What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types?

Thinking of using Uber as a driver or a passenger? You will want to ask the question “What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types”. There is a good chance you might have already ordered an Uber and used the service in the past to get about town, but if you are thinking of becoming an Uber driver to earn an extra income it would be a good idea to understand the various options available to you when it comes to deciding which “type” of Uber you would like to drive and offer to your clients.

Uber services are almost everywhere now and you can use their services by just downloading the app and demand a ride from the various options available to you. All you need to do is to register to use the application, enter your credit card information and then order up your ride. As soon as you select your collection address and destination address, you will get an ondemand ride from the Uber driver that is closest to you. There are various Uber services to choose from each with a different cost, rider capacity and a totally different purpose. This works great for both the driver and the passengers. As a driver, you can work a specific niche to build up your client base and as a passenger your various needs and requirements are covered.

What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types? The most common services that Uber provides are Uber Go, Uber X, Uber XL and Uber Black. There are many more services provided by Uber such as Uber Pool and Uber Select in many places and areas.

What Is The Difference In The Vehicles Provided By Uber?

What is the difference between the Uber car types? lets take a look through each option available:

Uber X 

The cars that come under this category have seats for 4 passengers not including the driver. This is probably the least expensive type of car that Uber provides for it’s customers. Cars such as Honda Accord, Toyota Prius are popular choices in the USA and Europe, whilst vehicles such as Maruti Swift Dzire, Mahindra Verito, Toyota EtiosNissan Sunny fall under Uber X in India.

What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types

Uber XL 

The cars that fall under this category have seats for 6 passengers not including the driver. This service is generally more expensive than Uber X. The cars that are listed in Uber XL categories are Toyota Highlander, Ford Flex, SUV’s and general types of mini vans or people carriers.

What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types

Uber BLACK (Black Car):

This is the most luxurious types of cars provided by Uber. This is the most expensive service available and would generally be used by business clients. Premium names such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are allotted for this service from Uber. 

What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types


There is another service that Uber provides us to reduce our transport cost under the name of Uber Pool. This service helps you to select a car that you can share with another person who is going to the same place as you thus reducing the cost even more. Great for trips to work or when going into or around a popular city.

How To Choose Your Uber Service

When you are using the app to order up your Uber simply use the slider at the end of the page to pick which service you desire. It is that simple to then see What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types available to you.

Towards the bottom of the home screen of the app, you can see all the services provided by Uber in your area or city, there is a slider which helps you to select from the various services available. Not all services are available in every city. For example, some cities offer only Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Pool, Uber Black while some places like Los Angles has seven services offered by Uber. You need to set the slider on your desired service and then you can tap on the “Set pickup location” for the ride.


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Cost Estimation Before The Ride

The Uber app provides you with the benefit of estimating your ride even before you make the booking. After you have placed the slider on your desired service you need to tap on “set pickup location” and then enter your collection location and then the destination location. After you have entered it you need to tap on the “Get estimated fare and voila, you get an estimation of the fare that you will be charged for the ride. 

You can watch this video on YouTube to give yourself a general idea to see how it works:

There has also been a fantastic bot which has been invented to help calculate your fare before you place your order, you can read more here http://www.labnol.org/internet/uber-taxi-fare/28969/ or the Twitter handle to use is @WhatTheFare, simply send a tweet with your collection and destination info and you will get a tweet back with the approx price for your ride.

What Is The Difference Between Uber Car Types – Recap

Let’s have a recap in the difference between the Uber car types available to you.

Uber X 

The cars provided by Uber that come under Uber X are the cheapest among all the other services that are available by Uber for their customers. These cars have seats for 4 passengers excluding the Uber driver. These cars are generally economic Sedans. These are general cars and not luxury ones. The Uber drivers for these cars do not need commercial licenses though some of them can also have it if they wish. A general driving license and an age of 21 or higher will be required. The background of the driver and the driving records are checked before hiring them. Uber X is even cheaper than the normal cabs that are available to the public. 

Uber XL

The cars provided by Uber that come under Uber XL are mostly entry-luxury cars. These cars have seats for 5 passengers excluding the Uber driver and 6 including him/her. The fare is more expensive than Uber X but you can still minimise the cost of Uber XL cars when you travel in a group as the cost is then split between the people who are travelling. For travelling alone, this service of Uber becomes a bit expensive for an individual. The requirements for hiring a driver for Uber XL is same as the requirements for Uber X. The driver just needs to have a driving license and should be 21 or more. It is the perfect service provided by Uber for people travelling in large groups and who desire a luxury ride at a low price. This service of Uber has cars like Toyota Highlander, Suv, Ford Flex, Honda Pilot and much more. Uber XL is not suitable for people who want to travel at a low price but is a very good option for a group of friends and colleagues.

Uber BLACK (Black Car)

This service provided by Uber only has highly luxurious cars and the latest models that have been launched on the market. This is a professional, highend service available for passengers. This service is not provided in all the cities but in very few places. The driver of the Uber Black car must have a commercial license, insurance, and registration. The models of the cars will be high end and luxurious e.g leather interior etc. There are two levels of the Black Uber cars- A Sedan that has seats for 5 or more passengers or an SUV that has seats for 5 or more passengers excluding the driver. Both the driver standards and the model standards for the Uber Black car are of a high calibre. It is generally for business class and professional people who are willing to spend a little more for their driving experiences. 


What Is The Difference Between The Uber Car Types? I hope this article has answered this question for you and helped you understand how the Uber platform works and what services are available. Uber covers both the driver and the passenger in various ways, the difference in Uber car types makes the system affordable for everyone.  Looking for a cheap ride? Pick an Uber X for the most basic ride and cheapest cab fare, looking to travel in style? And don’t mind the extra cost? Pick Uber Black. The choices available work best for everyone, no matter what your budget, there will be a service that you will suit your needs.

From a drivers point of view, having the different types of options available will enable you to have the opportunity to build up a client base from the everyday user looking for a cheap fare up to the business minded person looking to travel to their next meeting in more comfort and style. I hope you now understand what is the difference between the Uber car types so can now benefit as a rider and a driver.

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