Earn Money By Building Niche Websites

Earn Money By Building Niche Websites

We have all thought about turning our internet addiction into a profitable proposition. If you are an internet addict, have a flair for writing and understand how to monetize a website, you would be best suited to create niche websites.

Niche websites are considered a great way to earn a passive income as once you establish them there is no need to regularly update them every day. Your work at the start may be huge but if you will get the groundwork correct, you would have a steady passive source of income on your hands for some time to come.

Earning money whilst you sleep…that’s the dream!

What are Niche Websites?

Before starting off with building a niche website to try and earn money online, it’s important to understand the concept of a niche website. A niche website basically focuses on one aspect of a field or one product out of a range of products. Unlike over-arching websites that cover a wide range of topics, a niche website focuses on a small topic only. The idea behind niche websites is to attract users who are interested in a certain topic and then to convert the dedicated traffic into customers which would bring revenue. For instance, a health website would cover most topics related to health and therefore, the traffic it would receive would be very diverse. However, if you focus on hair loss and hair growth, you would get targeted traffic which would be easy to convert.

How Do Niche Websites Earn Money?

A niche website can earn primarily in two ways:

  • Ads

Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks are all ad programs that put up ads on your website and reward you whenever a user clicks on those ads.

  • Affiliate Links

Affiliate links or referrals work by rewarding you whenever your affiliate makes a sale after the user was redirected from your website. For instance, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and LinkShare offer great affiliate programs.

A combination of the two always works well though you must understand that you need to make a distinction between an affiliate marketing website and a topic-centered website. If you want to focus on selling a particular product in a certain niche, you would then have to solely focus on that product. This can work especially well if the product gets updated time and again and the affiliate program offered for selling it is lucrative. Otherwise, it’s best to have a topic centric approach and then to promote relevant affiliate products time and again so as to give yourself a good chance of banking a commission with an affiliate product sale.

Steps to Building and Monetizing Niche Websites

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create niche websites and how to ensure that they become a solid source of passive income every month.

Step #1: Brainstorm for Niche Website Ideas

There is no doubt that the idea behind the website would have a major bearing on whether your website would succeed or not. If you will pick the right topic and focus on it well, you would have the recipe to succeed. The best way to go about selecting a niche website idea is to first write down the first few topics that come into your mind. It is important to focus on areas which interest you the most as you would find it easier to stay in touch with the advancements in your niche and would therefore, be better placed to create relevant content for your website.

Some ideas that come to mind pretty quickly are:

  • Automated tennis ball machines
  • Cricket balls
  • Winter headphones and gloves
  • iPad stylus
  • photo editing software
  • home improvement techniques

These are just a few ideas. You can easily think of hundred such ideas on your own. Once you have listed down a lot of ideas, select a few based on the following points:

  • The niche has a variety of products and talking points
  • There are good affiliate programs for products in the niche
  • The products are high price and low volume
  • Will you be able to write over 100 articles on the niche topic

If the topic covers products which have good affiliate programs, are highly priced and the competition in the market for selling these products is less, you would have a clear winner on your hand. It’s important to select a topic where you can have a diverse approach and don’t put all your eggs in one product’s basket. Only confirm a topic once you see that there are good products to sell in the niche, there are people interested in those products and you would be able to gain enough knowledge to create a number of high quality posts on the topic and the relevant products.

Step#2: Create Your Niche Websites

This step is crucial as the look and feel of your website would have an impact on the traffic driven to your website. Without a proper layout and a solid design, internet users won’t stick around. Rather than going for a free website builder, look to create WordPress websites and use professional themes to give them an elegant touch. Make sure that you add a couple of SEO plug-ins from the get go as well so that you don’t overlook some basic SEO stuff.

Step#3: Create Well-Researched Content that Focuses on Specific Keywords and Products within Your Niche

Content is king in this day and age and if you won’t produce quality content, the chances of success would stay low. You should firstly identify the topics that you think are most relevant to your selected niche. Afterwards, search on Google Adwords for relevant keywords and identify the keywords that the posts should revolve around. Make sure to create more posts on keywords with a higher search volume as these would be the keywords that would drive the most traffic to your website. It’s important to also think about products from the get go and you should do your research on relevant products right from the start so that you can place them intelligently within your website’s content. Focus on creating lists as this would allow you to cover more products and would capture the attention of the users for a longer time span as well.

Step#4: Monetize Your Niche Website Via Ad and Affiliate Programs

This is something that should go side-by-side with content creation. Sign up on Google Adsense, Chitika and other ad programs. It’s not necessary to allow each ad program to display ads on your website. Look at the CTR and CPC rates of the ads offered by each program for your particular niche and then decide. Similarly, sign up for different affiliate programs and then focus on those programs which offer greater profits for products relevant to your niche.

Step#5: Launch Your Own SEO Campaign and Setup Social Media Accounts

Search-engines would be your bread and butter as they would be responsible for diverting traffic to your website day in and day out. For a passive source of income, it’s necessary that you tackle SEO very well. Niche websites have the advantage that they are highly ranked by Google for relevant keywords anyways. However, you must give Google assurances that your website is an authentic source. For this purpose, two things are essential.

  • Link Building

Link building is a very useful technique to earn your website authority. However, rather than outsourcing link building to a third-party which would most probably get you spam links, its best that you utilize guest blogging and article directories for getting your website back-links.

  • Social Media marketing

Social media has become a good gauge for Google to see if a website has the content people crave. Therefore, you must setup social media accounts and continuously update them so that your website gets popular on social media and gets top rankings on Google for relevant keywords as a result!

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