Five Websites To Help You With Your Niche Website

Starting a Niche Website can be a daunting process, when you are first starting out in any new business venture it can be really tough with all the overwhelming information that you are advised to consume…it can in fact become a bit of a nightmare, you end up reading and reading and reading and never actually end up putting any of your intended plans into action. And guess what ? If you never take any actions, you never get any results, funny that…Yes, you do need to do as much research as possible but most importantly you must TAKE ACTIONS TO GET RESULTS.

Doing nothing, will simply lead to, well, nothing…

It is far too easy to simply put yourself off from ever actually starting your new idea, you then get stuck in a rut with information overload and at times you can start to convince yourself to not even begin the process, any excuse that you come up with in your mind seems to put a stop on taking any action.

Do not let yourself fall into this trap. It is better to try and fail then to have never tried at all. We have a whole section dedicated to earning money from websites here and an in-depth article here to help get you started.

How will your life change for the better if you never actually try and change anything?



So you have read everything over and over and over again, only to then put a stop on ever starting. Let’s run through some of the reasons that you will probably come up with to convince yourself not to start a niche website.


Excuse – No previous experience

Counter Argument – Nobody ever has previous experience in anything until they take their first step and actually start doing something. Did you ever have any previous experience in your current job before you first started in the industry that you are now in? No.  Whatever it is that you do in life, you will start off with no experience. Make a start, gain knowledge and then you will gain experience.


Excuse – No money

Counter Argument – Ok, this can be a tough one to argue you with if you are completely broke….but, starting a niche website does not really require a huge investment of money, you can really bootstrap your website, there are lots of free WordPress themes available to choose and really cheap hosting plans to choose from (Bluehost have a very cheap plan which you can read about here) and you can write as many articles as required yourself through using free keyword tools such as SEM rush. You can make a website on a budget, you just then need to be super creative to stand out from the crowd. Your biggest investment will always be the time you that you spend on creating and adding content to the site.


Excuse – No time

Counter Argument – Make time! Do you find yourself watching TV on a nighttime? If yes, then you have time. Make time for your new project by cutting back on anything that you deem a time waster, browsing the web, looking on Facebook, watching TV, laying on your sofa doing nothing…it is, of course, important to relax but if you find yourself wasting time then you will have enough time to start a new niche website.


Excuse – What if it goes wrong?

Counter Argument – Who cares! Nobody will care if your new niche website project goes wrong, and neither should you. If the project does indeed go wrong simply look at WHY it has gone wrong, learn from the experience, dust yourself down and start again. And guess what? You now have some experience as well!


Excuse – It just won’t work!

Counter Argument – On that basis and thought pattern let’s just do nothing then…but he is the other side of the coin, what happens if it does work? What happens if you do actually start to make money from your niche website idea? And as a passive income on a regular basis! How good a feeling will that generate for you! IT WILL BE AWESOME! And we all like feeling awesome. So take a chance on beginning an idea that might just work for you.


Excuse – There is no way I can work everything out that needs doing!

Counter Argument – To understand how any process works you just need two things in your life – time and patience. Time to discover and research information and patience to shift through it all and understand if fully. Allow yourself those two important words to be the backbone of your life and before you know it you will be understanding the entire process on how to create a niche website for yourself.


So, knock any excuses out of your head and get to work on creating ideas for your niche website – the quicker you start the quicker you will gain knowledge, experience and hopefully in the long term, success will come to you.



To try and help save you a LOT of time, I have put together a list of 5 awesome websites that can help with you getting started on your own niche website. There is SO MUCH information on these sites, please spend plenty time going the articles on each site and take as many notes as you can, get a highlighter for the important “sticky notes” and also be sure to watch some of the amazing videos available as well, Niche Pursuits as some excellent videos for you to watch with some real golden information being presented.



Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 21.25.33


Niche Pursuits has always been my go-to place when it comes to finding out information about starting a Niche Website. You can literally find every part of the process involved in creating and starting a niche website on Niche Pursuits.

