How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers

Looking to drive for Uber? Then you will need to know How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers. If you decide to take the leap of faith and become an Uber or Lyft driver, it is inevitable that you will encounter difficult passengers from time to time, it will become part of the job, especially on night time drives…drunk passengers do like to talk, and you will no doubt be collecting passengers from bars and clubs…but do not let this put you off, there are ways that you can deal with any rowdy behaviour in a professional manner.

It is advisable that you deal with difficult passengers in an efficient way so that you do not receive any poor ratings in your driver reviews as this will go against you in your Uber career, if you are looking to earn an extra income you will always need to be on your best behaviour and to ensure that you act as professional as possible at all times.

Drink driving is a huge problem in most major cities, so a substantial benefit to everyone is when folks book an Uber car in place of driving home drunk, nobody wishes to see an accident take place due to a drunk driver. However, this can sometimes be difficult for you to deal with when that person then gets in your car…but at least they are safe and it is your job to then take them home.

Off course, your driver customer service skills should not just to apply to any difficult passengers, you should be treating customers in a professional manner all the time. The customer is always right, even when they are wrong.


Once a passenger has entered into your vehicle you can pretty much tell within the first minute how they are feeling, if someone is unhappy you tend to see it in their facial expressions and how talkative the person is, if the customer is intoxicated you should also be able to tell from their body actions and how they are speaking. For example, if a passenger has consumed too much alcohol they might take a while entering your vehicle or they could just slump in at a difficult angle and then start to be a little loud.  Unfortunately, when some people have consumed too much alcohol they tend to be aggressive, again you should be able to notice this type of behaviour fairly quickly and then keep your wits about you. If you are not sure How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers , you will struggle to react in the situation in the correct manner.

If it is apparent that a customer has had too much alcohol remember whatever their behaviour, if they are too loud or too quiet and even verging on falling asleep, your job is to get them to their destination – so be as professional as you can and ensure that is exactly what you do.

If you find someone is being overly aggressive with you, it would be wise to politely ask the person to calm down, if they become physically aggressive it would be a suggestion to pull over and ask the individual to step out of the vehicle, if this ends up being the case you then need to report the incident to Uber customer service straight away and if you have of course been hurt from a physical attack you could then also consider contacting the police.

When people are intoxicated it could lead to a number of problems, your drive could run smoothly and if the individual is feeling generous they might even give you a nice cash tip! This of course, is not always the outcome, everyone acts differently when they have been consuming alcohol.

This video from Uber Man on YouTube runs through some different scenarios and how you can best handle them to best benefit yourself and the passenger, some great tips here on How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers:


It is always best to act as quickly as possibly when you encounter a problem whilst driving, the quicker you can report the problem the quicker you can get help to resolve the issue, for example, if someone gets sick in your car, make sure that you report it to Uber immediately.

Since Uber drivers are recognised as employees, therefore, it might be difficult to get compensation after an incident. This means you should really make sure that any bad incidents that happen are documented appropriately. In contrast to popular belief, Uber drivers do not have to purchase commercial insurance to be able to carry passengers, just standard car insurance is required, and with the popularity of Uber skyrocketing, insurance providers are now beginning to offer extra rideshare coverage for these forms of drivers.

Keep in mind that if you wish to make a claim and you really feel you have no choice but to do so, you’ll have to go through Uber’s insurance which, often, has a $1,000.00 deductible.

The issue is Uber doesn’t exactly educate you on how everything works adequately. Even though Uber has a whole lot of upsides, there are downsides you must know about, particularly when it comes to your own insurance policy.


If you are not sure How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers, it could affect your driver reviews. There are lots of issues with Uber’s rating system, however, at the end of the day, it does do a nice job of eliminating drivers who aren’t up to par, which should make the overall user experience for the customer much better.

As an example, we understand some Uber drivers receive a weekly summary. Unlike standard taxi cabs, you could get rated after every single ride, every passenger is given the opportunity to do so via the app after their drive has finished.

After each and every ride, passengers have the ability to rate drivers on a range of 1 to 5, that’s also a strategy to weed out bad drivers. This means, that you ultimately need to be on your best behaviour throughout the ride.

Uber is already the principal method of transport for lots of individuals, quickly outpacing taxis within the procedure. The riders are generally friendly and it’s just a pleasant method for a driver to create some extra cash.


Learning How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers could make your driving life a lot easier. If you encounter a problem with an angry or upset driver whilst driving then keep calm, and follow a procedure of being professional and ensuring your best efforts of taking the customer to their desired destination. If a problem does occur that needs resolving then contact Uber to log the incident ASAP.

The last thing you would wish for is to have your driver reputation slashed to bits…reputations are very hard to earn but very easy to lose, the more negative feedback you receive from customers the less chance you have of earning an extra income…your reviews will help establish your reputation as a solid driver, you need to plenty of positive reviews to help build up your business. Hope this article will give you more of an idea on How To Handle Difficult Uber Passengers