How To Purchase a Domain Name for your Niche Website

You have thought of a killer idea for your niche website and now you need to think of an even more killer domain name…I guarantee you will be racking your brain for a day or two, perhaps even a week trying to think of the best domain name possible, the problem is that so many great domain names have already been snapped up and you will, therefore, need to be really inventive to make sure that your new domain name will stand out and be memorable.

As soon as you’ve settled which the niche marketplace that you wish to pursue, you should then do keyword research to find what will be the most applicable and most relevant name to your website. It is important to be aware of the whole procedure for buying domain names. If you are new to web development and niche websites, it is a good idea to purchase your domain from your web hosting company, most companies do an all in one package and typically offer domain names at a very cheap price if you purchase hosting at the same time, sometimes for as little as 0.99p or 0.99 cents.

In addition, renewing your domain name registered for at least one year at one time can enable the reputation of your site, in the eyes of the various search engines, the longer term that you purchase your domain for the better, this will give the impression that you are looking to build up your website over the long term giving yourself a greater chance of building up an authority site.

Domain names which are easy to spell and straightforward will provide you with a great base for you to build your niche website around and supply a good chance to draw traffic in enhancing your chances of earning an additional income, do not try and over complicate your domain name, the harder it is to spell or remember the less likely people will visit your site.

Domain Names – What are they?

Domain names function on the net in a fashion like a physical address within the physical world. A domain name may be the user-friendly form of the webpage’s phone number, an exceptional sequence, known as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, that’s assigned to every computer on the Internet. More than one domain name may be mapped to the exact same online address by redirection from a previous website or a linked site owned by the current owner, for example if you owned a website previously with high traffic you can re-direct that particular website name across to your new domain name.

And there is some help out there for you! This link can help narrow your domain name choices down for you:

Simply enter your keywords into the box at the top of the page and the tool will bring up a ton of suggestions for you:


Choosing a domain name does not need to be complicated but there are a couple of things you should remember. It is generally advisable to stick to domain names containing only a couple of words, too long and you give individuals a greater chance of misspelling the site name and being re-directed to another site.

We recommend not going over 15 characters/letters.

There are various ways to purchase and sell domain names through various internet hosting companies such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.

We recommend checking out Bluehost for your domain name and hosting requirements:

Here is a great video on YouTube that gives you some suggestions to help you choose your domain name:

Bluehost have an easy to use tool where you can search for your preferred domain name , enter the keywords you desire, choose your preference of ending e.g  .com and then click on check availability:



The best domain names tend to work well due to the fact that the name chosen is uncomplicated to remember or at the very least catchy and easy to recall.


In addition, when you purchase a domain name, look to make the purchase and registration for more than one year, this can enhance the reputation of your site, in the eyes of the various search engines.


If you are determined to purchase a particular domain that has already been purchased and perhaps you have deep pockets then auctions are a good approach to try and buy the high profile domain names that you desire. Domains can be an investment as well and could also be a great income earning idea. If you know you have a great domain on your hands, then you’re likely to create fantastic profit by selling it a later date in the future if choose to do so.

Domain Name Information – Private or Anonymous ?

You can keep ownership of your Domain private if you wish, you do not have to be shown as the legal owner on any documents, it is easy to find the owner of any website if they have chosen to make the record public through the Whois website. Irrespective of what DNS information you are checking for, WhoIs can allow you to identify anything linked to domain names efficiently. There’s a tension between the necessity to permit some parties anonymity so as to guard their right to free speech along with the need for trademark holders in order to get hold of domain name owners in the event of a dispute. 

When a domain is registered with certain WHOIS information, the information cannot be edited in the future. You may have genuine reasons for keeping the ownership of your domain name private, I personally think that it is better to keep the records public to help build up your reputation if your website is successful, it is then a lot easier to prove that you are the owner of the website with a quick screen shot if someone is looking to purchase the site from you at a later date or if you looking to approach other website owners to write guest articles for you etc.

What is the best domain ending for you? 

There are various endings to websites that you can choose from you, for example, the most common endings currently are  .co .org. com .biz

It is still debated if the website suffixes plays a part in SEO (search engines showing your website when someone is using a keywords on Google for example) , a majority of people still say that .com would be your best option followed by the other most well known and recognised names, but there is no actual proof that this is the case and with a lot of domain endings now for sale in various formats there is a greater chance that the landscape will start to change when search engines are doing their jobs when pulling up results.

There is a great thread on Reddit here which debates on what suffixes ranks better.

There recently have been a lot more domain endings that have been made available to purchase such as .london .estate etc so you can really be more specific to your particular niche website business.

There is pretty much an ending to fit every niche website, the list available is now huge, you can get a quick idea with this screenshot from GoDaddy:

Screenshot 2016-09-22 at 08.29.57

Depending on what type of business you are establishing could lead the way for the domain name ending that you purchase, for example, if your niche website is more liking to a local business you could choose the , if you are establishing a business community website you could go for .biz or if you are looking to establish a worldwide brand name then .com would be better suited for you.

You can read a more in depth article here with arguments for and against your chosen suffixes.

A domain name is a key portion of your website’s internet presence. Selecting a domain name is an important step to getting a thriving internet presence. In theory, it is simple. In theory, picking a domain name is a basic task with just a few simple clicks, in reality picking a name best suited to your site can be time consuming and a difficult task, just spend a bit of time with a pen and a pad and think in detail about the audience that you are trying to target, get input from friends and social media followers if required and narrow your choices down, just remember to keep the name simple and easy to remember, the hard work then begins around building your site up and creating great content, a niche website is a great income earning idea.



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