Uber Black Car Requirements 

Want to be an Uber driver? Looking to build up a business class service through their Uber Black service? Uber Black is the most premium service that the company offers to passengers, and if you are considering becoming a driver for Uber and becoming a part of this particular service you will need to know more about their Uber Black car requirements before you start your journey on attempting to earn yourself an extra income via this route.

We have a whole section dedicated to becoming an Uber driver, you can read more here.

In this article, we will run the Uber Black Car Requirements to help you understand more about the process of becoming an Uber Black driver.

So What is Uber & Uber Black?

Uber, which was established in 2009, is a Transportation Network Company (TNC). It enables inexpensive rides, similar to that of a standard Taxi service, in more than 526 cities around the world operating in 68 countries, creating a vast number of jobs and instant transport to passengers by using just an app on your smartphone device, the idea is extremely simple but yet has disrupted an entire industry.

Uber Black is a professional luxury car service aimed at business and upper-class individuals looking to ride in a more luxurious vehicle. The rate you pay as a passenger is usually about twice the rate of an UberX ride, Uber’s most basic ride version, which means as a driver you also have a chance to earn a higher rate of pay by driving for Uber Black.

There are two different significant differences between Uber Black and Uber’s other services: Uber Black drivers must have a license as a commercial driver with commercial insurance, and cars must be classed as luxury vehicles.

If you are looking to become a driver for Uber Black then please check all the Uber Black Car Requirements before applying, then please consider the fact that obtaining business licenses and insurance is an expensive process which requires a lot of upfront investment on your part, because of this, becoming a driver for Uber Black is not for everyone, if you are on a restricted budget it can rule you out straight away. Many more people can access Uber’s other services, e.g. Uber X, because they do not require any type of special license or special type of vehicle, you can start with just a basic driving licence and a standard type of vehicle e.g. Toyota Prius.

Requirements To Become An Uber Black Driver:

To become an Uber Black driver, you will need the following to be able to sign up to their service:

Drivers License 

Commercial Registration

Commercial Insurance

Vehicle Inspection

Airport Permit (required in some cities)

Photos of your intended vehicle – front, back and rear

A business license is usually expensive, and commercial insurance is usually of a high cost as well, so I would recommend driving for the Uber black service for those who wish to work full-time only, working part time for Uber Black would probably not bring in enough of an income to cover your overheads, working for Uber X has lower costs involved so is more ideal too someone looking to work part-time and is on a budget, It will also help you decide if you are sure you want to commit to this line of work before spending the large sums of money on the business licence, commercial insurance and more expensive type of vehicle that is required to be a driver for Uber Black.

Signing Up

So as far as signing up is concerned, the process is not in any way different from the method that you would use to become a driver for the basic version of Uber, UberX. Just create an account on Uber and provide all the information and documents as mentioned above.  A background check will be conducted to ensure that your criminal record and driving license are clean, and it takes about two weeks to receive a reply back before you get the ok to get set up and begin driving for Uber Black.

Uber Black Car Requirements

To have your car classed and accepted as an Uber Black vehicle, your vehicle will need to meet the following criteria:the car needs to be a luxury sedan or SUV.

The car needs to be a luxury sedan or SUV.

The car must be able to carry at least four passengers comfortably

Drivers in this category tend to be very professional and polite and generally they are “dressed to impress.”

The vehicle model should no later than a 2012 model with both black paint work & black leather interior.


Uber Black drivers are usually advised to be dressed formally, as this a high-end service with business type customers e.g. make sure you are wearing a suit / shirt & tie.

uber black car requirements

This list only serves to give you a rough idea of what types of vehicle are accepted by Uber for their Black service:

Mercedes S / G / GL / ABL / GLC-Class +

BMW 5 Series and 7-Series

Infiniti Q70

Audi A6 / A7 / A8

Volvo XC90

Jaguar XF / XJ

Lexus LS460

Porsche Cayenne & Macan

Hyundai Genesis

Cadillac Escalade

Range Rover

Volvo S80

Rolls-Royce Phantom & Ghost

This video on YouTube gives the rundown on the Uber Black vehicle requirements:

And this video gives you an example of the type of vehicle accepted for Uber Black:


As with all popular services and products in the world, supply & demand is the key and Uber is no different with their way of thinking. Uber restricts the quantity of Black vehicles that can be operating in a market to maintain high prices and high demand. That of course, is just good old fashion business sense folks…

If you are seriously considering applying to become a driver for Uber Black, it would be wise if you first take some time to find out whether Uber is actually admitting new drivers for the Black service in your area, it would be a good idea to email support ask if they are taking on new drivers before starting the application process, this way you do not need to go through the hassle and expense of finding commercial certification etc. if there are no open spaces. If you do get a get “No” from Uber, ask them to contact you once slots open back up.

If you do manage to become an Uber Black driver, remember, the vehicle that you are using cannot be over 5 years of age, when that point of time happens with your vehicle you will then have to consider to either get a newer vehicle or change the Uber service that you are working for, if you do not have the funds available to continue driving as an Uber Black driver you can simply carry on as an Uber X driver instead.


I hope this article has helped you understand more about the Uber Black Car Requirements. Your initial outlay might be more expensive but by becoming an Uber Black driver you give yourself a much greater chance of building up a prestigious client based and therefore increasing your potential of earning more money for yourself. If you are on a tight budget simply start off by working for Uber X and then build up your presence from there with the ultimate aim of becoming an Uber Black Driver.


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