of other websites are already ranking for the typical keyword search, LESS people will be searching for the long tail keyword version but that gives you an opportunity to grab that traffic and direct people to your website via the search engines, if you can do that over a number of articles, say at least 100 articles, you should be able to rank highly for those long tail keywords that you are targeting and get a steady stream of traffic to your website.

And that is a BIG win for you.

This video on YouTube gives you a better idea just how exactly Long Tail Pro works:




Long Tail Pro will provide the help that you require to get your website higher up the search engine rankings to enable you to get that much-needed traffic, the software is not a miracle provider, it does not do everything required for you, remember, you will have to be dedicated and put the effort in to write those killer articles!

So let’s run through just how Long Tail Pro can help you:

  • Easily find those long-tail keywords required to climb the search engine rankings

  • Will save you loads of time – you can now find the long tail keywords that you need in no time at all instead of trawling the internet looking for answers

  • Lets you do keyword research the RIGHT way

  • Lets you find high traffic keywords – but with low competition

  • Long Tail Pro will provide alternative words for you to use if the competition is too tough giving you plenty more ideas and letting you create different, alternative content around your subjects

  • Provide links to your competitions pages in relation to the keywords that you are looking to rank for – see what the competition is doing and then do it better!

  • Pretty much provides the right long tail keywords to base your articles around

  • Provides KC (Keyword competitive scores)  this is very helpful for you to know, for example, if you have a new website you will be looking to rank for KC scores under 25

Not sure what KC scores are about?

KC scores make it so easy for you to choose which keywords to try and rank for, the relevant number is ranked between 1 – 100, the lower the number the easy it is to rank, the higher the number the harder it is to rank for those keywords, this chart on the Long Tail Pro website provides a very simple example on how to use and understand the KC score competitiveness:


long tail pro

This excellent piece of the Long Tail Pro software makes understanding the KC so easy that pretty much everyone can understand which keywords will work and which ones will not work for their articles.



A great WordPress Plugin to use with Long Tail Pro is the excellent “Yoast Seo” – the two combined make some awesome sauce, and the best part is that Yoast Seo is free!

To install the Yoast Seo Plugin on your website, simply click on Plugins on the left-hand side of your back end menu choice:



Next, click on “Add new”


You are then taken to a new page, which shows a search bar, enter the phrase “YOAST SEO” and hit enter.



You will then be given the option to install Yoast SEO, simply click on Install Now


Next, to get the Yoast Seo plugin working, simply click on “Activate Now”


And that’s it, you are all set.

Once installed and ready to use, the next time you go to write a post on your website you will then see a box at the end of the page, this is where you can use the Yoast SEO plugin in conjunction with Long Tail Pro.

So, for example, on this article, my keywords that I am looking to use are “Long Tail Pro”, to use the plugin you need to enter the phrase/words that you are looking to rank for in the box titled FOCUS KEYWORD:


Then as you begin to write your content for the article that you are working on, the Yoast SEO plugin will begin to analyse your post and make suggestions to you so your article will be SEO friendly:


If you still need a bit more help, here is a video from YouTube which should cover everything that you need to know:

Yoast Seo Tutorial 2016 – How To Setup Yoast SEO Plugin – WordPress SEO By Yoast

The Yoast SEO plugin works brilliantly with Long Tail Pro, make sure that you install Yoast SEO to really make the most of the content and articles that you are writing to give yourself an even greater chance of your website climbing up the rankings on Google etc.


Ok, so there is ONE BIG REASON to use Long Tail Pro…You can get a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL!

How do you get the 7-day free trial on Long Tail Pro?

Easy, simply visit the website here, and sign up. You will see the 7-day trial option in the top right-hand side of the screen:


You are automatically then scrolled down the sign-up page to proceed with the option that is best for you if wish to continue using Long Tail Pro after the 7 day free trial period has ended.

With the below options and clicking on this link here you can get a great discount over the standard price!





To proceed, simply click on the option that works best for you, if you do not wish to proceed at the end of the 7 day trial period remember to cancel before your credit card gets charged.



Long Tail recently had a big upgrade, before it only worked on PC or a mac and the software would not work on Chromebooks etc. the good news with the recent upgrade is that now anyone can sign in from any web browser and it work will just fine 🙂

You simply visit the website, sign in with your user name and password and you are all set to go, it really is that easy.

There have also been a few tweaks to the software itself with more options now available for the user, this makes Long Tail Pro even better value for money now than ever.

This video on YouTube gives a quick run through on the cloud version:


So as you can see, the cloud version of Long Tail Pro is super easy to use and will give your content the boost it needs to start ranking.

Long Tail Pro does the ground work, you just need to do the hard work when it comes to creating content.


I hope you are now convinced to sign up to today to start using Long Tail Pro, I wish I had started using the software earlier than I what I have done…I am now ranking for keywords quicker than ever, with more keywords showing up in my Google Search Console on a daily basis, I am also starting to see lots of free organic traffic come to my website on a daily basis.

Sign up today to Long Tail Pro, you will not be disappointed! 

You can sign up to Long Tail Pro here.






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