Sell Your Expertise on Sites Such as Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr

This is the age of the internet and internet has surely changed the dynamics of our lives completely. It has brought with it endless opportunities and has introduced unconventional ways of earning money. There are a number of ways now available to earn money while sitting at your home. Freelancing is one such way where you connect with employers from all around the world and offer your expertise in a particular field. The interaction and the exchange of work is all done online and therefore, there is no hassle of keeping to a very tight schedule, of dressing up properly and of actually moving out of your bed.

Select Your Area of Expertise

Before you enter any freelancing website and look to earn money through these websites either as a full-time endeavor or as a part-time option, it’s important that you mark out the areas where you would be able to excel as a freelancer. From writing to coding and from website designing to data entry, the choices are unlimited. Try to select a couple of areas where you would be able to excel. Its best to choose an area which matches your academic qualification but it’s not necessary to limit yourself to that. For instance, if you are an engineer by profession, it doesn’t mean that you only look for education related jobs. You can try your hand at technical writing, virtual assistance etc as well. Once you have decided your areas of expertise, it’s time to move on to setting up profiles on freelance websites.

Freelancing Websites and How They Work

There are a number of good websites available that facilitate freelancing and help employers connect with all kinds of freelancers from all around the world. This guide focuses on three websites namely Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. Freelancer and Upwork are very similar in their design and work in a similar manner. Employers post projects on these websites and you have to bid on these projects with the amount that you would charge for completing a given project. If the employer feels that your skill matches the requirements, the employer would seal the deal and proceed to working with you. This is normally the modus operandi of most freelancing websites online. Fiverr is slightly different since it gives you the mantle to post jobs that you will be able to complete along with the amount you would charge for them. Employers get in touch if they like what you have to offer and then select the job they would like you to perform.

Tips for Selling Your Services on Freelancer and Upwork

Upwork and Freelancer are the two giants of the freelancing industry these days with both online platforms offering plenty of opportunities for freelancers from all around the world to monetize their skills and to work from the comfort of their homes.

Finding success on Freelancer and Upwork isn’t exactly easy as there are freelancers from all around the world competing for jobs and projects. With so much competition, you would have to sell your services well in order to convince employers to pick you amongst a large pool of candidates. Starting off on these websites is the toughest bit since employers tend to pick candidates who already have glowing reviews. However, by following these tips, you can ensure that your skill shines through and people trust you with jobs from the go so that you can establish yourself on Upwork and Freelancer.

  • Create an Impressive Profile

When you work online, you need to give an impression that you are an actual person who has a life of his own. It’s important to convince employers that they are working with an actual individual rather than a shady company operating in some remote region of the world. An impressive profile is a must for this purpose. From a fine headshot that is neither overtly professional nor too casual to an exquisite bio that focuses on your skill set but also touches a bit on your background would work best.

  • Create a Solid Portfolio and Write a Strong Proposal

As already stated, you must know what you want to do before you join these websites. There is work available in each niche but it’s important that you choose the niche where your expertise lies. Once you have done that, go on and create a solid portfolio. For instance, if you want to focus on article writing, make sure that you have online proof of your writing skills. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, it’s a good idea to write up four to five articles on the topics you like and to then post them as guest blogger on prominent blogs or websites for free. This would give you a solid portfolio which would be able to help convince any employer of your ability as a writer.

Once you have built a strong portfolio, you should move on to writing a standard proposal which you can post on most projects. This should only serve as a template which should be changed according to the requirements of the project. However, writing a convincing template is important as you would need to bid on a number of projects everyday in order to stand a chance of convincing a couple of employers to trust you with valuable work. The proposal should cut to the chase right away since nobody has the time to read long winded proposals. Simply introduce yourself in a couple of lines and then move on to why you would be the best candidate. Afterwards, simply lay out your portfolio in the proposal and put as many relevant online links to your work here as possible.

  • Build Feedback

Feedback is important if you want to get high value projects as nobody is going to trust a user with no reviews on a critical project. You can build feedback by taking up smaller projects and actually offering employers to do a couple of small jobs for free in return for a five-star feedback. You can even do some jobs for a lesser rate than normal in order to establish yourself. You may think that this is a cheap way but it’s the best route to establishing yourself on Freelancer and Upwork.

You can sign up to Freelance here 

You can sign up to Upwork here

Tips for Selling Your Services on Fiverr

Fiverr offers a different opportunity for freelancers as it’s your job to come up with the work that you can do. Building a strong profile and having good feedback is important here as well so the same tips apply here for Fiverr. Other tips to help you succeed on Fiverr include:

  • Create Gigs that can be Done Very Quickly

People end up offering tasks that take up a lot of time for $5 and this is a big mistake. If it takes you half an hour to write one 300 word blog post and you offer to do 2 blog posts for $5, you would be earning $4 per hour (Fiverr deducts 20% as their fee). So, offer tasks that can be done within a 10-20 minute time span. If you are good at photo editing then offer simple editing of five photos or if you are good at meme creation, offer to make five viral memes. Try to create more gigs to begin with and then see which gig gains the most attraction. Try to minimize your time in finishing that gig so as to maximize your earnings.

  • Create Multiple iterations of a Popular Gig

People search for gigs on Fiverr and therefore, it’s important that you create multiple iterations of your best gig. If five Facebook posts is your best gig, make sure that you draft a number of differently worded gigs that basically offer the creation of five Facebook posts.

  • Don’t Hesitate in Offer Custom Offers

Some people don’t need the exact gig you are offering and would contact you to know if you can change your offer according to their requirements. This happens a lot on Fiverr and therefore, you must check your account everyday so that you can look into such requests right away. Don’t be afraid to change your offer to suit the client’s requirement as that would only help you in getting better reviews.

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