Uber Driver? You Need Roadside Car Assistance

If you are looking to become an Uber Driver, it is very important that you have an emergency roadside assistance plan set up in case your vehicle breaks down or you need a tyre change etc. Your vehicle is your office and your work tools all in one, so you need to take good care of it. If you can’t drive your car then you are not able to earn an additional income.

No car = No extra money.

Not good!

If you want to earn an additional income you need your vehicle to be working at full capacity at all times.


Every roadside assistance company offers different plans with tonnes of different options, of course, the more money you pay the more coverage you should be entitled to. Some plans might include roadside assistance, coverage for defective components and workmanship, along with coverage for virtually any factory recommended maintenance.

It is important to do research on the different roadside assistance plans available and then make some comparisons based on what you kind of service you will be receiving for your financial outlay.

You ought to pick a roadside assistance program based on the following :

A Great Response Time

You want to make sure that you are not stranded for a long time and that you receive a prompt call out to help you as quickly as possible. It is not great being stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere…

Nationwide Cover

You do not want a breakdown cover that is restricted to a certain mileage, you could be going way out of the city limits on your travels so you need to have peace of mind when going on a long journey.

Start At Home Cover

Broken down on your own driveway? Yeah, you will want cover for that, how else are you getting your vehicle to the garage to get repaired?

Onward Destination Cover

If you breakdown on an important drive or need to get home, you need onward destination cover, no point in having your car towed to a garage in the middle of nowhere…how are you getting back home?

Driver Cover 

Some breakdown policies cover the driver and NOT the car, this is a much better option for you so you are the not restricted to the vehicle that you are driving.

While many roadside assistance programs offer comprehensive packages, it doesn’t guarantee the drivers will have the ability to rent cars or that the vehicle will be fixed immediately. Some plans might include roadside assistance, coverage for defective components and workmanship, along with coverage for virtually any factory recommended maintenance. That’s why this is a good idea to take necessary precautions for one’s safety to decide on a roadside assistance program.

There are many firms on the market that supply roadside assistance, however, it’s important to pick the correct option for your own requirements. Aside from the normal emergency roadside solutions, many providers also provide additional benefits like travel discounts on flights and vehicle rentals. Then check the costs involved alongside roadside assistance packages provided by the several firms.

This video from YouTube runs through more options why you need roadside assistance:

Pay attention to the minute details when signing up with a roadside recovery company, sometimes the small details will show a lot of big exclusions which you could fall foul off at a later date when you need assistance.


Regular routine checks and service of your vehicle of your vehicle can help you to avoid any breakdown problems, initial outlays can seem a lot but can then seem like a minor cost instead of having to hundreds of pounds or dollars to have your car fixed by a garage.


No, not just to earn an extra income…what is the actual point of your role? To get your passenger to their destination, so if you do breakdown make sure the next thing you do after calling for roadside assistance is to arrange for your passenger to be collected and then taken to their destination ASAP, yes you might lose a little bit of money but if you were the passenger how would you feel? You would want to get moving asap and not sit in a broken-down car all night, and if you can arrange a quick pick up with another Uber driver then your client could still leave you a positive feedback comment, and it’s good human nature to be caring.


Paying out for roadside assistance can easily pay for itself if you have a problem and when you are driving on a daily basis it will only be a matter of time before you need some help….IT WILL HAPPEN, it will be the law of average, so, if you are an Uber driver, make sure that you have roadside assistance and breakdown cover in place.


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