Steve Scott Talks Kindle Publishing

Are looking to find out what it takes to become an author on Amazon? Need to know more information about Kindle publishing?

There is one guy in particular who has been a huge success on the Amazon Kindle platform selling a TON of ebooks and that is Steve Scott.  You can view Steve’s ebooks for sale on Amazon here.

Kindle Publishing

Steve has been earning huge sums of money every month now for the last couple of years, some times in the region of $40,000, and has really been able to crack the Amazon code when it comes to writing and selling books to a large audience on a consistent basis.

Dennis Backer does a great job of interviewing Steve in this video and a ton of great advice is provided to help you on your Kindle publishing journey.  You can subscribe to Dennis’s YouTube channel here.

You can read lots more useful advice about writing your first ebook and Kindle publishing in general on our EARN MONEY BY WRITING EBOOKS home page.


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