Get Your Ebook Listed In a Better Category

How to get your ebook listed in a better category on Amazon

We all need as much free help and tips as possible when it comes to gaining an advantage in pushing our ebook sales.

This video via YouTube explains how to get your ebook listed in a better category on Amazon with a step by step guide with full easy to follow on-screen instructions.

Hopefully these tips will help gain a march in your competitors in your competing niche.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon KDP author account
  2. Choose the ebook which you are looking to promote
  3. Click on “edit”
  4. Scroll down and click on “Add Categories” to the categories that your book is currently listed under
  5. Open a new tab and enter the common search term for your chosen niche
  6. Find a competitors book is who selling more copies than you are and look at the categories that their book is listed under
  7. Go back to the previously open tab and change your category to be the same as the more popular book on sale
  8. Change any keywords on your books description as well
  9. Go to your author account, click on help and also ask Amazon to update the categories for your ebook
  10. Hopefully this will help your ranking for your chosen ebook!

Watch the video to learn more and try the method today.



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