UberX Cars – Whats The Deal?

Looking to become an Uber driver? Need to know about UberX cars? A question a lot of new applicants will ask is “What is UberX?” If you are looking to become an Uber driver the chances are you will be starting off with little to no investment so you will need to know exactly what UberX is to begin your Uber driving journey.

UberX is an extremely popular part of Uber, chances are if you have you have used the service as a rider / passenger then you will have probably used the service that is UberX already, perhaps without even realising it.


UberX, is often thought of as the low-cost option / budget for both riders and drivers, as a rider, when you select to be collected by an UberX vehicle through the app you will be paying the lowest price possible for using an Uber service, and that is great news as a rider.

I have used UberX myself on plenty of occasions and can completely vouch for the level of service, I have honestly never had a problem on any trip and have always got from A to B without a hiccup in a comfortable vehicle and on time.

The service provided by an UberX vehicle will basically be a no thrills type of ride, it will be a basic vehicle e.g. Toyota Prius, but it will do what you are paying for it do, pick you up at your collection point and then deliver you to the destination address – simple and effective and on a budget price.

As a rider, please don’t let the budget option reference put you off, every UberX car I have been in is clean and runs smooth with a very likeable driver, the difference is only in the amount of money that you will be paying! And it will be low compared to the other types of service available from Uber and much cheaper than a standard taxi fare.


Starting as an UberX driver is where most new drivers start at when they have signed up to become an Uber driver. You have two choices in reference to using a vehicle when you sign up to start driving for Uber:

  1. Supply your own car ( as long as meets the Uber X requirements)
  2. Hire / Rent a car from an Uber recommended supplier E.G Enterprise

If you can afford to purchase your own car at the start of your Uber driving journey then that could be the best move for you, BUT if you do not have the necessary funds to do so then at least you know that you can obtain a car on finance and you can include the repayments when calculate how much money you will then need to earn on a weekly basis before you start to earn a profit. It’s all about the math.

In both scenarios, this is where UberX suits the new driver best, simply because the model requirements should suit your budget in either circumstance e.g. a used Toyota Prius is a reasonably priced car to either purchase outright or obtain through the finance option.

I have mentioned the Toyota Prius car as an example on a few occasions simply because it is so great on fuel costs, it is a hybrid so running costs in general are very low, you can off course find plenty of other vehicles to choose from.

Below is a photo of the Toyota Prius C, this type of vehicle is ideal for an UberX driver.




Just because UberX is the budget option don’t think that you will be collected in a run down old vehicle – Uber do have off course strict model and year requirements in place for each of their options and UberX is no different, so if you are thinking of becoming a driver for Uber and are looking to drive as an UberX driver in particular it will be important that you educate yourself on what the vehicle requirements are and what types of vehicle can be accepted e.g the make and model

The Vehicle Requirements for UberX are as follows:
  • Passenger Limit: Must carry at least 4 riders
  • Must be 2006* or newer (minimum year requirements vary by city) with 4 doors
  • Driver must be at least 21 years old and pass a background check
  • Car must be in good condition with 5 working seat belts


To give you an idea about which cars in general are acceptable as UberX cars, typical makes and models for UberX cars are as follows:
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota PriusC
  • BMW 3 Series
  • Kia Sorento & Optima
  • Ford Escape
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Nissan Altima
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Chrysler 200
This is just a few suggestions, there are lots more UberX cars to choose from but this list should help you when you are trying to narrow your list down and choose which Uber cars could be the best solution for you to choose from.


Applying to become an UberX driver is a simple and straight forward procedure and should take no longer than 4 weeks for you to be approved from when you have submitted your application. Hopefully, this article and the others on this site will help you in any decision making when applying to become an Uber driver.
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