In my opinion, it is “The Godfather” of the niche resource websites, Spencer, the owner of the site is always putting together amazing pieces of content for his readers. A great piece of software that Spencer has created that can really help you out is called Long Tail Pro, I have recently purchased this software and it has really helped me hone in on my keyword selection which is helping me rank my keywords and website much quicker than I could have accomplished on my own, instead of just producing articles around certain topics etc. I am focusing on incorporating the long tail keywords in to those articles, the results have been much quicker than I expected.

Importantly, you will also find great examples of case studies on the Niche Pursuits webiste, currently they are up to project number 3, where Spencer has selected 3 students with little previous experience, Spencer and his team are showing the students how to start a niche website from scratch using varuous ideas built around long tail keywords, guest posts, back linking etc. This information is so helpful to someone starting out with zero experience.

You will find pretty much every piece of informaiton require to start your own niche webiste on Niche Pusuits.

You can visit Niche Pursuits here.



Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 21.27.46


If you like to read blogs and have even a vague interest in the potential to earn yourself a passive income, I am guessing that you have heard of Pat Flynn?  If not, check out Pat’s website  and look in the top right hand corner of his site to see his montly earnings…it normally shows a massive figure of over $100,000 in monthly earngins.

MIND BLOWN!  That is a huge amount of revenue to earn each month, but you know what? Pat has worked his socks off to earn that kind of money every month.

In the early days of Pat’s website he showcased a few case studies for his own niche websites that he had created, one was part of a dual website battle with a friend of his to see who could rank the quickest, well, the niche site that Pat created one the battle and is still going strong today – , you read the detailed article here in reference to how the site was built etc.

Pat provdies great articles on a regular basis which are packed full of free information around building your own internet business, alongside his excellent podcast, Pat also has also created lots of useful YouTube videos to help you out and has published two best-selling books.  Dude knows his stuff.

You can visit Pat’s site here.



Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 21.29.19


Sean Ogle from Location Rebel has built a great community around his website, he has a brillant begginers guide on his site showing the exact steps that you need to take so you can create your own internet lifestyle. Location Rebel also has a built in marketplace category with an entire section dedicated to courses, guides and products to help get you started.

Location Rebel has featured on some huge sites such as Forbes, BBC and Entrepreneur. You need to have some authority about what you are writing about to be featured on these types of sites!

You will find a tonne of useful information on Location Rebel along with plenty of videos on YouTube that Sean has also put together to help out his readers.

You can visit Location Rebel here




Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 21.31.38


Mike from Niche Site Azon has done a great job in showing you the exact steps that you need to take to create your own niche website.

Why should you listen to Mike? Because he has made over $ 32,000 during the last 12 months with his own Amazon niche websites, that should be enough for you to take note, you can read the detailed article about Mike’s success here.

How I Made $32,000 in 12 Months with Amazon Niche Sites (And Why They Still Work)

Make sure you read through the tonnes of great content that Mike has shared on Niche Site Azon and also be sure to sign up to his email list, he has some excellent proven niche site tips to share with you.

You can visit Niche Site Azon here.



Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 21.34.51


I am big fan of Shout Me Loud, labelled as “The Blog For Bloggers”, the man behind the site, Harsh Agrawal has put together lots of amazing in depth articles for you to read to help you on your niche site journey. Lots of people are now following the advise that Harsh is providing, in fact over 800,000 people for him across social media!

Along with all the free content that Harsh provides he also has a paid for section, this section features some brilliant ebooks that you can download and then browse through at convenient times along with links to WordPress themes that can help you get your niche website looking just how you are planning it in your minds eye along with awesome deals on hosting plans.

You can visit Shout Me Loud Here.




Hopefully these five websites can help you find the majority of the information that you require to get your niche website business up and running. Remember, the process of starting a niche is not a get rich quick scheme, it will take a lot of time and effort on your part to see results, so think of the process as more of a marathon as opposed to a sprint and you need to think of your business plan as a long term goal instead of an overnight success.

The research needs to be in depth, the content needs to be really good and the long tail keywords need to be well thought out, be consistent with writing posts and articles to give yourself the best chance of making a success of your website, learn from your mistakes and most importantly do not give up.






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