Earn Money by Creating Courses on Udemy

Internet has become a go to means for people to earn money. The reason for this is that people nowadays are fascinated by the idea of earning money from home. By using the internet, one can easily earn a living without having to set foot outside his home. There are a number of ways through which a person can earn money from the internet. You can create a website, make your own e-shop or even make use of affiliate programs offered by companies like Hostgator or Amazon. However, if you plan on earning money by using your expertise then creating courses on Udemy is an excellent money-making idea.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning marketplace where you can find educational courses on all kinds of subjects. From photography to Yoga to website design, you can find a course for everything on Udemy. Each course is taught by an expert instructor who himself has created the course. Udemy hosts the courses created by thousands of instructors from the world over. The website does not charge anything for hosting the course. This means that you can host as many courses as you want on Udemy without having to pay a single cent. The price of the course is determined by Udemy and can range from $20 to $50.

How to Earn Money from Udemy?

Since hosting courses on Udemy does not cost anything, a person with expertise in any field can opt to create a course and host it on this website. Students interested in your course will then enroll themselves for your course on Udemy after paying the fee of the course. Udemy has a revenue system which dictates that if the students enroll using instructor coupons, the instructor gets to keep 97% of the revenue share. However, if the students enroll without using the instructor coupons then the website gets 50% of the revenue while the remaining 50% goes to the instructor. So, the more students you are able to attract, the more money you stand to make.

How to Create a Course

Before you can start earning money on Udemy, you first have to create your course. The following are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to come up with your very own course.

  • Course Outline

The first step is to create a course outline and decide the topic for your course. It is always best to stick to what you know best and create a course on the topic that you know you can teach without difficulty. After deciding the topic of the course, you need to decide the audience for your course. Ask yourself whether you want to teach beginners or advanced learners. After this, you will have to come up with a structure for the course. Make sure that the course is well thought out and is divided into a series of lessons as it would help you in teaching the course.

  • Format of the Course

The second step when creating an online course is to decide the format of the course. Udemy allows instructors to teach the students in 6 different formats, video, text, document, audio, presentation and mashup. While text is the easiest course formats to create, it isn’t that much engaging and won’t attract too many students. Mashup which is a combination of both presentation and videos is a far more interesting and engaging course format which will help you in getting the attention of a large number of students. Therefore, it is best for you to choose mashup as the format of your course.

  • Course Content

The third step is to create the content of the course. Since most of your mashup course will be in the form of a video, you will have to create videos that are visually pleasing. Udemy only allows mashup courses that have videos recorded in 720p HD, so you will have to shoot all of your videos using a high quality camera. You will also have to make use of video editing and screen recording software to edit your videos too. Camtasia is one of best software packages available in the market that can help you in recording your screen and editing your videos with consummate ease.

How to Promote Your Course

Merely creating a course and hosting it on Udemy is not enough. You will need to promote your course as well if you want students to enroll using your instructor coupons which can earn you a higher percentage of the revenue. The following are some tips that can help you in promoting your course.

  • Promo Video

A promo video is a nice way for you to promote your course. This video can be uploaded on Udemy and can also be shared on other websites for promotion purposes. Make sure that the promo video is not too long. Keep it short and precise. Try to highlight the main points that you will be covering in the course as well as the benefits that this course have to offer the students.

  • Social Media

Social media networks are one of the best places for you to promote your course. Instructors who have a good following on social media stand to attract a greater number of students. Make sure that you post regularly on your social media pages about your course. Share the promo video that you have made for your course on your social media profiles too. This will help you in getting the attention of a number of students who might not have heard about Udemy.

  • Discounts

Offering discounts on instructor coupons is another excellent promotion strategy that you can use. Students are more likely to enroll for a course using the instructor coupon if they stand to get a discount on it. The discount doesn’t have to that much either. A discount of a few dollars will be more than enough.

So, if you have expertise in any field and are interested in teaching then you can easily earn a good deal of money by creating a course on Udemy.



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