How to Use The 5 day Free Promo Offer on KDP Select Amazon

How to Use The 5 day Free Promo Offer on KDP Select Amazon

Looking to promote your book? One of the best ways to get started for any new writer / budding author is by taking advantage of the 5 day free promotion off that Amazon offers through their KDP select platform.

It’s very easy to set up, sign in to your author account click on the book that you are looking to promote, choose the dates that you wish to the promotion to run for – you can choose up to 5 days for the free promo offer, you do not need to use the full five days in one go, you can just use one day if you wish – and that’s it, you are all set.

When running your free promo period I would suggest giving your free ebook an ever bigger boost by making people aware on social media, Facebook groups etc to get the offer in front of as many eyes as possible. This post runs you through how to captilise and take full advantage of the 5 day free promo period :

5 Ways to Promote Your Free Ebook on Amazon

To see the full run down watch the above video and get your promo running in no time at all.


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