Use Affiliate Links to Earn Money

The internet has become a viable source for earning money these days. One can easily gain a good deal of cash on the internet through creating their 0wn website. Niche websites are the most successful when it comes to earning money. A niche website is one that focuses on a single industry, you then build the entire website around your chosen topic.

An example of a niche website could be one that is based around shaving, you can then review shaving products, razors, shaving cream etc.

Such websites are easily indexed by Search Engines like Google and Bing and therefore have a better chance of attracting more visitors, thus increasing their earning potential. The financial returns of a niche website can be greatly enhanced by using affiliate programs introduced by websites such as Amazon or hosting websites.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping websites on the internet. The site sells millions of products each year and you can get a share of the profit from the sale of these products by making use of the Amazon affiliate program.

The affiliate program of Amazon is a wonderful opportunity for niche website owners to increase their earnings through their websites. All one needs to do is to insert text links on their website to the product page on Amazon. Now, when someone clicks on this link and buys the product from Amazon, you will get a share of the sale in the form of a commission.

You can sign up to create an Amazon affiliate account here

How to Earn Money Using Amazon Affiliate Links

Earning money using the Amazon affiliate links is not that difficult. You just need to have a niche website and you can easily earn money by posting Amazon affiliate links of products related to your website’s niche. For instance, if your website is about photography then you can write posts about popular cameras and include Amazon affiliate links of those cameras in those posts. Whenever someone clicks on those links, they would be directed to the product page of that camera on Amazon. Now, if one of those persons purchases the camera from Amazon then you will earn a commission for referring the customer.

How Much Can You Earn Using Amazon Affiliate Links

The Amazon affiliate links provide you the chance to earn a good deal of money. The commission rate starts at 4% and can rise to 8.5% depending on the number of sales that you help complete. Simply put, the more customers you refer to Amazon and the more products that you help sell, the more money you will earn. In addition to this, you will be able to earn a higher rate of commission if you are able to facilitate sales of products belongings to categories like Game Downloads, Instant Video, MP3 Downloads and electronics. So, you can earn a very high sum of money from Amazon affiliate links provided you are able to refer a good number of customers to Amazon.

You will also earn money from any additional products that the potential consumer purchases from Amazon once they have clicked on your affiliate link, so the more items they end up putting in their basket the better, it does not even matter if they do not purchase the item that the link has sent them to, as long the consumer makes a purchase you will earn some revenue.

Tips for Earning Money Using Amazon Affiliate Links

The following are some helpful tips that you can use for earning money using Amazon affiliate links.

    • Always choose Amazon affiliate links of products that are related to your website’s niche. This way, you will be able to direct quality leads to Amazon who are actually going to make a purchase.
    • Try to promote low to medium-priced products on your website using Amazon affiliate links. Products that aren’t too highly priced are easily sold and customers don’t think twice before purchasing them.
    • Don’t use widgets or banners for posting Amazon affiliate links on your website. These are the least effective promotion methods which are rarely clicked by visitors. Text links are the most effective means of referring a customer to Amazon. So, always use text links for promoting Amazon products on your website.
    • Keep updating the content of your website and use the text links in an intelligent manner. The customer must not think that you are trying to sell the product. You should try to facilitate the customer in deciding which product he should buy. So, it is best to write posts in which you compare different products, thus making it easier for the customer to decide which product is best for him.

A great book that is available to get your site up and running can be purchased from the Kindle store on Amazon , titled  “AMAZON AFFILIATE NICHE SITES” 


You can also earn money referring hosting companies and there are loads of opportunities available, for this instance we will take a look at Hostgator.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator is among the most popular website hosting providers in the market at the moment. They offer unlimited hosting and excellent customer support. This is the reason why most people prefer using Hostgator for hosting their websites.

Hostgator has started an affiliate program wherein you can earn a commission by referring customers to Hostgator. You can refer people by posting Hostgator affiliate links on your website. The more people that buy website hosting plans of Hostgator after clicking the affiliate link posted on your site, the more commission you are going to earn. 

How to Earn Money Using Hostgator Affiliate Links

Earning money using Hostgator affiliate links isn’t too much of a problem. All you need to have is a website on which you can post Hostgator affiliate links. There are a number of options available to you when it comes to generating Hostgator affiliate links. You can choose to have the links in the form of a widget or a banner. These are among the easiest means of generating Hostgator affiliate links. Whenever a visitor on your website clicks on these links, he will be directed to the Hostgator website. If that person purchases a web hosting plan of Hostgator then you are going to receive a commission of $50. This commission is going to keep on increasing if you are able to refer more customers to Hostgator.

How Much Can You Earn Using Hostgator Affiliate Links

There is no limit to how much you can earn using Hostgator affiliate links. The more customers you are able to refer to Hostgator, the more money you will earn. For instance, if you are able to send 21 customers to Hostgator within a month who sign up for one of their web hosting plans then you will get $125 for each sign up. This means that you will get a sum total of $2,625 from Hostgator in a single month.

You can sign up to Hostgator here

So, you see, using affiliate links of websites like Amazon and Hostgator can greatly increase your earning through your website, building niche websites around one particular topic, subject or product provides a great way to potentially earn revenue on a passive income basis.


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