Promo Code For Uber

Fancy a promo code for Uber to get yourself a discount on your first ride? I would, so I went and got a code from Uber to pass on to you. 

What Is Uber?

Not sure what Uber is? Have you been living under a rock? If you have not heard of Uber then let’s have a quick run through to cover what it is and how the business works. Then I can show you the promo code for Uber to enable you to grab a discount on your first ride.

Uber is a free app that connects drivers to passengers and is available for Android smartphones and iPhones and has changed the way we travel within major cities. Through a simple app for smartphones, your travel costs can be seriously slashed. Uber has become “good news” for those who are tired of paying fortunes for expensive Taxi rides, Uber has seriously disrupted the Taxi industry, offering passengers a very inexpensive option with a few clicks of a smartphone app.

How Does Uber Work?

To start using Uber, the passenger must first install the official application by typing “Uber” in the App Store (App Store or Play Store) from your smartphone. Then just access the app and create an account by adding your credit card number so that it is charged at the end of a trip, you never need to pay the driver any cash, which is great if you get stuck in town late at night with no access to a cash machine. It is important to clarify that the card number is stored in the secure servers of Uber and it will only be charged when you arrive at your destination. No fee is charged to register, you only ever pay when your journey has been completed.

This video from Mashable on YouTube explains more about Uber:

How To Use The Promo Code For Uber

Below is the most current code to use if you are a first-time rider, this promo code for Uber should give you a discount of £15 / $15

To ensure your discount or free travel, you need to pay attention to a few simple actions:

You need to have the Uber app installed through the App Store, or Google Play onto your phone;

You must have an Uber profile and ensure that you have entered all the relevant information correctly including a form of payment, which would be your credit card details.

Once this is done, you are required to click on the “My Account” button in the upper left corner of the application;

Now you must activate the button “Promotion” and enter the promo code for Uber jamieh3394ue

Completing these simple steps will enable you to a get discount on your first trip as an Uber passenger.

promo code for uber

To use this promo code for Uber is very simple, you can also use the direct link to obtain this great discount, just click here

The Main Advantages Of Using The Uber App

The first significant difference with Uber is the company’s rigorousness with certified drivers. To work with Uber, the driver must go through training to fully understand how the service works. Also, Uber requires the car that is being used has a maximum of 5 years of use, has leather seats (depending on what type of Uber car they are looking to drive, click here for understanding the different types of Uber cars available) air conditioning, and automatic transmission. All these demands undoubtedly provide greater comfort and safety to passengers, when compared to regular taxis, for example.

Another advantage of Uber is that the driver does not have access to the passenger’s phone number. If the driver needs to call the passenger for some reason, the call is routed via Uber, which then diverts the call to the passenger without revealing your personal number to the driver.

You can even share a trip with friends or acquaintances who are travelling to the same destination, thus spreading the costs of travel in equal amounts among the passengers, which creates significant savings to each individual.

1. Uber Is Cheaper Than A Taxi

This is the single biggest advantage that has been passed on to the rider, Uber does not actually own any vehicles or technically “employ” any drivers, their overheads are very low so these savings are then passed on to the consumer to enable low-cost travelling. When using the above promo code for Uber you can then save even more money.

2. The Convenience

With Uber you can request a car that can be of different models depending on your needs and budget, the app finds you and transmits your location to the car that is closest to the place of your request quickly and efficiently and allows you to track your driver in real time via GPS so you can see exactly how long it will be before the Uber car arrives to pick you up, and the best part? The service is available 24/7 365 !

3. Security

You can have a lot of confidence when using the Uber app as each driver goes through a strict selection of criteria and background check-ups before they can begin driving, where they are required to present all types of documentation including a criminal record certificate proving their moral and civil suitability, if the driver is considered a risk, he or she will not be allowed to drive.

What Is The Difference Between The Vehicles Provided By Uber?

Uber X 

The cars provided by Uber that come under Uber X are the cheapest among all the other services that are available by Uber for their customers. These cars have seats for 4 passengers excluding the Uber driver. These cars are generally economic Sedans. These are general cars and not luxury ones. The Uber drivers for these cars do not need commercial licenses though some of them can also have it if they wish. A general driving license and an age of 21 or higher will be required. The background of the driver and the driving records are checked before hiring them. Uber X is even cheaper than the normal cabs that are available to the public. 

Uber XL

The cars provided by Uber that come under Uber XL are mostly entry-luxury cars. These cars have seats for 5 passengers excluding the Uber driver and 6 including him/her. The fare is more expensive than Uber X but you can still minimise the cost of Uber XL cars when you travel in a group as the cost is then split between the people who are travelling. For travelling alone, this service of Uber becomes a bit expensive for an individual. The requirements for hiring a driver for Uber XL is same as the requirements for Uber X. The driver just needs to have a driving license and should be 21 or more. It is the perfect service provided by Uber for people travelling in large groups and who desire a luxury ride at a low price. This service of Uber has cars like Toyota Highlander, Suv, Ford Flex, Honda Pilot and much more. Uber XL is not suitable for people who want to travel at a low price but is a very good option for a group of friends and colleagues.

Uber BLACK (Black Car)

This service provided by Uber only has highly luxurious cars and the latest models that have been launched on the market. This is a professional, highend service available for passengers. This service is not provided in all the cities but in very few places. The driver of the Uber Black car must have a commercial license,insurance, and registration. The models of the cars will be high end and luxurious e.g leather interior etc. There are two levels of the Black Uber cars- A Sedan that has seats for 5 or more passengers or an SUV that has seats for 5 or more passengers excluding the driver. Both the driver standards and the model standards for the Uber Black car are of a high calibre. It is generally for business class and professional people who are willing to spend a little more for their driving experiences. 


If you are looking to use this service for the first time then you might as well get a discount by entering the promo code for Uber jamieh3394ue instead of paying the full price, the app and service is easy to use and I think you will find it fun to at least try “getting an Uber” for the first time.